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dbm Jul 4
i was a mark for a con artist
and your vampirical gain
taking my life force
keeping me close
invested with every bit of loss
dbm Jun 25
i saw you on that curious street
trying to put yourself together.
go where you will (i thought)
and burn up in a second
the minute the taxi gets here

i saw a figure on the riverbank
i sat and wondered what i had done
to exhaust so much that you no longer respond
i nearly caved to the drink,
instead i wrote about it on the back of an envelope
that contained a letter postmarked to myself
to serve as a reminder for when you bail in two weeks
and i end up going to the premiere alone
dbm Jun 20
for years i have studied the movements to know
every moan of this imperial house
where there was never a visitor
and there was always your ghost
i can pinpoint the faulty wires
right where my shadow has seized me
this the place i never came back from
a place built only for leaving
dbm Jun 14
my heart like a cabinet
you open and close real quick
to only show enough to guess what might be in there.

looking back  i wish that
i went into the kitchen and left it opened
so you could slowly take everything out.
i would have just left your house
that night
instead of spending every single day since
running for my life

i think back at things that were fun for me
like little outings
or finally doing something interesting
like that night we had a drink at the disco
we were both going to ride the train home
i ended up there with no ticket,
frantic and alone
some nice guy gave me some money
i was such a mess as the border guys were waiting
they gave me a hard time and i was almost in tears
but not about them
and not about you
dbm May 30
like a long day trying to check in and not having the right papers
then walking all over town having quite enough of the hard rain.
not knowing why you're waking up at 4am
you start going through the woods trying to get lost
only to circle back.
for some reason she is waiting there in the courtyard and everything is good
you were surprised that she pulled you in so close from the cold.
She tells you she got roses from that guy she danced with,
he said he picked them himself, she knew the truth.
that is why she waited there in the courtyard to pull you in so close from the cold
and everything was good
so you didn't say a thing
as it suddenly made sense
to hold and not to kiss
dbm May 22
the things that i carry
ever since being spared
i've been dragging these shackles
up and down stairs
and at times i wish
but i can't forget
in the back of my mind
like an unpaid debt
dbm May 17
it will never be as it was
there was a tune that i once loved
before you danced to it
before i went west off to war and away
and it would be right before my hands
that my heart would just give way
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