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Kath Milne Apr 28
Toolboxes, pictures, clothes and more stuff
Where do I start this is gonna be tough
A bag for charity, the skip and to keep
A wall I've to climb cos it's all in a heap

Why didn't I sort it before I moved in
It's a lifetime of **** that I couldn't bin
And now the pile's grown and in disorder
I've even kept my old recorder

Its hard to decide what to throw away
So much reminds me of another day
I need to be ruthless, I have to do this
What doesn't matter and what will I miss

An old ***** box just full of old pics
Remembering that day when I was only 6  Over to the keep side, the skip pile still bare
Why is decluttering so hard, it's not fair

Another pile of clothes that don't even fit
The last time I wore it I looked like a ***
So why have I kept it, why is it still here
Now I remember and start to shed a tear

What on earth is this, a bit of old plastic
Oh yes, a souvenir when I danced the night fantastic
It looks like junk just a bit of old debris
But to me it triggers an old happy memory

I've now been rummaging here for a while   It's made me cry and it's made me smile
Over to the keep side, the skip pile still bare
Why is decluttering so hard, it's not fair
Kath Milne Aug 2020
Amongst the boxes, the cobwebs, the papers and the dust
I sit here alone taking time to adjust
The chapters of my life that I can't throw away
Good stories and bad trying to keep tears at bay

At this point in my life I'm so happy and alive
Yet the past it still haunts me and it's hard to derive
How far I have come and where I want to be
To take life by the horns and be happy and free

So much on my mind it whizzes round in my head
New love in my life, new career ahead
My boy also making decisions in his life
Sometimes it feels too much and it cuts like a knife

Then all of a sudden I sit and I smile
As I realise my world's not a mountain to climb
It's a series of little green hills that's all
That I climb with my loved ones who catch me when I fall
Kath Milne Aug 2020
This time last year I wasn't sure of what might lay ahead
I'd sit and think of my journey with my virtual A to Z
Not knowing where it would take me and which map I had to choose
But, I had to start the journey, I had nothing left to lose

I followed many winding roads and crossed some rocky paths
Sometimes I thought I couldn't go much further, then at last
A hope on the horizon, my destination getting near
And there you were in front of me, a light so bright and clear

Well, 3 months have passed and we're still going strong
I knew I had chosen the right from the wrong
The symmetry between us has shown we are good
It looks like the signs say we could and we should!

It feels like I've known you for longer than this
Cos when I close my eyes it's you that I miss
My life's become your life it all seems so clear
I feel such complete love and safe when you're here

The sound of your voice and the touch of your skin
Sends a volt to my heart and my head in a spin
My whole body aches with a love and desire
I tremble in your hold while the spark feeds the fire
Kath Milne Jun 2020
Let me be your shelter
Let me walk beside you
Let me hear you want me
As I want you too

Let me make you happy
Let me catch your tears
Let me hold you close to me
And banish all your fears

Let me be your only
Let me make your heart skip
Let me gaze in your eyes
And taste your sweet lips

Let me feel your body
Let me touch you everywhere
Let me rejoice in your arms
And always be there

Let me love you gently
Let us be a team
Let me sleep beside you
And share the dream
Kath Milne Jun 2020
Tossing and turning, the air so hot and humid;

No sound, but for the whirring of the fan.

My thoughts are so busy and take me to the future and also to the past,

I feel sadness then excitement, happiness, joy and it takes my breath away..

So many emotions fighting with each other it makes me dizzy,

I feel every beat of my heart, it pounds so hard I can see the rise and fall in my chest.

It aches for the ones I have loved and lost;

It aches for the new love I have found.

Laying here in my bed, I make peace with my emotions,

It is an honour and a privilege to have been able to love and be loved so completely.

Love is not a given in life, yet, I have been dealt the winning hand twice.

I finally feel content and safe and accept this new love that consumes me.
Kath Milne Jun 2020
Its hard to think that you will love again someday
When your heart has been broken and you have lost your way
But know you will be happy again once more my friend
Your life full of joy and love as your heart begins to mend
Kath Milne Jun 2020
My mind is wondering off again, it happens all the time
No matter what I'm doing, to another land I climb
This land is so hypnotic, it makes me feel alive
It wraps me up in cotton wool and floats me on a high
I float through sensory spaces, every part of me is touched
It spins me round so slowly, nothing in this land is rushed
This land is where I want to stay, a haven that feels safe
This land that I call HOPE is my amazing grace
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