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kevin wright Mar 2021
Cloaked eyes of white
Open throat cries dry
Echoed padding cadence
Panting tremours
Unable to get away

The streets are unsafely empty
Equality to walk
No illiberal clocking in
I have a cogent life
Will not cede segregation

The struggle, snapped the stem
Stole the stamen from my flower
Shook my pollenous verve
Scattered my soulful scent
Destroyed my confidence to regrow

Sneering the lonesome wolf
Crushes the very flowers that will save it
Without heart of virtue
Praying  on those they cannot have
Betrays their own soul without anguish

Proto-stalkers seek help
Decant your desires
Throw off your fur coat
Open up and do not venture into a nightmare
Your Samaritan will always befriend and guide

Lay down your sword
Change the parochial pathway
Magnanimous now live
Fields of flowers beckon
Don't be a brick in the wall

Embrace the feminine essence
Yield flowers their blossom
Steer the legislation to counter the wolven spread
More tulips amongst thorny parliamentarians
Educate the children and those in power
Society needs to support  those who are vulnerable which ever side of the coin lands looking up at the world. In memorial.
kevin wright Apr 2021
Growing up unguided and penniless
Torturous upbringing pushing me down
A handgun, speculating and rash
Gluttony attempts to smother my eyes

Wearing the condemnation of men
Appropriating the virtues of girls
Feasting in the winds of a fandango
Weakening under the need for support
Emblazoned under the influence of white powder nights

Ceilings lights spinning out of control
Locked up and discover the stars in strife
Sweet seclusion with a Beelzebub for company
Crawling through the gutters on all fours to get out

Black and white key arias connected
Caressing coloraturia platitudes on fire
Busting a gut on the walkway to truth
Peaceful vigilance a bismillah fraternity

Deserted, drowning in civilisation
Tanked, yanked and naked
Is this Mama Mia
   Standing on two feet

Rebuked, not loved
Rebellion, unshackled
Revelations, so, not want to die
Reciting bohemian poetry before the bullet strikes high

                                                           ­            Scaramouche....
This poem previously written without thought  and contemporary to watching a programme on the pop star Freddie mercury, I  rewrote this  today with my brain not tired but the essence of the first poem rains through. I would recommend  reading Freddies poem Bohemian Rhapsody alongside my poem.
942 · Jun 2020
Lovers telephone
kevin wright Jun 2020
The darkness
the chuckling
static on fire

the strings shake
the leather oscillates
the ebony follows the ivory
the saucer vibrates

hands reach for the sky
piggy backs jostle
beams search out
crowds go wild
ears open wide

the voices converge
booming tubes
coma inducing
throaty in unison

musical ‘in same nation’
together in the moment
words are visualised
mindless contact in soulful understanding

the rhythm goes on
the pulse rises
the adoration becomes
I am transformed into my idol
where the microphone started, now used in music concerts
kevin wright Jan 2021
So stressed out
Must go for a walk
A hill might sort it out

The path is getting steep
The clouds are so much closer
I see not where I go

The test is hard
My mind now aimed
I have reached my summit

Is this not a mountain
Its now plain to see
My verb was missing

In this sleep
I will remember this place
In there I see what I should be
Insomnia and dealing with stress is sometimes more than a mine field, finding the path out may not be easy. Take your sleeping self and the dormant self for a walk with  a goal to achieve. Tuning the two 'selves'  and bring together essentials and reality. Dreams need some assistance as they are our dormant selves place of wonder into which our sleeping self can explore.
815 · Feb 25
kevin wright Feb 25
War decried
Throttling battle
Survival paper thin

World order menaced
by a tyrant
Ukraines 'will' stands tall
European war
kevin wright Jan 2021
Human in thinking, doing and being

absorb, resist and learn

explore, try and teach

tolerate, effect and apt

dream, play and appreciate

choose, empathise and endure

protect diversity, past and future

destroy, interfere and absolve

observe, savour and respect

relaxing, changing and evolving

feel, laugh and cry

theorise, invent and engineer

aspire, educate and archive

navigate, articulate and embody

socialise, protest and survive

be mortal, resilient and dependable

shape, fill and transform

lead, serve and follow

make life worth living

Love to be a human
I have split out this poem from my original poem on being human north of the 60th parallel
kevin wright Apr 2021
Growing up alone
A world of torture
Speculating and waste
Drowning in gluttony

Wearing the condemnation of men
Appropriating the virtues of girls
Feasting in the winds of noise
Dealing the white powders

Trialling the ceilings lights
Filling containers for strife
Sweet seclusion with a toilet for company
Crawling through the gutters on all fours

Black and white keys connected
Caressing platitudes on fire
Busting a gut on the walkway
Peaceful vigilance a fraternity

Standing on two feet
Tanked, yanked and naked
Where is that space in time
Deserted, drowning in civilisation

Reciting poetry
I had this title in my head for days. After watching a video this evening on Freddie Mercury and his poetic songs, in the early hours,  when very tired I just let go with the words as they appeared in my head and let them write the poem. I may change it when I review it in a few days. Let me know what you think it means.
738 · Nov 2021
Here on Earth
kevin wright Nov 2021
A sense of belonging where I stand
My hand scoops earth of forebearers from below my feet
Its faith exudes through my fingers
Streaming through body, kin and all

This place of sanctuary
Our world remains unquestioning, it needs our support
Where you and I, live and love
And one day become the earth
The taking of earth connects us to our ancestors.
738 · Jan 2021
kevin wright Jan 2021
Two actors locked in a bubbled  world
Imperiously divided by theatrical fatigue
Smearing their world's apart
Fortitude leaking away

Minds and prose encrypted
Acting of seated voids
Spoof audience tones
Droning recordings

Repetitive reactions
Expressive duplicity
Stealing a march
Volunteer or hypnotize a plaque

Shaman inspired acting
Building up the spirits
Delirious and entranced
healing and inspired

A humorous response
Globular concoctions
Two fingered gesticulations
Chains of merriment

Prisoner block tour
Headache and anxiety
Exposed and bare
B cell patrols

Upbeat beliefs
Armed for the fight
Muggers beware

Heads apart
Virtual Readings
Hygienic face pacs
Social distance now Embraced
Two unhinged actors let out into a Covid world, temptation to try and do something for humanity. Reality comes home. This poem was triggered by the tv series staged
719 · Oct 2021
The camera can lie
kevin wright Oct 2021
Pose for the selfie
Our left hand becomes the right
The wedding ring that will never be

A lie calculated in a chip
Face algorthymised
Spawning a Warhol gallery

Cultural property of the internet
Where is the control over photography gone..are we the product of an electronic and compressed world?
634 · Jan 2021
2021 Covid meets its match
kevin wright Jan 2021
Eye of covid
Lipid drops
Sterile cauldron
Now promulgate

Inoculate the many
Blood scouts raising the alarm
Bugles blaring, heat ascending
Cavalry storm an affray

Time to reinforce
Stock up munitions
Train rapacious phages
Prepare the garbage trucks

Its an invasion
Man the barriers
Do not let them pass
Subjugate and destroy

Covid fall on thy eye
Vaccination, human kind fight back
kevin wright Nov 2020
It’s a moment in time to own
To wish upon a cake
Reflecting tenderly
This slice of time to melt one’s heart

Friends, reviving and full of fun
A glass of champagne
Invites sparkly family love
A time to enjoy that year in your life
wrote today for someones enjoyment, if its your birthday today, Happy Birthday
kevin wright Jun 4
A royal service
Dedicated to her people
Hearts and souls, a common-wealtb
Distinguished, dependable and a darling

Living history
Elizabethans we are all to a person
One monarch and untold generations
A salute with a cup of tea
A platinum celebration of servitude
kevin wright Oct 2021
On engendered knee
I doft before the esse
The ✋of  endearment alightens my being
In life we will experience such a sense of giving
530 · Feb 3
A child is born
kevin wright Feb 3
Creation within a galaxian cloud
Nebulae entwined molecules unite
One new star has taken that first breath today

Emotionally raised to the gods
Held to the mother by a greater attraction than gravities own
A gift of mankind welcomed by this universe

Our future and the worlds rely on each child
When our children look back, they have seen our future
When they look forward, they are our dreams
Every birth is a special moment in our lives.
527 · Jul 2021
Mirrored harmony
kevin wright Jul 2021
My hand sweeps aside the mist on the mirror
Revealed an eye watch's me with curiosity
Bonding, the irises shrink
I gaze into a reflected world
  fleetingly coexisting  throughout infinitum
In how many planes do we exist?
513 · May 2020
Exquisite poetic corpse
kevin wright May 2020
retrace our steps
take a chance
by what means
holy sum

       going back
       our design
       choose the options
       a designers jeans
       a healthy reward

in the moment
the world over
cutting the cloth
the selling concept

      thinking out a loud
      in a tube
      opening expo 2020
      it matters to me
      eternal life

whose WHO

      another generation
      a genetic double
     100 perfect
     facsimile & co

                              Introspective back going
                              steps retrace our design
                              take a chance choose the options
                              by what means a designers jeans
                              holy sum a healthy reward
                              in the moment thinking out a loud
                              the world over in a tube
                              cutting the cloth opening expo 2020
                              wherefore it matters to me
                              the selling concept, eternal life
                              futuristic another generation
                              interjection a genetic double
                              prerequisite 99.9% perfect
                              whose WHO, Facsimile & co.
'Designer' poem that mimics the experimentation process that occurs in genetics
kevin wright May 2020
Sun explores my horizon
rays invest the air
from within, a corpus breathes
sails an ever expanding  sphere

the halo emerges
the guile invites in the foe
the mirror delivers energy,  now low

shadows lengthen
chill spreading its wings
no mere reflection
a reflection no more

the swarm is complete
the gluttony thaws
the wain is eternal
and full is the earth
with no return

a line is drawn

appears the resolve
arrives the science
decides the witan

let grief be our revival
strengthen our defiance
chase out the mugging form


and let humanity flow
commentary on the covid virus and experiences treating patients
500 · Oct 2020
Silence is deafening
kevin wright Oct 2020
The DJ nudges the track
The floor writhes with deafening silence
Headphones buzz in unison

Dancers gyrate in heated silence
Electronic feedback connects the mass
Colours bend with the vibe

Knees bow with increasing tempo
Eyes turn on spinal spin
Heads wane in the rollercoaster flow

The finger leaves the vinyl and points to his god
A raft of hands chases their Apollo fame
The floor fades as feet peddle in transience

'Check this out'
Expectant eyes open
A new path opens

Skies become whirling dervishes
Amorphous lands float by
Seas part to their spine

Rain does not pour
It invigorates
Cool is the rhythm

Shoulders hop and shake
Steam warms the soul
Sun evaporates and replenishes

‘The final track’
Adrenaline like a lightning strike
Un-bearing on  mountain edge

Feet attracted to the ground
Legs now heavy
Head now full

Headphones abandoned like a defeated army
The weary lovers of music stumble into the night airs
486 · Oct 2020
USA two mights collide
kevin wright Oct 2020
in the news
on the social
consuming dollars

delivered ideology
to young and old

queuing voters
rolling cameras

polls are taken
tempers heighten

debates abound
swing states are tested

hearts will be broken
hearts will be bolstered

four years for the victor
the end to the vanquished

a poetic egalitarian
a president to serve them all
2020 another president  election in an ever mobile world
473 · May 2020
The harbour protects all
kevin wright May 2020
My clothes are familiar and I blend in well
the shops are quiet and do not sell
I drive on regardless each day the same way
a sagas myth is here to stay

the welcoming inn a buzzing  hive
clothes unpeel and emblazoned I rise
in short sleeved blue Jim Jams with clogs of noir
to follow tiled pathways and stairwells on high
scale the walled harbour and tide
gloves now cover along with gauzed hair
levy labelled with cóem and time
a mask of no air
a visor upon my stare
gloves that give birth in a pair

entering the abode
the door is unsealed
la dévastation is revealed

with each breath mists my brow
stifled sounds and blurried spectres
angels wings unfurled

amorphous canoes float among modulus forms
each suspended on ripples that care
moorings avail the fare
pure is the air

each a lifeline
engaged in dance
the lines waver
a harmonious swell

take gauntlets and bib
many hands take hold
the canoe is in white water
capsized and adrift
what’s up is down
and down is sound

the turbulence unfolds
blue now runs red
muscles unwind
eyes now a veiled
dreams on thin air

eyes are the story
telling their all
prepare, engage, and consider
action stations now all
the canoe revives
eddies are restored
the brows repose
the eyes belighten

a canoe is transformed
the moorings are loosened
our chance to assist
the derrick is grasped

air finally comes forth

a canoe breaks loose
a belling arises and then one more
steers an outstretched hand
the lines are gathered

the harbour protects all

a poem is written
an eloquent enigma
each number makes news
a zero the grail

summoned by home
the inns light fades with the distance

a refreshing shower
a cooling drink
a warm meal
tired eyes, fasten shut

the canoes float past
my eyes open but nothing stirs
I mouth in silence

'yield thou viral hold'
444 · Dec 2021
Sparkling this Christmas
kevin wright Dec 2021
Sparkle abounds
At this time of year

So take a handful
Dont you dissapear
We all need something to cheer us up.
413 · May 2020
The abyss : an exploration
kevin wright May 2020
A place in which to ponder
not a milky way
universal complexity
repulsions war attractions
feelings and asensuality
the creation of ones oan

cosmic chatter
slowing the flows
dragging the darkness down
energy implosion

darkness a place of harmonius existence
deafing in reality

speaking in circles
hearing it all
unable to translate from the light
want to stay longer
energy sapping

drawing on previous knowledge
driving experiences forward
deciding the options
balancing the ideas and harvest

break free into the light
an eerie world
where life exists
weigh the risks to venture forth
open the aqueducts
fountains draw us out

relief in existence
appreciate the worries
deal in the contradictions
manage the cliff edge
make a pact with your soul
socialising tendrils
start to walk

deep sleep enter thy vessel
a place to dream good and bad
protective and restoring
open-hearted dutifully imploring
with authentic rhythm
assemble gods of energy

write out, light up the abyss
speak out,  quench the abyssum
baby steps and leave that abyss alone
exploration of a term expressed in many poems
412 · Jul 2020
Chapel of love
kevin wright Jul 2020
A stranger enters
a friend becomes
a desire is
love now forms

the way is enshrined
a universal solution
promises are insecure
a finger points the way

head bowed
hand in hand
given away
family peace a made

bound is this love
silk forms around our wrists
silk worms form a guard of honour
we reach the fluttering confectus
our free arms raised on high

wings sprout from our fingers
climbing the colours of time
looking down at distant families
the last light settles the accord

embrace the cocoon
safe from prying concerns
warm from winter chills
strands of DNA intertwined

showered in blessed waters
unravelling in harmony
spinning in union
woven of love carnal

stolen of heart
a new beat befalls
sever the laconic link
our true love emerges

adored in humility
fed with energy of life
wrapped in boundless passion
guided in the Chapel of love
love may be brief but bringing a new life into this world is eternal
353 · Nov 2020
Driving a grand prix fast
kevin wright Nov 2020
Carbon chariots await in rows
Smouldering wheels blanket wraps
Chilled air for the fervent driver
Hot oil for the frigid engine

Tyres grip the asphalt adoringly
The steering wheel tantilises its masters grip
His teams stomachs now gript
A mechanic holsters his wheel gun

Reds light up
Lights extinguished
Engines roar
Frenzied spectators galore

Fingers flick the paddles
Ears sense the tappets rap
Feeling the seat of thier pants
The missile parts the air

Feet flat to the floor
Stomach squeezes past its heart
The track suddenly narrows
Eyes on the gaps

Discs lights up
The apex approaches
Helmeted head ****** to its limit
Mirrors full of jostling hulks

Spouting rubber
****** forward
Pull out line
Nose ahead

Tyre wall implodes
Yellow flags appear
Thumbs up from within
A crane perilously lifts the wreck clear

Into the hollow
Sparks light up its nether region
Push rods come to shove
Shocks are stretched

Catching catching
Blue flag
Back off
The opportunity is not there

Aerofoils furl the air
Springs compressed
The hole in the air appears
Jettisonned, gained a place

Lacking grip
Tyres thinning
Box, box
Exclusive car, a vagrant on ice

Muscles screaming
Temperatures raising
Laps quickening
No time to lose

Families cower at the perils
Expectant trepid sponsors stand
Sensors conveyed into new realms
Unrestrained, drivers push margins aside

The flourishing chequered flag
Jubilation, a happy wave
A week fulfilled
Now start again
Driving fast and controlled is an experience that few will ever experience.
328 · Jul 2020
Quelle ambiance de malade
kevin wright Jul 2020
The docile cork passes us by
as we struggle between the waves
torn between moon and sun
drawn out to open waters
followed by megalodons of our world
viewed by haughty fishermen

plummeting below the frothy waters
spun around in vertical vertices
turbulence taking hold
crushing pressure pulling down
the light above fades
red hands start to turn blue
lips start to tremble
bubbles trickle
up up up

a presence appears, I am not alone
a dolphins beak nudges me gently
the eyes ingratiate my being
I feel my breathing ease
my lungs now as one within the space
tension around my head is released
audacious colours are diverse

the motion of the water provides comfort
the dolphin fills my being
at one the boundaries of sanity are established
I power for the surface in confidence
the water erupts
suspended in air folds
I bark in delight

fingers drill into my soft tissues
my breath is warm amongst the towelling
toes and fingers tingle
my nose walks through the lavender field
drifting banks of pollen powder my bare back

carefree, what a great time to live
the door closes
I enter my world again
same time next week
out of control, taken to another place, release of the body,  a dream,  power of the massage,
295 · Jul 2020
Lacoste in spring
kevin wright Jul 2020
Below the arms of rambunctious pink vigour
dappled in leaf like shapes
an expeditionary line of soldiers
counters a returning line of sated mandibles
a olive stone hovers in line

'spem in alium' a warbler throats
amongst the cherry’s fruits
tickled with the morning’s warmth
another builds the morning chorus

a caressing swift kiss the tree tops
butterflies wandering their brief path
ruffling on warm air through poppy in memorium
a bee dips in a jubilant flower

above a pointy hill
clad in medieval remains
a source guarded by pillared stones
the clock tower strikes its hourly pulse

encouraged by a marquis ghost
artisans prepare the blank canevas
intoxicated by its fibres
arts fourth dimension is transfused

the clink of glass
a gurgle of rosé
a shuffle of one nethermost
scissor crossing of delicate bangled ankles

a delving hand into a pannier
a cracking of a baguette skin
goats cheese melts on the tongue
matched by spicy sausage

a tractor awakens
engulfed by swarms of gleaming cycles
swathed in coutered body suits
hidden behind go faster sunglasses

quilted vine groves sprout
give birth to a Provencal lawn
seasoned kegs breath their first gasps
quintessential blue fills our eyes

calm are the days
quick is the inspiration
cool are the colours
cherish the vitality
a village in provence, musical interlude of Tallis, daily life
kevin wright May 2020

Sur l'isle de evocation
a parody of Paris
the beating heart of France
an exultation of hell and heaven

secured by a stake
enveloped by a blue mamba
unable to escape the flames of desire
eyes widen in fear
a flicker of light in the dark approaches

the laughing licking light ascends
trembling trees unable to bend
crushing fervour all around
upward flowing conduits the secular rain

the molten skeleton teeters
France holds its breath
archangels strain in suffrage
the walls will hold
la dame will survive
the people invoke the deliverance

the light begins to wain
the magician becomes the smoke
the lance to heaven pierces the heart
belayed are the bells
fighting holds the line

a cough amongst the smouldering fumes
a guardian not seen
the bonds are not broken
the abode is saved

glaring out from a bell tower
sadness views the destruction below
sacred are the loves of engagement
harried by the time of contempt

Le Français are mortified
a chariot touches down
the dawn angel stirs
its divine intercedence appears

the lance is withdrawn
the mamba turns red
convict us the rebirth
its nations faith rings out
dawning  a peoples decree
a chance video triggered this poem, check out the twitter
279 · Dec 2020
The Christmas tree 2020
kevin wright Dec 2020
👧🏿🧒🏻👧🏼..Expectant children decorate their Christmas tree
                  Offerings to the tree are made
                  Garlands, lighting and hand drawn images appear
                  The tree wide awake for Christmas eve

I slumber through the years
Nemeton am protected
My girth eternally expanding
Limbs branching out
Tap roots secure my soul

My time in earth is soon to finish
So I must prepare
Engage thru progenitors
Meditating joy to spread
Contemplation of upheaval to come

A sleigh draws up
Snow crystals fly with the driver’s sneeze
Smiling and doffing an elven hood
A tingle to my core
Arousing me from my sleep

Its time to pull myself from the earth clutches
I sprawl onto the sleigh
Arrive we do below an aurora borealis
Elves hold leashes to the solar winds
Empty boxes are being piled high on the sleigh

The elf starts to dress me
Two large baubles
A large red blanket and belt
Moccasin boots
I stand transformed

Reindeers hooves dig into the snow
Whilst solar tethers are attached
Climbing pulled by the solar sail
Time starts to slacken
Waving elf’s below now frozen in time

The silver light of sleeping homes appear below
A cousin opens a window
Enchanted boxes I pass across
Children's aspirations start to appear
Each box now filled by a touch of their tree

The sleigh knows where to go
Reaching all my house bound cousins
Carrots will be welcomed
Drinks duly absorbed
No advent signs left behind

Returning the sleigh lands gracefully
Time resumes
My work is done
Love is strengthened for this world
The friendly elf delicately removes the traces of Christmas from me

Natures embalming bio-presence
I am re-formed
Unable to plant my feet I am spent
I lay down along with all my Christmas cousins
Await my renascence

Soon the wishes of many
Come true
The gifts are being opened
An outbreak of happiness unveiled
Affection unfolds with the opening of a box

Many will not have a Christmas tree
Or a  home
Maybe sick
Or have no parents
Think of them this Christmas day 🧑‍🎄
How does Santa come down the chimney? How does he know what every child wants for Christmas? A poem for children's imagination in decorating their tree is repaid.
277 · Jun 2020
I love you
kevin wright Jun 2020
Three little words
formed in the æther

the eyes a gleaming
a perfect reply

fragrance encircles
the allure now applied

hearts now laden
pennaceous feathers

our senses are full
on a petalled volcanic rue

we struggle to breathe
yet the air is still

a humming bird tastes
pure is the nectar

eyes alighten
through preening wings
now and always
perched in harmony
as free as a bird but bonded for ever the love birds
kevin wright Sep 2021
Hands of the dead push up on barefoot souls
Flowing music chasing revenant spirits away
On life’s vapour trails some peer into the void

Festovians on waves of sound, rise and fall
Reaching down most grasp and recover
Floating in space many now a ghostly form
The music festival allows the transformation of spirits
kevin wright Mar 2021
Forwards I go
Energy is blown

Backwards I fall
Stealing my flow

Upward I climb
Dizzy heights ordained

Downwards am drawn
Dante's glowing Inferno

Which should I choose
Or stop where I am

Stand tall and appeased
Sit down and abnegate

Martyrdom a choice
Sacrifice a desire

You need to listen fairly
On my terms ascribed

Coping styles are all
The truth is in my hands

I am not a statistic
Therapy is not always me

I learn and build
I will engender my body

I hunger to know my mind
Engaging with this world

On secure footing
I now proceed
Following the interest in my poem 'When a hill becomes a mountain', I delved into the decision making which is often  ****** upon us in differing states of mind, and  become frustrated.
257 · Jun 2020
I the trees take me in
kevin wright Jun 2020
As my time comes to an end
the trees take me in

no longer camouflaged
i become the leaf,
i will visit this world when the light appears
i will grow strong

i will give my self to who ever needs my body
they will be part of me
i can recover
my feet are firmly planted

when my time to sleep draws near
my colours will change
i withdraw with the dimming of the light
my carcass will be absolved into earth

i watch
i listen
i feel
My time to return to retirement approaches fast. My energy has been devoted to help those in need, now in writing its time to recover. My poems may start to dissapear with time.
kevin wright May 2021
The samurai fingers opened
In recall the bow floated forwards
Feathers freed its deadly path

Flying through the thermals
Spinning in its own vortex
Beckoning my soul

Both eyes opened
Cherry blossom floated across its path
The arrow parted life and death

Its point struck home
No escape
A fleeting pain of renewal

Pinned at the center of Adinkrahene
Civilisation awaits
Farewell, my demise is draped with its philosophy

A second arrow strikes deeply
Tainted by Eros poison
Love conquers all
The world today is a place of reality. The world of the past was a place of philosophy. A marriage of eastern and western philosophy.
252 · May 2021
The gateway to the wilds
kevin wright May 2021
Heather grabbed at my ankles
A bubbling stream shanty is sung
Light opened holes in the morning sky

The gateway stood isolated as I approached
Awaiting a portal vortex, I felt no worries
It's partner lay broken, stranded and overgrown

The valley sprawled upwards beyond
Following the stream bearing promises
Torn brown waters drawn from peaty hearts

A storm lay waste in its stride
Land slides piled high across the stream
The throttling strictures but nature emends

Here the shadows are but places of wonder
Rain an endorsement of wonder
Wind to lift up the wings on depression

Where one voluntarily throws one's own ashes
The lizard appears and basks on a sun drenched grit-stone
Transformed a life form quizzically looks on

Is my reflection blinking on turbulent waters true
A place where no lily pad can conquer a perspective blue
The mind haunts the wilds carried on a prodigal dream
A walk in the pennines conjured up this poem and I could not finish it until I read a poem tonight by Eloisa, 'Abloom'   A broken pair of gates stood across a trackway guarding the entry to the wilds of the pennine hills forgotten long ago. Where we spend our dreamy after life.
246 · Oct 2021
Catalona a town-ship of art
kevin wright Oct 2021
Green and red a coloured dichotomy
Bonds of flowering fibrils
Indigenous, invited and online

Stranded in a sea of political division
Caressed by rivers of power
Anchored by community ageless spirits

Murals born and adorn
   walled souls cracked, repaired or in despair
Painted Words, empirical symbols and smashed pottery

Cooling nuclear cores
Superfish, super-algae, superheads
Figots  bridge the widening chasm

A crystal star lights the way to the other side
Eyed windmills defend the borders
Catalan tree of life in a chequered country
roba rija d'ebre a community of Catalonia. Murals and installations grow each year on walls off people and the empty spaces left by the departed. Dedicated to riba rocks
kevin wright Jan 1
Each clock struck 2022
An outflowing of colour hit the skies
Lights echo off the cloudy ceiling
Roman candles lit the ceremonial jubilation
A feasting cacophony of thunder

Remembrance for those who were curtailed of life
Celebrating human resistance
Revival of the human trait
Gods speed
Fireworks exploding into the heavens over Manchester UK and all over the world. The fight continues.
240 · Dec 2021
Christmas tree 2021
kevin wright Dec 2021
The tree of peace and happiness
Upon each branch hangs our wishes
For it's sacrifice, gifts emblazoned

Baubles cascading through the Fairies trail of lights
Crowned by your protective Angel
Who welcomes all those...who look on

Will you sacrifice something this time of year
There is space below your own tree of friendship
Don't leave it too late
My second poem about the Christmas tree
kevin wright Feb 2021
I proffer my heart
It is everything to me
Will I be brave
or will I falter

An empty doorstep
The flower lifted its head
A flush of leaves enwrapped
The unsigned note of love

Valentine once a debaucherous act
To please an insecure God
My poignancy is purer
The undying search

The flower opened its petals
Our eidetic images captured on its dewy surface
My nose sensed the aroma
I tenderly close the door

Before me a luminescent portal  
A compelling telepresence  
We stride in union
Our serene sensual world

A plucked heart string
A spoken awkward sound
Touched by this intimate moment

I will care for these flowers
Thy vessel I will purify
I will undress the bonds
I will share them with my heart

I write for the world to see
On my window
Exuded media social
Phoned all I knew

MISSING     my ‘Valentine’
                     ‘Thank you
                      The flowers touched my heart
                      Let’s meet and speak’

The upshot
No looking back
The quest renews
In a large world go out and find your valentine
231 · Nov 2021
Cop26 poems on climate
kevin wright Nov 2021
Poets together perform for climate survival,
the world and its children

Absorb this online
in languages of passion
and deftness
225 · Mar 2021
The Dead cannot speak
kevin wright Mar 2021
We are born to our world
Evolving to talk and think

When our time is spent
Silence and amnesia prevail

Buried or cremated choices
Use our time and make that call.
Use our time on this world fruitfully.
kevin wright Aug 2020
the cold melts the face
upward moving sands drip
the hammer strikes a chord
time awakens
gushing bouches de lavage  

a hanging pendant light illuminates in anticipation
the trestled bust turns
light cast, cradles the shadows
an emerging voice speaks
the damp muslin curtain falls

fingers mould by the voice
clay splashes bare feet
piercing eyes meet their masters
the nose is the same
affectionate motions scrawl aged lines
the voice is his own

the curtain comes down
blanketed whitened feet now a horizon
a dawn chorus arrives
the dream starts to avalanche
buried in sleep
time stops

strong coffee to see the world
toasted stale baguette to absorb the bitters
a Gauloises to feed the soul
water to quench the thirst
lengthening shadows are a curse

an African mask looks on
one easel offers up an oil
a palette languishes in adoration
brushes sprout from a beer glass
overflowing ashtrays furbish the easel

the spatula jumps from one pile of pigmented oil to another
a new eruption pours out of the glassy mantel
pryoclastic flows seal the canvas
seams of creation ***** forth

the point moves in space
one aspect becomes two
lightness creates
darkness celebrates
three aspects evolve

an intensity pulls the hand deeper
the day is transformed
a creature of the night bites
the table transforms
skies below solidify
flowers swim for safety
sombreroed fish jaywalk

a weary smoke film stagnates in layers
the soul is transfixed
the painting is bewitched
the artist is enslaved

amusement for some
misery for the few
enlightenment for less
in fine it... a dream is laid bare
time to dream, for artists the subconscious is powerful. Little time to transform the dream state. The state of mind a virtual world, a desperate challenge to preserve its memory. The biographic sculture to watch over after a short lifespan, the painting a place to habit in ones dreams and for ever.
kevin wright Dec 2020
Its winter, cold, stark and yet beautiful
Hearts bounded to this existence
Fingers interlocked
Warming soul breath blows across the palms
Sanguine legs warmed against heated stove

     Human in thinking, doing and being

The virtuous kettle starts to boil
Truculent steam sinks quickly to the floor
Tea leaf’s start to surf on the gathering tsunami
Stale scones start to brown on the stove
Honey eases the dry scones path to oblivion

     Human to absorb, resist and learn

A heavy coat and the door open
Scarfed mouth and nose brace the sub-zero air
Dogs paws, skiter across the frozen boards
Winter boots crunch the snow emblazed path
Outside loo engaged

     Human to explore, try and teach

Spaded snow bound potatoes lifted and sacked
Encrusted river trounced and bucket filled
Animals fed and watered
Mucked and swilled
Back aching and poulticed

     Human to be tolerate, effect and apt

Potted vegetable dances a tango with dried lentils
Slices of dried sausage thrown in for good measure
Stew partying all day long
One bowl for the dog and one for its master
Liquify the flour for a batch of scones

     Human to dream, play and appreciate

Gods hang out heavenly green curtains to dry
Driving freezing winds blow for weeks
Trees groan from the strain
Animals cower in vain
A frozen river provides no fish

     Human to choose, empathise and endure

Banks of glazed snow
Moonlit evangelical trees
Malls of Isolation, lonely, impenetrable but ajar
Welcomed aestivation spreads its joy
The curtain on spring time is drawn free of an icy grip

     Human to protect diversity, past and future

Bear trails getting closer
Time for the dog to earn its keep
The scent is taken
The hunt commences
The scope picks up the target
The young bear is marking its new territory

     Human to destroy, interfere and absolve

Pull the trigger
The sound echoes around
Crows explode into the sky
A small cloud of snow billows up
The bear now heading East
A few judicious air shots keep it heading away

     Human to observe, savour and respect

Ice starts to give way to the warming sun, air and water
Time to check and prepare the boat
Set the nets in the river
Cherish natures delicate flowers
Let the animals out to graze

     Human in relaxing, changing and evolving

Enjoy riverine skinny dips
Untangle knotted hair
Adrift in the shallow pool
Newly skinned dragon-fly cruises
Preened wagtail eyes up the feast

     Human to feel, laugh and cry

Cleansed of winter odours
Calloused fingers ****** with beeswax
*** boiled doused clothes
Gaping holes where threads fail
Skin soaked in warming rays

     Human to theorise, invent and engineer

Wading through heaving rivers
Enjoying fresh food again
Bountiful mushrooms
Plentiful hunting, trapping and fishing
New born in the sty

     Human to aspire, educate and archive

Turn over the vegetable patch
Dig in the winter compost
Embed tatties and vegetables
Potato atomiser goes for spirited liquid
Wood logging, stacking to cure

     Human to navigate, articulate and embody

Day tripping ventures
Mail pick up and friends reunited
Provision shopping and wares sold
Dental extraction
Hair curtailed

     Human to socialise, protest and survive

Time to be bitten by the flying blighters
Darkness gives way to the light of all day
Abundant berries and supplies of jam
Visit downstream farms with homemade fruity scones
Piglet bartering for shorn wool

     Human to be mortal, resilient and dependable

Dry fish and meat
Start to restock the wood supplies
Collect the honey bounties
Contemplate the shortening days
Drying pools and amorous clouds of pollen

     Human to shape, fill and transform

Rewiring damaged fencing
Barn hinge annealed
Bury another dog mauled victim
Re-shingled roof gaps
Collapse into bed every night

     Human to lead, serve and follow

Reddening foliage
Stores a brimming
Sacking of nuts
Smoking fish and magic mushrooms
Last visit to the doctor before the freeze

     Human to make life worth living

Watch the last of the departing birds
Snuggle up with a moonshine viewing the rising moon over mountain peaks
Card and spin the wool
Pull out the knitting needles for the first jumper of the production year
Hibernation and snows will seal the year

     Love to be a human
A multitasking thought poem, three poems in one, can be read as one, or as three poems. (Stanzas, verse, stanzas and verse).
Whos says its a mans world. human currency
kevin wright Nov 2020
A simple gift
But once a year
Today it started with a smile
And then that pensive thought

No sign of wise men
Ritual gathering
A modern offering
Amelioration, satiating or attribution

Should I enquire
Trust my instinct
Spin the coin
Hmm need a hint

Concerned to slip up
Feel the ironic smile
Melting disdain
Destroyer of my soul

Gauge the reaction
Will it be forgotten in the drawer?
Pushed to the back of the wardrobe
Or be returned

Year on year
As experiences have grown
The ideas are running thin
A jewel now appears flawed

Like a scent of natures flowers
Hangs easily with a Lisa del Giocondo portrait
Walk its self-down the cat walk
Heart and soul in the choice

Where am I going astray?
Perhaps a gift of me
Not procured

Something to cherish
To embolden the bond
In appreciation for the time together
In gratia of another year

I offer you my spirit
Protected by a plain petite locket


Harnessed in our time of devotion
Only you will feel its worth
If opened all will be bared
My soul will flutter away

Keep it close to your heart
I will find you again
Never look a gift horse in the mouth or Christian Dior, Mona Lisa, Givenchy. Gifts of the heart need to be recognised by both the giver and the reciever. Do you want to fall in love with the gift or the person giving?
209 · Oct 2021
Championing the good cause
kevin wright Oct 2021
A letter lies upon the moonlit desk
It's black ink radiant as it is bold
The table lamp spits into life only buffered by the musty air
The title unambiguous

Marching words appear with courteous ease
Their robust order craves no inspection
Naked defiance is laid bare
No options left unturned

A cooling fan tickles the senses
The critics forehead tips forward in deliberation
Drops of sweat plunge like Autumnal lawyers
A Coracle packed with words flows across the page

The quill wavers on the final line
Pronouncing, a pledge, perchance too deep to fathom
******* set forth the smoking torpedo
Swaddling folds enclose the letter to the target

The periscope petition
Only a ripple in heady waters
Dispatches drowning in a sea of purgatory
With a life vest to hand, time to write yet again
Standing up for what you believe, no one takes notice...a robust letter might help
207 · May 2020
The box
kevin wright May 2020
The doorbell rings
with answer there stands
two meters distant
disheartening plans

10 minutes to go
she will be here soon
in lieu of  70 ans

the lines are formed on path to fire
the banter freezes
my head bows low
crossing finger on one weeping glow

someone i know

the waggon of life with hearts in tow
drifts along past those who once aknew
heavy the  tormented eyes
the dog walker waits for the box in pass
silence as the waggon takes her away at the last

her story is all
resolved is her family
touched are the friends
in faith her memory
tomorrow,  the honour
kevin wright Sep 2021
On tippy toe the brown mud smiles
Trails of mud trapping some unaware
Boots no match when bare footed with painted toes

Drawn down into caressing clutches
Suckling mud burgeoning a surprise
Rain washing suffering from ones muddy eyes

Freshly cut hay thrown into the melee
A raft floats on muddy surf
Regretfully, revellers begin the paddle home
Musical festivals bask in everything from sun to mud
198 · Apr 2021
99 years Philip Mountbatten
kevin wright Apr 2021
Princely born to serve a nation
Loved his love and Queen of England
To the very end a Duke a humble human
A cheeky smile and eye. A well worn raincoat. Admired human adventure.
198 · May 2021
Tattooed to Terra Firma
kevin wright May 2021
The skin a canvas to life
Stretchers pulling us in every direction
Crossing the river into the lands of time
Our craft steered by a soul reader

A needle crosses through my miasma
Pierced our skin emits a homely light
The way becomes clear
Peacefulness, coolness and evanity comes out of pain

An echo of our selves now revealed
Memorials nailed down
Guardians now protecting
A morphing eulogy

Each mark an initiation
A symbol of me in a closed world
My enamoured armour
Beliefs for all to see
Traditional worries over tattoo and associations have changed. Why buy a Monet and hang it on a wall when you can carry it with you all day long? Or place a flower at the grave side when you can take the grave with you.
196 · Mar 24
Train ride to Trondheim
kevin wright Mar 24
An elvish tunnel keeps us straight
The sun appears, celebrating the land ahead
Chasing roads pour through the landscape
Our shadow ripples crossing  fields of stubble

Young birch trees line up in military fashion
Guardians of the soil
Snowy patches iron out the footsteps of giants of old
A red barn on sentry hill views our passing

A plane of the air competes with a dashing bird
A pausative moment, a place of waiting
Bodies cloaked in winter garb climb aboard
Norwegian speak intensifies the air

Whitish cloaking embers of a winters cold mount
Peeking through the earth, rock forms project
Ever attired in greenest of shawls
Jewelled broaches beckon the hardy

Ripples into a  dark blue chasm flow past
An upturned dinghy agog on stony shore
Straddling  feeding waters, metal forms bridge the gap
Lake edges repent in turning crusty white

Snow dunes blown across the frozen water
Mountain passes hewn by a river of time
Shadows  shortening, eaten by the glare of the snow
Roofs laden with the weight of winter passing

Froth of earth spews from rocky slopes
Abandoned wooden house relics hang onto warmer times
Upon the arched backs of trolls amass the mighty peaks
Patchwork misty breaths gather within their ranks for story tellers to listen
Where ever we are taken in life
Our environment forms a pathway to our learning , our beliefs and our decisions. We need to absorb this planet's feedback and protect what we have. Our effects are there to be seen and a natural balance observed.
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