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Jul 20 · 39
Lacoste in spring
kevin wright Jul 20
Below the arms of rambunctious pink vigour
dappled in leaf like shapes
an expeditionary line of soldiers
counters a returning line of sated mandibles
a olive stone hovers in line

'spem in alium' a warbler throats
amongst the cherry’s fruits
tickled with the morning’s warmth
another builds the morning chorus

a caressing swift kiss the tree tops
butterflies wandering their brief path
ruffling on warm air through poppy in memorium
a bee dips in a jubilant flower

above a pointy hill
clad in medieval remains
a source guarded by pillared stones
the clock tower strikes its hourly pulse

encouraged by a marquis ghost
artisans prepare the blank canevas
intoxicated by its fibres
arts fourth dimension is transfused

the clink of glass
a gurgle of rosé
a shuffle of one nethermost
scissor crossing of delicate bangled ankles

a delving hand into a pannier
a cracking of a baguette skin
goats cheese melts on the tongue
matched by spicy sausage

a tractor awakens
engulfed by swarms of gleaming cycles
swathed in coutered body suits
hidden behind go faster sunglasses

quilted vine groves sprout
give birth to a Provencal lawn
seasoned kegs breath their first gasps
quintessential blue fills our eyes

calm are the days
quick is the inspiration
cool are the colours
cherish the vitality
a village in provence, musical interlude of Tallis, daily life
kevin wright Jul 7
The docile cork passes us by
as we struggle between the waves
torn between moon and sun
drawn out to open waters
followed by megalodons of our world
viewed by haughty fishermen

plummeting below the frothy waters
spun around in vertical vertices
turbulence taking hold
crushing pressure pulling down
the light above fades
red hands start to turn blue
lips start to tremble
bubbles trickle
up up up

a presence appears, I am not alone
a dolphins beak nudges me gently
the eyes ingratiate my being
I feel my breathing ease
my lungs now as one within the space
tension around my head is released
audacious colours are diverse

the motion of the water provides comfort
the dolphin fills my being
at one the boundaries of sanity are established
I power for the surface in confidence
the water erupts
suspended in air folds
I bark in delight

fingers drill into my soft tissues
my breath is warm amongst the towelling
toes and fingers tingle
my nose walks through the lavender field
drifting banks of pollen powder my bare back

carefree, what a great time to live
the door closes
I enter my world again
same time next week
out of control, taken to another place, release of the body,  a dream,  power of the massage,
Jul 1 · 58
Chapel of love
kevin wright Jul 1
A stranger enters
a friend becomes
a desire is
love now forms

the way is enshrined
a universal solution
promises are insecure
a finger points the way

head bowed
hand in hand
given away
family peace a made

bound is this love
silk forms around our wrists
silk worms form a guard of honour
we reach the fluttering confectus
our free arms raised on high

wings sprout from our fingers
climbing the colours of time
looking down at distant families
the last light settles the accord

embrace the cocoon
safe from prying concerns
warm from winter chills
strands of DNA intertwined

showered in blessed waters
unravelling in harmony
spinning in union
woven of love carnal

stolen of heart
a new beat befalls
sever the laconic link
our true love emerges

adored in humility
fed with energy of life
wrapped in boundless passion
guided in the Chapel of love
love may be brief but bringing a new life into this world is eternal
Jun 29 · 97
Lovers telephone
kevin wright Jun 29
The darkness
the chuckling
static on fire

the strings shake
the leather oscillates
the ebony follows the ivory
the saucer vibrates

hands reach for the sky
piggy backs jostle
beams search out
crowds go wild
ears open wide

the voices converge
booming tubes
coma inducing
throaty in unison

musical ‘in same nation’
together in the moment
words are visualised
mindless contact in soulful understanding

the rhythm goes on
the pulse rises
the adoration becomes
I am transformed into my idol
where the microphone started, now used in music concerts
Jun 19 · 61
I the trees take me in
kevin wright Jun 19
As my time comes to an end
the trees take me in

no longer camouflaged
i become the leaf,
i will visit this world when the light appears
i will grow strong

i will give my self to who ever needs my body
they will be part of me
i can recover
my feet are firmly planted

when my time to sleep draws near
my colours will change
i withdraw with the dimming of the light
my carcass will be absolved into earth

i watch
i listen
i feel
My time to return to retirement approaches fast. My energy has been devoted to help those in need, now in writing its time to recover. My poems may start to dissapear with time.
kevin wright Jun 19
Civilisation the destroyer of homeostasis

visitors smile on the philistines
how poor
how cute
how primitive
unintelligible Gaels
no soldiers cross to bear

they wear no shoes
they have no ornaments
they eat the poor wildlife
Kildian pose with me

knowledge eras now ignore  
fashionable tweed needed out
no doctors
catch my cold
upgrade the crofts
build them chic

bait those of young age
away to lands a far
remove the labourers
taunt with silver purses
starve the islanders out

oversee the clearance
the navy are here
take only what you can carry
drown the island dogs
the sheep pay the Kildians fare

a good book deposited in each house
to bring peace
protect the souls of Hirte now marooned
secrets of a culture now destroyed
a church, a classroom, a post office now decried
grow now wrack and ruin

Hirte haunt those pleasure seekers
guard the islands for the future
simple ideology now derided
watch the islands fade on the horizon
don’t cry
a cutting-edge society lies ahead

now its time to saviour the gains
too much sugar
too much alcohol
too much smoking
too much crime
too much poverty
and much more in isolation
part three in the series of poems: St Kilda a winters tale and St Kilda a summer tale. St Kilda an isolated island whose culture was disrespected and wiped from the map by a better society. In 1930 for better or worse the population as moved, this represents how many poeples of the world are relocated for a good reason but for whos gain? Also known as Hirta which here represents an ancestral plane.
kevin wright Jun 14
Summer, long sunny days
welcome is the light by all
men stripped to the waists
cutting and a drying the peat
repairing crofty cracks

scaling the unclimbable cliffs for eggs
fresh vegetables to be eked out
tatties  stored
bird meat for the stew
bountiful cow milk for the pail

white tailed sea eagles feeding their young chicks
unseen souls of Hirte watch the new visitors
together with golden eagles on high
predators eye abundant wildlife
puffins diving for fish ignore the wrecks
lambs abound in nonchalant play

bare footed are the women  
woven yarn carried to trade
a simple boat awaits oars and sail set
the lord is paid the rent
return with news and winter oats

a new generation are ready to bond
the village assemble within the church
the cloth bands of marriage are worn
vows exchanged
a croft is made ready

a community
wary they of  visitors
protecting a way of life
symbolised by a faith
strengthen mind and body
prepare for the impending darkness
A follow up and contrast to St Kilda a winters tale. St Kilda an isolated island where a singular culture, language, a fight for survival and a place where ships were often wrecked depended on a strong faith. Also known as Hirta which here represents an ancestral plane.
Jun 10 · 88
St Kilda a winter tale
kevin wright Jun 10
living from the land
on a prayer

winter so dark and wet
seals canter the mountainous waters
sheep cowering before the wind
ships torn apart by jagged stone

eyes peering through the salt stained windows
whilst oats are being ground
bubbling gruel over the fire
oily wool being teased
thick yarn being worked

a bedevilled figure appears on a doorstep
a wreck survivor shivers in soaked skin
they bring him in before a fire
tweeds for the sea angel
exhaustion and gruel draw him to sleep
he will live and reap

the months pass by
sustained by a meagre thrift
Gaelic songs of old
reviving those long gone
stories so bold
simple games to hold

hammer out the rock
lower a body
reanoint and cover with honed rock
one more enters the island of Hirta
lifted out of the hole by an ancestor and one not surviving a wreck
transcend the  drift wood hall
eternal summer celebrations for all
dancing and talking in a common spiel
watching over their offspring of Kilda zeal

storms are abating and spring thrusts in
wavering candles lights the verse
crinkled hands are opened in praise
closed eyes against the cold
warms hearts now engaged
thanks, and a prayer
are given to Hirta spirts and creators alike
St Kilda an isolated island where a singular culture, language, a fight for survival and a place where ships were often wrecked depended on a strong faith. Also known as Hirta which here represents an ancestral plane.
Jun 2 · 178
I love you
kevin wright Jun 2
Three little words
formed in the æther

the eyes a gleaming
a perfect reply

fragrance encircles
the allure now applied

hearts now laden
pennaceous feathers

our senses are full
on a petalled volcanic rue

we struggle to breathe
yet the air is still

a humming bird tastes
pure is the nectar

eyes alighten
through preening wings
now and always
perched in harmony
as free as a bird but bonded for ever the love birds
May 30 · 39
The poets page
kevin wright May 30
A placid stage
an empty pen
the darkness lightens
a blank page

a twitching pen oversees
selecting the moment to absorb
alluring the inspiration
disentangling thy thought
marginalising the common prose

normalising whats abnormal
speculating on even odds
visualising the nameless
stretching our minds

initiating the neuronal storm
linking the concepts
harmonising the differences
charging the cells

exposing feelings
sedating our peaks
calming the waters
stoking the potency

waiting for the first sweat drop  
a conjunctional licence is awarded
t's are uncrossed
dreams are laid bare

the pen starts to move
the writer is admonished
a frisson of creation
exhilaration of the chase
in fruition the seed

unlocked the thoughts of mankind
and as one with the page
now a link to our past
the pen at last starts to gush

the page speaks of its self
the words outlive the thoughts
the page awaits a purveyor
placed with others of a similar nature
who knows what comes first the instinct or the construction of our ephemera? Sparked by another poem where beauty was valued. Here deconstructing the uniqueness of the page. Tried to consider the pages perspective and the links to the final poem development.
kevin wright May 27

Sur l'isle de evocation
a parody of Paris
the beating heart of France
an exultation of hell and heaven

secured by a stake
enveloped by a blue mamba
unable to escape the flames of desire
eyes widen in fear
a flicker of light in the dark approaches

the laughing licking light ascends
trembling trees unable to bend
crushing fervour all around
upward flowing conduits the secular rain

the molten skeleton teeters
France holds its breath
archangels strain in suffrage
the walls will hold
la dame will survive
the people invoke the deliverance

the light begins to wain
the magician becomes the smoke
the lance to heaven pierces the heart
belayed are the bells
fighting holds the line

a cough amongst the smouldering fumes
a guardian not seen
the bonds are not broken
the abode is saved

glaring out from a bell tower
sadness views the destruction below
sacred are the loves of engagement
harried by the time of contempt

Le Français are mortified
a chariot touches down
the dawn angel stirs
its divine intercedence appears

the lance is withdrawn
the mamba turns red
convict us the rebirth
its nations faith rings out
dawning  a peoples decree
a chance video triggered this poem, check out the twitter
kevin wright May 20
A place in which to ponder
not a milky way
universal complexity
repulsions war attractions
feelings and asensuality
the creation of ones oan

cosmic chatter
slowing the flows
dragging the darkness down
energy implosion

darkness a place of harmonius existence
deafing in reality

speaking in circles
hearing it all
unable to translate from the light
want to stay longer
energy sapping

drawing on previous knowledge
driving experiences forward
deciding the options
balancing the ideas and harvest

break free into the light
an eerie world
where life exists
weigh the risks to venture forth
open the aqueducts
fountains draw us out

relief in existence
appreciate the worries
deal in the contradictions
manage the cliff edge
make a pact with your soul
socialising tendrils
start to walk

deep sleep enter thy vessel
a place to dream good and bad
protective and restoring
open-hearted dutifully imploring
with authentic rhythm
assemble gods of energy

write out, light up the abyss
speak out,  quench the abyssum
baby steps and leave that abyss alone
exploration of a term expressed in many poems
May 18 · 111
Exquisite poetic corpse
kevin wright May 18
retrace our steps
take a chance
by what means
holy sum

       going back
       our design
       choose the options
       a designers jeans
       a healthy reward

in the moment
the world over
cutting the cloth
the selling concept

      thinking out a loud
      in a tube
      opening expo 2020
      it matters to me
      eternal life

whose WHO

      another generation
      a genetic double
     100 perfect
     facsimile & co

                              Introspective back going
                              steps retrace our design
                              take a chance choose the options
                              by what means a designers jeans
                              holy sum a healthy reward
                              in the moment thinking out a loud
                              the world over in a tube
                              cutting the cloth opening expo 2020
                              wherefore it matters to me
                              the selling concept, eternal life
                              futuristic another generation
                              interjection a genetic double
                              prerequisite 99.9% perfect
                              whose WHO, Facsimile & co.
'Designer' poem that mimics the experimentation process that occurs in genetics
May 15 · 101
Lockdown in love
kevin wright May 15
Ethereal visions
a dream like place
in boundless feathers
of eternal grace

effacé devant
in a pool of liquid gold
the stream like hair
soaring through the air

the spell is launched
glancing views
whispering trill
pupils blossom
emotions pining

captivating feelings
light headed in hold
all adhering
eyes softly alight

nose flared in perfumed air
contrails spiralling around the core
flashing pheromones
wings beat high

dry lips together
hesitation and relief
shaking, the bliss
a spinning dervisheer

****** warmth
vivacious desire
earthly in love
gracious etendue

purring violin strings in celebration
thy eyes awaken
locked in pious bond
souls the perpetual key
kevin wright May 9
My clothes are familiar and I blend in well
the shops are quiet and do not sell
I drive on regardless each day the same way
a sagas myth is here to stay

the welcoming inn a buzzing  hive
clothes unpeel and emblazoned I rise
in short sleeved blue Jim Jams with clogs of noir
to follow tiled pathways and stairwells on high
scale the walled harbour and tide
gloves now cover along with gauzed hair
levy labelled with cóem and time
a mask of no air
a visor upon my stare
gloves that give birth in a pair

entering the abode
the door is unsealed
la dévastation is revealed

with each breath mists my brow
stifled sounds and blurried spectres
angels wings unfurled

amorphous canoes float among modulus forms
each suspended on ripples that care
moorings avail the fare
pure is the air

each a lifeline
engaged in dance
the lines waver
a harmonious swell

take gauntlets and bib
many hands take hold
the canoe is in white water
capsized and adrift
what’s up is down
and down is sound

the turbulence unfolds
blue now runs red
muscles unwind
eyes now a veiled
dreams on thin air

eyes are the story
telling their all
prepare, engage, and consider
action stations now all
the canoe revives
eddies are restored
the brows repose
the eyes belighten

a canoe is transformed
the moorings are loosened
our chance to assist
the derrick is grasped

air finally comes forth

a canoe breaks loose
a belling arises and then one more
steers an outstretched hand
the lines are gathered

the harbour protects all

a poem is written
an eloquent enigma
each number makes news
a zero the grail

summoned by home
the inns light fades with the distance

a refreshing shower
a cooling drink
a warm meal
tired eyes, fasten shut

the canoes float past
my eyes open but nothing stirs
I mouth in silence

'yield thou viral hold'
May 6 · 119
The box
kevin wright May 6
The doorbell rings
with answer there stands
two meters distant
disheartening plans

10 minutes to go
she will be here soon
in lieu of  70 ans

the lines are formed on path to fire
the banter freezes
my head bows low
crossing finger on one weeping glow

someone i know

the waggon of life with hearts in tow
drifts along past those who once aknew
heavy the  tormented eyes
the dog walker waits for the box in pass
silence as the waggon takes her away at the last

her story is all
resolved is her family
touched are the friends
in faith her memory
tomorrow,  the honour
kevin wright May 6
Sun explores my horizon
rays invest the air
from within, a corpus breathes
sails an ever expanding  sphere

the halo emerges
the guile invites in the foe
the mirror delivers energy,  now low

shadows lengthen
chill spreading its wings
no mere reflection
a reflection no more

the swarm is complete
the gluttony thaws
the wain is eternal
and full is the earth
with no return

a line is drawn

appears the resolve
arrives the science
decides the witan

let grief be our revival
strengthen our defiance
chase out the mugging form


and let humanity flow
commentary on the covid virus and experiences treating patients

— The End —