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Like water of a whales back
Panic rises in engulfing waves
Blowing nations spouting CO2

Stoked by industry and excess
Chasms in netzero's holy grail grow
Hot air stifle meaker deeds

Rainbows straddle holes in the greenhouse
Mishap maelstrom clatters sugar glass defenses
Children’s lick the crazing

The dream, survival
Cooking on green gas, genesis
Kindling our survival, climate
Scientific data is not enough for governments or leaders. Nations at the point of war, but picking the wrong enemy
kevin wright Aug 7
When all else is without taste
The elixir of symbols
Are words that flow

Flow with a whiff of perfume
Crystallise with  sense of purpose
Taunted by the science of our future

Elevating the taste to that of a myth
Fulfilling a creation of our own
Spilling over into our inner space
The poet and the machine: Paul Ginestier
Aug 3 · 88
Death Betrays Me
kevin wright Aug 3
My time has come to go
Every riddle, posing lifes order
Life forever rewarding
Impartial evolutionary jousting

Fear sinks below the oncoming tide
Fasting on bended knees
My body prepares in cleansing
Its disposal of gifts accrued

I sit down and await the chemical ennumeration
I leave this world as I came
My soul  always volatile now vapourises as though stolen
Exposed body systems catching one window of re-entry

Gray matter alert for the transfer
Memories closed within a diary margin
Certify a lifetime with bohemian words and numbers
Emancipated to the benefit of other life forms

Signing off
Death betrays me
As soil topples over my head,
Perpetual stars watch over my narrative
Ritual death versus unplanned death, is there choice?
Aug 2 · 56
Passing through Hell
kevin wright Aug 2
Fallen into a place of devotion
Not too long
Just sufficient to test temptation
Unearthing the strength to reject gain over loss

The high wire unravels momentarily
My mind is split between the dark and the light
Eyes torn between uncertainty and faith
Words wavering, shrouded in defiance

Denegate Yama, Hel or Golden apple profferer
Time to roll up the patched sleeves of belief
Weeding the daily path
Growing with the rising sun
Hell but a place in Norway. Everyone stands at the entrance to Hell in life.
kevin wright Jul 19
The worlds an oven, don’t stoke to endure!
Smoky remains of countryside roar
Our sun cloaked in an evil orange shadow

Steely Nth degrees
Sweating pores, to fill the buckets
Suffocating air, must close the windows!

Surfaces too hot to bear
Water now steam cleaning my lungs
Bury me deep, cremate me not!

Switch off the air con
Hang up the car keys
Move over in your bed, for plants to share!
kevin wright Jul 9
Rounded corners in the emptiness of each day
He saw the glow of joy within those eyes
If only one percent was true
The luckiest person alive

Streeting to the stars on a white powder trail
Descending the loyalty stairs on a alcoholic bacchanal
Staged performing in drag and crown
Tonsils in tune to the words of rhyme

Fragility a shield of strength
Respecting humanities brawn
Thirty percent a masquerade
Seventy percent glinting diamontic hits

A marriage of soul (s)
Happiness, a price worth earning
Friendship, no money required
Farewell Reggie Dwight
Watched the film about Sir Elton John and needed to write this poem
Jun 24 · 141
A conformable culture
kevin wright Jun 24
We sit, stand or lie down
Glued to a screen
Awaiting an addictive hit
The new cultures
kevin wright Jun 22
It's the moment to open those heavy eyelids
Another day levers the jaws of normality apart
Imprisoned into the bedding cheek folds
Sleep has struggled to keep me away
Windows luring to be opened

Breakfast passed without eating
Demands of the day start to totter in their pile
The phone and the front door remain silent
Fluctuating energy tips me over in a downward spiral
The ceiling looks uninteresting looking up from my cold floor

My head a waste paper bin filled to the brim
Unopened correspondence gravely dejected
A cracked mobile screen locks in unworthy secrets
Fast food packaging dresses the worktops shoulders
The thread is missing its needle

My ears deaf to my own voice
So many biased replies
A black hole awaiting my detritus
My head maybe on wrong
But my heart is in a better place
Being locked in, does not mean the key is not still available!
kevin wright Jun 4
A royal service
Dedicated to her people
Hearts and souls, a common-wealtb
Distinguished, dependable and a darling

Living history
Elizabethans we are all to a person
One monarch and untold generations
A salute with a cup of tea
A platinum celebration of servitude
Jun 2 · 113
No words spoken
kevin wright Jun 2
Ear drums reverberate with our quickening pulses
A united headsail pulled by warming breaths
Our journey intertwined

Synced eyes immersed in harmony
A conversation of eyebrows in loving chatter
Furrows form up to manicured fringes

Cotton candy adrift in the shrinking vista
Desire written into each crinkled nose
The deep iris orb filling to its rim

Through the emotional deluge
I taste your tears: warm and salty
A tender smile locks our moment in time
We often start in silence, instincts take over.
May 8 · 141
Skating to the Figure
kevin wright May 8
A spinning

Ice reflecting a sacrosanct vision
Mortal coil stretched to breakdown
Regenerative and discourse stoked kama
Death spiralling trust placed in your hands

Crystalline evoking emotions
Materialising within our mind
Fingers feeling through the foggy delirium
Cut deeply by the double edged blade
Evocative endorphinal spirits bled

Behind us we leave a trail
Etched through our souls
Graffiti of memorable days
An ever present high pitched grind
Get up again and again from that icy stromatic bed
The most beautiful artistic bents of humankind, requires hard work and all the emotional challenges
kevin wright Mar 27
The river snakes through the living room
A shelf holding memories of drier days aloft
Small Fry munching through the carpet fronds
Stalking a take away, a shrimp wipes its feet at the front door

A beach creeps up the stairs with each passing decade
Lulled onto the sand a crab starts to burrow
A nesting squirrel watchs amused from the landing above
The clawed creature retires with a bruised insight to better quarries

Driftwood jamming the back door open
A fridge door sways within the mecurial flow
The high tide swells up against the white speckled back wall
Hungry shells welcome with open mouths the twice daily culinary bounty

A chummy Dog-fish curled up within a television shell watching teenagers antics
Multicoloured algae decorate walls in abstraction
A winged form flashes through the corridor snatching a pond skater
How damp is damp, climate in the making
when the water levels rise life will continue, where man once lived
Mar 24 · 196
Train ride to Trondheim
kevin wright Mar 24
An elvish tunnel keeps us straight
The sun appears, celebrating the land ahead
Chasing roads pour through the landscape
Our shadow ripples crossing  fields of stubble

Young birch trees line up in military fashion
Guardians of the soil
Snowy patches iron out the footsteps of giants of old
A red barn on sentry hill views our passing

A plane of the air competes with a dashing bird
A pausative moment, a place of waiting
Bodies cloaked in winter garb climb aboard
Norwegian speak intensifies the air

Whitish cloaking embers of a winters cold mount
Peeking through the earth, rock forms project
Ever attired in greenest of shawls
Jewelled broaches beckon the hardy

Ripples into a  dark blue chasm flow past
An upturned dinghy agog on stony shore
Straddling  feeding waters, metal forms bridge the gap
Lake edges repent in turning crusty white

Snow dunes blown across the frozen water
Mountain passes hewn by a river of time
Shadows  shortening, eaten by the glare of the snow
Roofs laden with the weight of winter passing

Froth of earth spews from rocky slopes
Abandoned wooden house relics hang onto warmer times
Upon the arched backs of trolls amass the mighty peaks
Patchwork misty breaths gather within their ranks for story tellers to listen
Where ever we are taken in life
Our environment forms a pathway to our learning , our beliefs and our decisions. We need to absorb this planet's feedback and protect what we have. Our effects are there to be seen and a natural balance observed.
kevin wright Mar 16
Hot spot agendas hovering behind glazed eyes
Contrite smiles breaking the silence
Introductions, a relief
Staged congenial conversations

Glasses charged; nibbles breathed over
Links discovered and discussions arise
Decisions and engagement sounded out
Glasses fondled in anticipation

Flagging flags flutter in the hot air
Cameras, action and speeches prepared
Negotiations delayed for another day
Find a greater poker stake to out sway a bomb

Collusion in the convenience room
Privy discussions over a hand drier soundtrack
A bargain to be had
A deal discovered, pawn D2 to D3
Third poem in this series. Stopping a war is never easy, remember that at your next office meeting
Mar 15 · 90
War without rules
kevin wright Mar 15
Where ever they tread
There is no poem to soften the horror

Indiscriminate, a life is taken
A crime triggered by a dictator

A  game of chess without rules
That will destroy a country but not a culture

Ink trails run across the sky
Turning red in the tracks of a tank

Refugees scattering to all the corners of the world
Spring time when saviours will emerge
Feb 25 · 815
kevin wright Feb 25
War decried
Throttling battle
Survival paper thin

World order menaced
by a tyrant
Ukraines 'will' stands tall
European war
Feb 25 · 145
The Great Divide
kevin wright Feb 25
We looked at each other
Across a gulf
Unassailable love intense

Letdowns cystalise the heart
False allure to be resisted
Unearth love to last an eternity
Inspired by a poem describing the gulf that builds up when trying to find that love of your life
kevin wright Feb 11
One degree dries our throat
Two degrees and drown out your sorrows
Three degrees, head for the tree lined beaches at the poles
Four degrees and a space taxi to book
Climate change, thirsty work in the future, someone will always make a buck!
Feb 7 · 190
A Leafy Existence
kevin wright Feb 7
A burgeoning bud raises its head
Chlorophyl revelling in the light
Elegantly clothing the naked plant
Ceeding a symbiotic candor

Insect prodigy cocooned and mothered
Attired, an insect emerges
Now blushing red in warning
Martyrdom befalls this leaf
Simplest things often have significant bearings in life
Feb 3 · 530
A child is born
kevin wright Feb 3
Creation within a galaxian cloud
Nebulae entwined molecules unite
One new star has taken that first breath today

Emotionally raised to the gods
Held to the mother by a greater attraction than gravities own
A gift of mankind welcomed by this universe

Our future and the worlds rely on each child
When our children look back, they have seen our future
When they look forward, they are our dreams
Every birth is a special moment in our lives.
Jan 19 · 51
Portal to Avalon
kevin wright Jan 19
The mercurial sky crowned by a heavenly barrage
A capsizing sun glitters, adieu
Mists linger on departing vessels
Blackness reaches out for contemporary custodians

Moulded from liberty on the brim of a wizards hat
Bejewelled in creations promise
Swathed in musically tingling fabric
Silently ripped by a ritual vortex updraft

Two dreamy realms held in accord
Anchored by an invisible portal
Belayed in spirit by a seal of enchantment
Demarcated, the sorcerers threshold glyphs blossom

Imminent darkness
Shielding relics emit a beacon of hope
A gauntlet reaches up for the unadorned
Pledged a major key of C reverberates on a drum roll

A tsunami of notes paves our mystical journey
In jubilation through agnostic turnstiles
The Glastonbury portal to Avalon
Ones light of night meets ones darkness of day
The phenomenon that is Glastonbury, the festival, the associated folk lore with King Arthur and Merlin.  Documented history such as King Alfred is an immense coincidence
kevin wright Jan 1
Each clock struck 2022
An outflowing of colour hit the skies
Lights echo off the cloudy ceiling
Roman candles lit the ceremonial jubilation
A feasting cacophony of thunder

Remembrance for those who were curtailed of life
Celebrating human resistance
Revival of the human trait
Gods speed
Fireworks exploding into the heavens over Manchester UK and all over the world. The fight continues.
Dec 2021 · 444
Sparkling this Christmas
kevin wright Dec 2021
Sparkle abounds
At this time of year

So take a handful
Dont you dissapear
We all need something to cheer us up.
Dec 2021 · 240
Christmas tree 2021
kevin wright Dec 2021
The tree of peace and happiness
Upon each branch hangs our wishes
For it's sacrifice, gifts emblazoned

Baubles cascading through the Fairies trail of lights
Crowned by your protective Angel
Who welcomes all those...who look on

Will you sacrifice something this time of year
There is space below your own tree of friendship
Don't leave it too late
My second poem about the Christmas tree
Dec 2021 · 123
Deliverance: A blues story
kevin wright Dec 2021
Fell through the alligator’s snout
Picked his teeth clean out
Landed on a duelling banjo's tail

Herein a Minneapolis trail

Piously thumbed a black crested wave
Buffeted by the pick up from the bridge
Seized by turbulent string vibrations

Singing to survive; drowning in awkward silence

Cajoled and plucked on a tight-rope score
Pounding pain within lifes neck
Mics backfiring: boardwalkers selfless feedback

Toe tapping, heel thumping discontent

Fighting for humanity
Evil running through crashing cymbals
Miasmic lyrics pushing to survive

Trade winds heading south

Thrown ashore in the gutter
Soaked from harmonica to soul
A sliding quiver shackles societies skiffle

Now climb your fretboard to heavenly freedom

            Those who cannot breathe
                   Legislate in due measures: equal rights and respect
            Civilisations blues are out of tune

Levitate the knee of wilful contempt
its taken over a year to write this poem. I could not connect poetically with the terrible event with george floyd and the inequalities until i recently attended a blues festival.
Nov 2021 · 81
Climates green shoots
kevin wright Nov 2021
Nebulous, a westerly breeze in the face of oligarchs,
championed by the approaching sun
Imperious oil rigs confronted by the light of reason
Cackling cormorants stand in their green seats, astride
     a rocky common's
Solar wings, opening to an approaching bonanza

Watery rigs, drilling tycoons graves on distant horizons
Sanctified, water shifting the stubborn
industrial stains of time
Revolutionary young birds unshackled
charge the storm
Stirred into action, whales and bacteria united as birds of a feather

The green shoots, morphing bleached white windmills illuminate the homes of many
Shielding more lichens on our tarred and feathered souls
The curved blade starts to turn,  cutting a swathe
through the last oil anchors
Canaries breath again spared from minds of coal

The wilds can rally
Nature given a chance will revive
Nov 2021 · 738
Here on Earth
kevin wright Nov 2021
A sense of belonging where I stand
My hand scoops earth of forebearers from below my feet
Its faith exudes through my fingers
Streaming through body, kin and all

This place of sanctuary
Our world remains unquestioning, it needs our support
Where you and I, live and love
And one day become the earth
The taking of earth connects us to our ancestors.
kevin wright Nov 2021
Irksome heat under collars, blue and white alike
The family smogged over by a carbonised methane cloud
The home morphing into a greenhouse fountain of gas
Outside your window a battle front sprawls without frontier or ownership
A tree, a maternal ally, a casualty, floats by on water shunted by a distant iceberg

Stand up, leave the car at home and run to its aid
Grasp that ally by its horns
Resuscitating carbon capture and store
Carbon on the menu: cut down its choice by two thirds
         and not another tree in nine years

Contesting your mother’s existence,
    with the poorer nations that need support
Make your intention a reality
Now walk that talk

It’s getting cold
Burn some more fossils
              or put on another layer?
You know the answer
Plant your allies
COP26, my third full poem on the climate conference. Trying to keep up the poetic pressure.
Nov 2021 · 231
Cop26 poems on climate
kevin wright Nov 2021
Poets together perform for climate survival,
the world and its children

Absorb this online
in languages of passion
and deftness
kevin wright Oct 2021
Drums rousing the beet
Jiving Koalas trapped by  roving fires

Amazonia mambo bare,  
    dancing its baked earth
A wryly fox trots onto the

Street popping and locking
    with a child's bare feet
****** blisters emerge on
    human flotsam

Spotlit hokey pokey debating
Negotations jitter bugging
      the event horizon

When the waltz faces the tango
The dancers must find a solution
highlighting the climate debate
Oct 2021 · 172
Hallowed in heaven
kevin wright Oct 2021
Halloweens eyes lighting the route to ones heirs

Cherishing this time of celebration

Bonding in spirtual harmony
Celebrating a Halloween for the family and those who have passed away
kevin wright Oct 2021
Climate rides the sinking land
Promiscuous tongues of fire exposes the earth to fiery heavens
A lassoo tightens with each contortion
Summer locks horns with wintery violence

The spinning world starts to wobble
Poles apart, partying Northern lights at equatorial heights
Magnetic distractions finese the tectonic porcelain
****** lands ***** by volcanic fracas

Ozone aztec sacrifice on narcotic high
Purply blue sun corona in
     smoggy  vistas
Screen factor 1000 and UV suit for hire

Saragassum sea flow over lowland fare
Uplands melt into tempestal seas
Lakes  arise over pregnant ponds
Baked cookie continents totally bisected

Adulturated Ice warms watery jacuzzi abysses
Locusts devour restaurant menus
Seaweed choking the take away flow
Extinct mammoths refuel the flames

A dithering world 'Copping out'
Vivaldis music but a dream
A tribute act all that remains
COP26 its not too late
Thought provoking fiction or fact? Who knows what some poet will say in 50 years!
Can COP 26 harness the rampant climate? This is a rewrite of the orignal version
kevin wright Oct 2021
On engendered knee
I doft before the esse
The ✋of  endearment alightens my being
In life we will experience such a sense of giving
Oct 2021 · 719
The camera can lie
kevin wright Oct 2021
Pose for the selfie
Our left hand becomes the right
The wedding ring that will never be

A lie calculated in a chip
Face algorthymised
Spawning a Warhol gallery

Cultural property of the internet
Where is the control over photography gone..are we the product of an electronic and compressed world?
Oct 2021 · 209
Championing the good cause
kevin wright Oct 2021
A letter lies upon the moonlit desk
It's black ink radiant as it is bold
The table lamp spits into life only buffered by the musty air
The title unambiguous

Marching words appear with courteous ease
Their robust order craves no inspection
Naked defiance is laid bare
No options left unturned

A cooling fan tickles the senses
The critics forehead tips forward in deliberation
Drops of sweat plunge like Autumnal lawyers
A Coracle packed with words flows across the page

The quill wavers on the final line
Pronouncing, a pledge, perchance too deep to fathom
******* set forth the smoking torpedo
Swaddling folds enclose the letter to the target

The periscope petition
Only a ripple in heady waters
Dispatches drowning in a sea of purgatory
With a life vest to hand, time to write yet again
Standing up for what you believe, no one takes notice...a robust letter might help
Oct 2021 · 246
Catalona a town-ship of art
kevin wright Oct 2021
Green and red a coloured dichotomy
Bonds of flowering fibrils
Indigenous, invited and online

Stranded in a sea of political division
Caressed by rivers of power
Anchored by community ageless spirits

Murals born and adorn
   walled souls cracked, repaired or in despair
Painted Words, empirical symbols and smashed pottery

Cooling nuclear cores
Superfish, super-algae, superheads
Figots  bridge the widening chasm

A crystal star lights the way to the other side
Eyed windmills defend the borders
Catalan tree of life in a chequered country
roba rija d'ebre a community of Catalonia. Murals and installations grow each year on walls off people and the empty spaces left by the departed. Dedicated to riba rocks
Oct 2021 · 91
Lacoste in Autumn
kevin wright Oct 2021
Reds and yellowing browns abound
Morphing landscapes transform portrait lines
Mellowing in summer Oils dancing with
  deepening water colours on dusky days

Picture perfect colours
   on soft crumbly walls
Fragments of stairways rise up into the past
Openings blocked, hide secrets past
Wild flowers grace battled walls

The last of the visitors absorb a growing space
Cultural vistas and quieter staging
Workers usher in darker days
Candles enlighten develing merriment

Champenoise tickling sensitive noses
Wine and juices mind sedating
Truffles caressing palated caverns
Salads party with sweet tomatoes
   drizzled in olive oil

Summer adventure stories exchanged
Schools new starters torn from their mother's arms
Playgrounds emptied
Bells call to order obeyed

Last of the grape harvests
Wood stocked for winter fires
Bulging olive trees eyed for picking
Pickers make their way home

The season's start again
Young now older
The land sheds its skin
Only a visit to this village is now planned
The last in a sequence of 4 seasonal poems for the provencal village of Lacoste.
Sep 2021 · 149
Catalonia common cause
kevin wright Sep 2021
In lines of yellow and red flags
   billow in the air of politics
Lives traced in graves cut into the fields of survival

In dance tip toeing through a crown of thorns
Linked hands held in defiance
Enlightened are today's troubadours of law

In language
In peace
In time
In the presence of truth
The state whose position has led to many disagreements many fatal in its history.  Traditional santa espina dances meet politics of the day. The
Let the future be a better one.
kevin wright Sep 2021
Four artists and a preacher on mountain top
Reign over their emotions
And spinning hands
Clinging to a mothers mouth
Modelled through souls connected

With these tendrils
An eye to their future
Reachs out into a valley of dreams
The poetic centre sweeps hearts on fire
The sunset smiles over jubulation

The Junipers final days
Are sworn to the eye watching over the
The depth of space
The ashes of space are drawn into its center
A greater peace now invaded the hum.
based on an art installation in Riba Roja, catalonia. The four artists unveiled the piece yesterday accompanied by poetry spoken by the artists and a art teacher who was set on distant rock formation. All overlooking a small valley of olive trees as the sunsets over a mountain range and the river Ebre. This poem was my immediate response and reply to the artists and their installation.
kevin wright Sep 2021
On tippy toe the brown mud smiles
Trails of mud trapping some unaware
Boots no match when bare footed with painted toes

Drawn down into caressing clutches
Suckling mud burgeoning a surprise
Rain washing suffering from ones muddy eyes

Freshly cut hay thrown into the melee
A raft floats on muddy surf
Regretfully, revellers begin the paddle home
Musical festivals bask in everything from sun to mud
kevin wright Sep 2021
Hands of the dead push up on barefoot souls
Flowing music chasing revenant spirits away
On life’s vapour trails some peer into the void

Festovians on waves of sound, rise and fall
Reaching down most grasp and recover
Floating in space many now a ghostly form
The music festival allows the transformation of spirits
kevin wright Sep 2021
Eerie stirrings in reedy beds
The watery depths holding pipers in yonder voes
Charging bulls run with musics charm
A crescendo of Tartan kilts harnessing all asunder
Celtic music played in many instruments
Jul 2021 · 56
The Fairground
kevin wright Jul 2021
Excitement and trepidation
A pocketful of loose change
Poise and mascara to ruin
Clothes to match a thrill

The merry go round rise and falls
Coconuts  shy  heads do tumble
Dodgems speed out of control
Helter skelter in a spin

Pumping music, shrieks and noise
Flashing lights, bells and *******
A spooky air raid underway
Dive for cover in a haunted house

Homeless teddies mind the shooting gallery
Acquiesced by the Candy floss stick
Hot dogs champ at their chains
Unflattering mirrors with beaming smiles

Going round and round
A gold fish in a bag
Large eyes looking out
Lovers looking in
a place to explore and be taken to another plane within our world
kevin wright Jul 2021
Aztecan passion lives on in a game
Athletes brought together in sporty enjoyment
Ronaldo volleys the ball with a smile
A net glows with a flaming sun

Mancini points the way for a country
Legionaries play ball in the land of the Angles
A worshipping chest is bared to the tribunes yellow card
Fluttering Standards borne on high

Whole hearted endeavour
One lies down and dies
Supporters sing or cry in truce
A proud nation's emblem is revived

Chiesa scores a nation praises gods of hope
A place now secured
Schmeichel saves from Kane
The rebound a ticket to a final

A final beckoned between two talented teams
Southgates chess mate
Dazzling early strike
The excitement of gladiators drawing level

An emotional penalty shootout
Millions hold their breath
The Silver eagle is held up high, capping the day
24 to one, a nation smiles
Football the conquerer
from its orgins to a game of today. Fever over a ball....A beautiful game.
Jul 2021 · 527
Mirrored harmony
kevin wright Jul 2021
My hand sweeps aside the mist on the mirror
Revealed an eye watch's me with curiosity
Bonding, the irises shrink
I gaze into a reflected world
  fleetingly coexisting  throughout infinitum
In how many planes do we exist?
Jun 2021 · 68
Lifes curved ball
kevin wright Jun 2021
Watch it as it arrives
Duck and feel its turbulence
Steal away and run

Ones grip is tenuous
A limpet will not be torn free
A beguiling  starfish approaches in disguise

The allure is forbidding
Your knuckles whiten
Traps unbutton your gloves

Or stand tall and take a hit
The darkness closes in
Rain drops start to light up your footprints

Vulnerable and unprepared
A strike occurs from behind
The ground raises up and softens the blow

Dignity bruised
A small price to pay
for an attentive ball lies at your feet
How we deal with lives ups and many downs is as important as the actual outcome of these events. We can run away from an approaching storm but when it arrives it does not drown us but shows us the way.
May 2021 · 102
Eurovision returns semi one
kevin wright May 2021
A devil of a song
That swirling Russian rubakha
Under  Norwegian Angels in chains

Tick tocking Croatian beat
Mocking that emotional Maltese break up
Romania finally not forgotten
euro music returns after two years
May 2021 · 198
Tattooed to Terra Firma
kevin wright May 2021
The skin a canvas to life
Stretchers pulling us in every direction
Crossing the river into the lands of time
Our craft steered by a soul reader

A needle crosses through my miasma
Pierced our skin emits a homely light
The way becomes clear
Peacefulness, coolness and evanity comes out of pain

An echo of our selves now revealed
Memorials nailed down
Guardians now protecting
A morphing eulogy

Each mark an initiation
A symbol of me in a closed world
My enamoured armour
Beliefs for all to see
Traditional worries over tattoo and associations have changed. Why buy a Monet and hang it on a wall when you can carry it with you all day long? Or place a flower at the grave side when you can take the grave with you.
kevin wright May 2021
The samurai fingers opened
In recall the bow floated forwards
Feathers freed its deadly path

Flying through the thermals
Spinning in its own vortex
Beckoning my soul

Both eyes opened
Cherry blossom floated across its path
The arrow parted life and death

Its point struck home
No escape
A fleeting pain of renewal

Pinned at the center of Adinkrahene
Civilisation awaits
Farewell, my demise is draped with its philosophy

A second arrow strikes deeply
Tainted by Eros poison
Love conquers all
The world today is a place of reality. The world of the past was a place of philosophy. A marriage of eastern and western philosophy.
May 2021 · 252
The gateway to the wilds
kevin wright May 2021
Heather grabbed at my ankles
A bubbling stream shanty is sung
Light opened holes in the morning sky

The gateway stood isolated as I approached
Awaiting a portal vortex, I felt no worries
It's partner lay broken, stranded and overgrown

The valley sprawled upwards beyond
Following the stream bearing promises
Torn brown waters drawn from peaty hearts

A storm lay waste in its stride
Land slides piled high across the stream
The throttling strictures but nature emends

Here the shadows are but places of wonder
Rain an endorsement of wonder
Wind to lift up the wings on depression

Where one voluntarily throws one's own ashes
The lizard appears and basks on a sun drenched grit-stone
Transformed a life form quizzically looks on

Is my reflection blinking on turbulent waters true
A place where no lily pad can conquer a perspective blue
The mind haunts the wilds carried on a prodigal dream
A walk in the pennines conjured up this poem and I could not finish it until I read a poem tonight by Eloisa, 'Abloom'   A broken pair of gates stood across a trackway guarding the entry to the wilds of the pennine hills forgotten long ago. Where we spend our dreamy after life.
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