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kevin wright Jan 19
The mercurial sky crowned by a heavenly barrage
A capsizing sun glitters, adieu
Mists linger on departing vessels
Blackness reaches out for contemporary custodians

Moulded from liberty on the brim of a wizards hat
Bejewelled in creations promise
Swathed in musically tingling fabric
Silently ripped by a ritual vortex updraft

Two dreamy realms held in accord
Anchored by an invisible portal
Belayed in spirit by a seal of enchantment
Demarcated, the sorcerers threshold glyphs blossom

Imminent darkness
Shielding relics emit a beacon of hope
A gauntlet reaches up for the unadorned
Pledged a major key of C reverberates on a drum roll

A tsunami of notes paves our mystical journey
In jubilation through agnostic turnstiles
The Glastonbury portal to Avalon
Ones light of night meets ones darkness of day
The phenomenon that is Glastonbury, the festival, the associated folk lore with King Arthur and Merlin.  Documented history such as King Alfred is an immense coincidence
kevin wright Jan 1
Each clock struck 2022
An outflowing of colour hit the skies
Lights echo off the cloudy ceiling
Roman candles lit the ceremonial jubilation
A feasting cacophony of thunder

Remembrance for those who were curtailed of life
Celebrating human resistance
Revival of the human trait
Gods speed
Fireworks exploding into the heavens over Manchester UK and all over the world. The fight continues.
kevin wright Dec 2021
Sparkle abounds
At this time of year

So take a handful
Dont you dissapear
We all need something to cheer us up.
kevin wright Dec 2021
The tree of peace and happiness
Upon each branch hangs our wishes
For it's sacrifice, gifts emblazoned

Baubles cascading through the Fairies trail of lights
Crowned by your protective Angel
Who welcomes all those...who look on

Will you sacrifice something this time of year
There is space below your own tree of friendship
Don't leave it too late
My second poem about the Christmas tree
kevin wright Dec 2021
Fell through the alligator’s snout
Picked his teeth clean out
Landed on a duelling banjo's tail

Herein a Minneapolis trail

Piously thumbed a black crested wave
Buffeted by the pick up from the bridge
Seized by turbulent string vibrations

Singing to survive; drowning in awkward silence

Cajoled and plucked on a tight-rope score
Pounding pain within lifes neck
Mics backfiring: boardwalkers selfless feedback

Toe tapping, heel thumping discontent

Fighting for humanity
Evil running through crashing cymbals
Miasmic lyrics pushing to survive

Trade winds heading south

Thrown ashore in the gutter
Soaked from harmonica to soul
A sliding quiver shackles societies skiffle

Now climb your fretboard to heavenly freedom

            Those who cannot breathe
                   Legislate in due measures: equal rights and respect
            Civilisations blues are out of tune

Levitate the knee of wilful contempt
its taken over a year to write this poem. I could not connect poetically with the terrible event with george floyd and the inequalities until i recently attended a blues festival.
kevin wright Nov 2021
Nebulous, a westerly breeze in the face of oligarchs,
championed by the approaching sun
Imperious oil rigs confronted by the light of reason
Cackling cormorants stand in their green seats, astride
     a rocky common's
Solar wings, opening to an approaching bonanza

Watery rigs, drilling tycoons graves on distant horizons
Sanctified, water shifting the stubborn
industrial stains of time
Revolutionary young birds unshackled
charge the storm
Stirred into action, whales and bacteria united as birds of a feather

The green shoots, morphing bleached white windmills illuminate the homes of many
Shielding more lichens on our tarred and feathered souls
The curved blade starts to turn,  cutting a swathe
through the last oil anchors
Canaries breath again spared from minds of coal

The wilds can rally
Nature given a chance will revive
kevin wright Nov 2021
A sense of belonging where I stand
My hand scoops earth of forebearers from below my feet
Its faith exudes through my fingers
Streaming through body, kin and all

This place of sanctuary
Our world remains unquestioning, it needs our support
Where you and I, live and love
And one day become the earth
The taking of earth connects us to our ancestors.
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