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kevin wright Jun 2
Three little words
formed in the æther

the eyes a gleaming
a perfect reply

fragrance encircles
the allure now applied

hearts now laden
pennaceous feathers

our senses are full
on a petalled volcanic rue

we struggle to breathe
yet the air is still

a humming bird tastes
pure is the nectar

eyes alighten
through preening wings
now and always
perched in harmony
as free as a bird but bonded for ever the love birds
kevin wright May 30
A placid stage
an empty pen
the darkness lightens
a blank page

a twitching pen oversees
selecting the moment to absorb
alluring the inspiration
disentangling thy thought
marginalising the common prose

normalising whats abnormal
speculating on even odds
visualising the nameless
stretching our minds

initiating the neuronal storm
linking the concepts
harmonising the differences
charging the cells

exposing feelings
sedating our peaks
calming the waters
stoking the potency

waiting for the first sweat drop  
a conjunctional licence is awarded
t's are uncrossed
dreams are laid bare

the pen starts to move
the writer is admonished
a frisson of creation
exhilaration of the chase
in fruition the seed

unlocked the thoughts of mankind
and as one with the page
now a link to our past
the pen at last starts to gush

the page speaks of its self
the words outlive the thoughts
the page awaits a purveyor
placed with others of a similar nature
who knows what comes first the instinct or the construction of our ephemera? Sparked by another poem where beauty was valued. Here deconstructing the uniqueness of the page. Tried to consider the pages perspective and the links to the final poem development.
kevin wright May 27

Sur l'isle de evocation
a parody of Paris
the beating heart of France
an exultation of hell and heaven

secured by a stake
enveloped by a blue mamba
unable to escape the flames of desire
eyes widen in fear
a flicker of light in the dark approaches

the laughing licking light ascends
trembling trees unable to bend
crushing fervour all around
upward flowing conduits the secular rain

the molten skeleton teeters
France holds its breath
archangels strain in suffrage
the walls will hold
la dame will survive
the people invoke the deliverance

the light begins to wain
the magician becomes the smoke
the lance to heaven pierces the heart
belayed are the bells
fighting holds the line

a cough amongst the smouldering fumes
a guardian not seen
the bonds are not broken
the abode is saved

glaring out from a bell tower
sadness views the destruction below
sacred are the loves of engagement
harried by the time of contempt

Le Français are mortified
a chariot touches down
the dawn angel stirs
its divine intercedence appears

the lance is withdrawn
the mamba turns red
convict us the rebirth
its nations faith rings out
dawning  a peoples decree
a chance video triggered this poem, check out the twitter
kevin wright May 20
A place in which to ponder
not a milky way
universal complexity
repulsions war attractions
feelings and asensuality
the creation of ones oan

cosmic chatter
slowing the flows
dragging the darkness down
energy implosion

darkness a place of harmonius existence
deafing in reality

speaking in circles
hearing it all
unable to translate from the light
want to stay longer
energy sapping

drawing on previous knowledge
driving experiences forward
deciding the options
balancing the ideas and harvest

break free into the light
an eerie world
where life exists
weigh the risks to venture forth
open the aqueducts
fountains draw us out

relief in existence
appreciate the worries
deal in the contradictions
manage the cliff edge
make a pact with your soul
socialising tendrils
start to walk

deep sleep enter thy vessel
a place to dream good and bad
protective and restoring
open-hearted dutifully imploring
with authentic rhythm
assemble gods of energy

write out, light up the abyss
speak out,  quench the abyssum
baby steps and leave that abyss alone
exploration of a term expressed in many poems
kevin wright May 18
retrace our steps
take a chance
by what means
holy sum

       going back
       our design
       choose the options
       a designers jeans
       a healthy reward

in the moment
the world over
cutting the cloth
the selling concept

      thinking out a loud
      in a tube
      opening expo 2020
      it matters to me
      eternal life

whose WHO

      another generation
      a genetic double
     100 perfect
     facsimile & co

                              Introspective back going
                              steps retrace our design
                              take a chance choose the options
                              by what means a designers jeans
                              holy sum a healthy reward
                              in the moment thinking out a loud
                              the world over in a tube
                              cutting the cloth opening expo 2020
                              wherefore it matters to me
                              the selling concept, eternal life
                              futuristic another generation
                              interjection a genetic double
                              prerequisite 99.9% perfect
                              whose WHO, Facsimile & co.
'Designer' poem that mimics the experimentation process that occurs in genetics
kevin wright May 15
Ethereal visions
a dream like place
in boundless feathers
of eternal grace

effacé devant
in a pool of liquid gold
the stream like hair
soaring through the air

the spell is launched
glancing views
whispering trill
pupils blossom
emotions pining

captivating feelings
light headed in hold
all adhering
eyes softly alight

nose flared in perfumed air
contrails spiralling around the core
flashing pheromones
wings beat high

dry lips together
hesitation and relief
shaking, the bliss
a spinning dervisheer

****** warmth
vivacious desire
earthly in love
gracious etendue

purring violin strings in celebration
thy eyes awaken
locked in pious bond
souls the perpetual key
kevin wright May 9
My clothes are familiar and I blend in well
the shops are quiet and do not sell
I drive on regardless each day the same way
a sagas myth is here to stay

the welcoming inn a buzzing  hive
clothes unpeel and emblazoned I rise
in short sleeved blue Jim Jams with clogs of noir
to follow tiled pathways and stairwells on high
scale the walled harbour and tide
gloves now cover along with gauzed hair
levy labelled with cóem and time
a mask of no air
a visor upon my stare
gloves that give birth in a pair

entering the abode
the door is unsealed
la dévastation is revealed

with each breath mists my brow
stifled sounds and blurried spectres
angels wings unfurled

amorphous canoes float among modulus forms
each suspended on ripples that care
moorings avail the fare
pure is the air

each a lifeline
engaged in dance
the lines waver
a harmonious swell

take gauntlets and bib
many hands take hold
the canoe is in white water
capsized and adrift
what’s up is down
and down is sound

the turbulence unfolds
blue now runs red
muscles unwind
eyes now a veiled
dreams on thin air

eyes are the story
telling their all
prepare, engage, and consider
action stations now all
the canoe revives
eddies are restored
the brows repose
the eyes belighten

a canoe is transformed
the moorings are loosened
our chance to assist
the derrick is grasped

air finally comes forth

a canoe breaks loose
a belling arises and then one more
steers an outstretched hand
the lines are gathered

the harbour protects all

a poem is written
an eloquent enigma
each number makes news
a zero the grail

summoned by home
the inns light fades with the distance

a refreshing shower
a cooling drink
a warm meal
tired eyes, fasten shut

the canoes float past
my eyes open but nothing stirs
I mouth in silence

'yield thou viral hold'
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