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We sit, stand or lie down
Glued to a screen
Awaiting an addictive hit
The new cultures
It's the moment to open those heavy eyelids
Another day levers the jaws of normality apart
Imprisoned into the bedding cheek folds
Sleep has struggled to keep me away
Windows luring to be opened

Breakfast passed without eating
Demands of the day start to totter in their pile
The phone and the front door remain silent
Fluctuating energy tips me over in a downward spiral
The ceiling looks uninteresting looking up from my cold floor

My head a waste paper bin filled to the brim
Unopened correspondence gravely dejected
A cracked mobile screen locks in unworthy secrets
Fast food packaging dresses the worktops shoulders
The thread is missing its needle

My ears deaf to my own voice
So many biased replies
A black hole awaiting my detritus
My head maybe on wrong
But my heart is in a better place
Being locked in, does not mean the key is not still available!
kevin wright Jun 4
A royal service
Dedicated to her people
Hearts and souls, a common-wealtb
Distinguished, dependable and a darling

Living history
Elizabethans we are all to a person
One monarch and untold generations
A salute with a cup of tea
A platinum celebration of servitude
kevin wright Jun 2
Ear drums reverberate with our quickening pulses
A united headsail pulled by warming breaths
Our journey intertwined

Synced eyes immersed in harmony
A conversation of eyebrows in loving chatter
Furrows form up to manicured fringes

Cotton candy adrift in the shrinking vista
Desire written into each crinkled nose
The deep iris orb filling to its rim

Through the emotional deluge
I taste your tears: warm and salty
A tender smile locks our moment in time
We often start in silence, instincts take over.
kevin wright May 8
A spinning

Ice reflecting a sacrosanct vision
Mortal coil stretched to breakdown
Regenerative and discourse stoked kama
Death spiralling trust placed in your hands

Crystalline evoking emotions
Materialising within our mind
Fingers feeling through the foggy delirium
Cut deeply by the double edged blade
Evocative endorphinal spirits bled

Behind us we leave a trail
Etched through our souls
Graffiti of memorable days
An ever present high pitched grind
Get up again and again from that icy stromatic bed
The most beautiful artistic bents of humankind, requires hard work and all the emotional challenges
kevin wright Mar 27
The river snakes through the living room
A shelf holding memories of drier days aloft
Small Fry munching through the carpet fronds
Stalking a take away, a shrimp wipes its feet at the front door

A beach creeps up the stairs with each passing decade
Lulled onto the sand a crab starts to burrow
A nesting squirrel watchs amused from the landing above
The clawed creature retires with a bruised insight to better quarries

Driftwood jamming the back door open
A fridge door sways within the mecurial flow
The high tide swells up against the white speckled back wall
Hungry shells welcome with open mouths the twice daily culinary bounty

A chummy Dog-fish curled up within a television shell watching teenagers antics
Multicoloured algae decorate walls in abstraction
A winged form flashes through the corridor snatching a pond skater
How damp is damp, climate in the making
when the water levels rise life will continue, where man once lived
kevin wright Mar 24
An elvish tunnel keeps us straight
The sun appears, celebrating the land ahead
Chasing roads pour through the landscape
Our shadow ripples crossing  fields of stubble

Young birch trees line up in military fashion
Guardians of the soil
Snowy patches iron out the footsteps of giants of old
A red barn on sentry hill views our passing

A plane of the air competes with a dashing bird
A pausative moment, a place of waiting
Bodies cloaked in winter garb climb aboard
Norwegian speak intensifies the air

Whitish cloaking embers of a winters cold mount
Peeking through the earth, rock forms project
Ever attired in greenest of shawls
Jewelled broaches beckon the hardy

Ripples into a  dark blue chasm flow past
An upturned dinghy agog on stony shore
Straddling  feeding waters, metal forms bridge the gap
Lake edges repent in turning crusty white

Snow dunes blown across the frozen water
Mountain passes hewn by a river of time
Shadows  shortening, eaten by the glare of the snow
Roofs laden with the weight of winter passing

Froth of earth spews from rocky slopes
Abandoned wooden house relics hang onto warmer times
Upon the arched backs of trolls amass the mighty peaks
Patchwork misty breaths gather within their ranks for story tellers to listen
Where ever we are taken in life
Our environment forms a pathway to our learning , our beliefs and our decisions. We need to absorb this planet's feedback and protect what we have. Our effects are there to be seen and a natural balance observed.
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