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kevin wright Apr 23
Death is inevitable
Choosing when is not
Launching from the shore
Place the oar deep into our regrets
Haul away from lifes spinning current

Death is something to earn
Justify your parents joy each day
Explore those eddies in your travelling feet
Take the hand of your rudder
Placing certainty in the direction of travel

Death is not an end but a staging post of a earthly pontoon
Experience lifes engulfing tributaries first
Find your anchorage for each night and day
Caulk the small cracks that appear daily before you explore a watery bed
Leave no small seepage pass unaccounted

No day deserves to exist without your helping hand
Bravery is making this world what it is with your presence
Suicide is a way out of the stresses of the vagaries of life or mental health deterioration. Don't wait, talk with someone and steer away
kevin wright Apr 12
Our fingers pluck the Sun's watery rays
Our ears glean rippling flam
Our salt infused nose breathes the accolade
Our eyes know no maxima

Our toes caressed by raining kelp
Our hesitations entering chromatic depths
Ourn Hash tag # to step to greatness
Our nuances trampling neckly disquiet

Ourie  caesura becalmed
Ours to start swimming
Our mind surfs the trills
Ourselves at one with the sea
Inspired by a photograph accompanying the release of new harp music album
kevin wright Mar 24
Once where I sat
Sitting on a park bench
many years ago
I enjoyed the company
friends for ever more

Their memories are fading
They never saw me looking back
Guitar in hand
Voice in tune
I dreamed of never growing up

Here within the spider’s trap
I pirouetted and dangled like a bat
Suffering the adrenaline of great explorers
When I reached the summit
The smog pierced my lungs

I moved on down the weary track
Reaching my band stand
Notes flowed through my fingers
Kept me sane

Now its time to move forward
And close mémoire diary
watched a french short film and wrote this poem
kevin wright Mar 18
An instant inflection
Trapping all inbound vibes
Capturing the dark
Greys, all and sundry
A maternal carpetbagger

The lens a brush to the hand
Satisfying the eye
Nailing life to its cross

Served on a glass plate
Hung in celluloid film
A halidian chemical paper
Projected in space

Falsifying the real
Dealing the memory card
Drawing a full house
Indemnifying recollection
Satisfying an artful urge
Photographic capture
kevin wright Mar 15
Within the line of an actors voice
Heed the melting ear
A butterfly alights on each word
Silence transforms make up to a vivid glow
The spoken word enriches the penned, transforming meaning, inspiring and endearing words to our minds.
kevin wright Feb 14
The weight of Putin
Leans heavily against
The lines of fire and water

With gratitude caterpillars
Rush to Ukraine
To take the strain

Butterflies will face down
Barbarisms true face
Headstones marking a war of contrition

A bullet of misgiving
A bullet of defiance
A bullet of repent
A Will is needed for this pseudo world war to change its course from destroying thousands of Slavic lives
kevin wright Jan 13
How it would be good to sleep like a cat
Snuggling up to a companion
Lost in a world so deep
Where no little earthquake will awaken a dreaming spirit
Claws dig deep
Not a flicker of emotion
Devotion to the climaxed execution
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