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Watch it as it arrives
Duck and feel its turbulence
Steal away and run

Ones grip is tenuous
A limpet will not be torn free
A beguiling  starfish approaches in disguise

The allure is forbidding
Your knuckles whiten
Traps unbutton your gloves

Or stand tall and take a hit
The darkness closes in
Rain drops start to light up your footprints

Vulnerable and unprepared
A strike occurs from behind
The ground raises up and softens the blow

Dignity bruised
A small price to pay
for an attentive ball lies at your feet
How we deal with lives ups and many downs is as important as the actual outcome of these events. We can run away from an approaching storm but when it arrives it does not drown us but shows us the way.
Here’s a poem about nothing
because nothing says more
than the rest of us could ever say
if we tried all day tomorrow
and the rest of today
kevin wright May 18
A devil of a song
That swirling Russian rubakha
Under  Norwegian Angels in chains

Tick tocking Croatian beat
Mocking that emotional Maltese break up
Romania finally not forgotten
euro music returns after two years
kevin wright May 16
The skin a canvas to life
Stretchers pulling us in every direction
Crossing the river into the lands of time
Our craft steered by a soul reader

A needle crosses through my miasma
Pierced our skin emits a homely light
The way becomes clear
Peacefulness, coolness and evanity comes out of pain

An echo of our selves now revealed
Memorials nailed down
Guardians now protecting
A morphing eulogy

Each mark an initiation
A symbol of me in a closed world
My enamoured armour
Beliefs for all to see
Traditional worries over tattoo and associations have changed. Why buy a Monet and hang it on a wall when you can carry it with you all day long? Or place a flower at the grave side when you can take the grave with you.
kevin wright May 10
The samurai fingers opened
In recall the bow floated forwards
Feathers freed its deadly path

Flying through the thermals
Spinning in its own vortex
Beckoning my soul

Both eyes opened
Cherry blossom floated across its path
The arrow parted life and death

Its point struck home
No escape
A fleeting pain of renewal

Pinned at the center of Adinkrahene
Civilisation awaits
Farewell, my demise is draped with its philosophy

A second arrow strikes deeply
Tainted by Eros poison
Love conquers all
The world today is a place of reality. The world of the past was a place of philosophy. A marriage of eastern and western philosophy.
kevin wright May 7
Heather grabbed at my ankles
A bubbling stream shanty is sung
Light opened holes in the morning sky

The gateway stood isolated as I approached
Awaiting a portal vortex, I felt no worries
It's partner lay broken, stranded and overgrown

The valley sprawled upwards beyond
Following the stream bearing promises
Torn brown waters drawn from peaty hearts

A storm lay waste in its stride
Land slides piled high across the stream
The throttling strictures but nature emends

Here the shadows are but places of wonder
Rain an endorsement of wonder
Wind to lift up the wings on depression

Where one voluntarily throws one's own ashes
The lizard appears and basks on a sun drenched grit-stone
Transformed a life form quizzically looks on

Is my reflection blinking on turbulent waters true
A place where no lily pad can conquer a perspective blue
The mind haunts the wilds carried on a prodigal dream
A walk in the pennines conjured up this poem and I could not finish it until I read a poem tonight by Eloisa, 'Abloom'   A broken pair of gates stood across a trackway guarding the entry to the wilds of the pennine hills forgotten long ago. Where we spend our dreamy after life.
kevin wright Apr 17
A living relic of medieval times
Saturated in fabled charisma
Restitched castle walls shimmer in the heat
Art juices flow through the streets
Words tumble along illustrated manuscripts

Paint turns blank canvas blue
Skies turn jubilant red with hints of refreshing showers
Voluminous sculptures evoke a Cardin phase
Student art invigorates tired walls
Artisans rustle up market stalls

Broad hats repel the sun
Sauntering through vine lanes
Grapes guzzling the photon rain
Sleepy bees trail the sun loving flowers
Painted toe nails coolly pool immersed

Patchwork and crotched fields
Yellow blocks of ****
Lines of planted eggs
Chokers of olive greens
Grecian dresses draped with vines

A folk festivity welcomes all
All generations meet as one
Donkey games for the children
Piñata to strike blindfolded
Watery cascade or sugary reward

Golden melons bred of illicit taste
Teased with smoked ham
Devoured for sweetness
Starter or desert just a joy
Perfect alongside un verre de rosé frais

Art flows in waves
Easels swell with students pride
Denizens welcoming hustling parades
Musical rhythms caress their acclivity
Spontaneously parties sprout in vogue

Dappled courtyards
Shaded from merciless sun rays
Fresh coffee odours
   drifting through the broad sheets of La Provence
Or a game of chess to challenge Sade's En passant

Barbeque banquets sizzle amid ***** smoke
Bergers march their merguez sausages from North Africa
Mounted Templar knights attired in crowns of Lamb cutlets cry
Bandits torture skewered meat and pepper on their swords
Ice cream de 'Nicolas Perrault du Tinel' soothes the battled throats

Majestic butterflies flutter below
Glorious hunting eagles above
Arching swifts betwixt
Precarious lizards stalk on walls
Wood worm beetles feign a paparazzi pose

Vistas of amour grow the population
Craggy medieval outlines saturate the historians
Valleys of birth speak to the hikers
Cyclists infatuated with curvaceous plunges
Outdoor cinema merges into the panorama

Expectant visitors climb up to the chateau
Disenchanted not a soupçon of the marquis
Musical interludes from the bowels of Sades earth
Nightly cricket orchestras liberating ****** fantasies
Absorbing dark energy radiated by ****** constellations

Balmy evenings
Bats cleaning the air
Evening strolls arm in arm
Enchanted aromatic honeysuckle
Scented candles settle the ambiance

Salsa styled dancing for all
Legs and arms intertwined
Hot sweats and eyes aroused
The accordian sways in time
Necks laid bare

A distant majestic phantom liner lit by street lights
Docked in Bonnieux lingers for all to sleep
The moon rises over the masted ensign
Ups anchor and floats into the black abyss
Lighting the way for Provencal dreamers
The third of  a four seasons  poetic series. A village embellished by the summer season.
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