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First there is silence and nothing is moving

Then slowly the water starts to heat

What is happening I ask as I watch with wonder

Mum says wait and see it won't  be long

Then there before my eyes little bubbles start to appear

I say wow and watch with delight

Mum gets me to move away, which I'm  not happy about

The bubbles are growing bigger now and more faster

Wow! The water is going crazy

So many bubbles jumping up and down in the pan.

I can see the bubbles all moving up

The water is rising as it jumps up and down

Then it's all over as mum turns the heat down

What a sight to see the water transform
I hate spellings!

 These words I'm told to learn which have no meaning

What is the point, they really are too hard!

They are not just simple words like run and can

But complex difficult words

Why me, what ever did I do to deserve this

These spellings really are the worst thing ever

 Where is the help I need!

Wait! I'm starting to see things differently

The words can be made  easier if you break them down

So let's have a go

First there is the punch sound and then the tual 

Wow  I'm starting to see  how this spelling lark works

How breaking the word into two and sounding them separately

Suddenly makes remembering them easier to know

Ivr got it punctual now I can spell this word I'm on a roll

With a little patience I can learn my spellings yeah!
I'm  so happy I'm going to see the band

I have thought about this moment so many times

What it will be like to hear them sing and see them in person

Now the day is here and I'm seeing them tonight live on stage

I am so excited I don't know what to do

I cant decide on the blue shirt or the black one

All my dreams are coming true at last.

I'm at the concert venue with my friends

They are big fans too and we all have posters on our walls

I got a teeshirt of the band and immediately put it on

Wow I'm wearing the band I'm seeing

The band are on and they sound amazing

I'm up dancing and singing to their songs

I don't  care what I look like, I'm  having fun

I'm  so happy and in awe of the band in front of me
Where did the time go today?

I had so many things planned to do and have only achieved maybe two!

No wait! I forgot to do one of them so now it is just one that I managed.

I must remember the old lady who lives down the road.

I keep forgetting to see how she is.

Never mind all the things I have do, she is all alone!

Today's  the day I am going to visit the lady down the road and make sure she's ok.

I need to think of others and not just me.

Perhaps she has a dog or was that my neighbour I'm  really not sure.

Maybe I could get her some dog biscuits just in case, and a bit of shopping.

I wonder what it is she really needs

I do hope she is in when I finally get to. see her and that she is ok.

Oh dear! The poor old lady down the road.
It's great when I can share with others.

Just knowing that I am giving back, that makes me feel happy.

I can hear the laughter and good feeling that is going round the room.

Everyone is smiling when we all share a meal together.

No one is left hungry and they are all appreciative of what's been done.

Now begins the singing and dancing.

This is great, spending time with others.

Who would have though this could bring such a warm feeling.

Yes! I feel truly blessed to be part of this gathering.

Such a great idea to be sharing quality time with others.
I remember who you were long ago

The cheeky boy who used to play pranks and have fun

Your world was carefree and full of opportunities

You didnt have any pain or suffering

This was your beginning in the throes of your youth.

When life was simple and harm seemed to be a location unknown!

Then came the war and the excitement of being a man

You were determined to do your bit for queen and country

Now a disciplined soldier who had no times for cheeky pranks!

No warning of what lie ahead and the pain and suffering to follow

Now, here you are years later, an old man who a splint instead of a leg

You lost this in the war and time proves to be no healer.

Instead it revels in showing you memories of who you once were

In the shadows of the past from long ago.
You are part of me and always will be 

Sometimes I see you, sometimes I don't 

Still I know you are there ready to appear

You move with me and never out of sync

This big, dark, translucent shape that is stuck to me by an invisible force.

It's so crazy that I can see you and touch you but never feel you

I grow older and still you are there

With me through times of both happiness and sadness

You remain there as a constant never ageing or changing just fixed to me

I got a new job and had children and still you did not go

Steadfastly remaining with me as time moved on

Never changing or judging anything I did

Just silently staying connected to me as I changed
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