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Umwari uwera Jun 2020
I’m fine I have my pen and book .
When I can’t talk or speak my mind I always turn to my pen and people and bleed out my emotions,
Umwari uwera Jun 2020
One thing for sure

Your voice will

Hunt me forever
#nightmare # us #cant
Umwari uwera Jun 2020
Us under the moon
I don’t say what we did was a sin
But it wasn’t right
I wouldn’t call it a mistake
Because I let you in

But I’m still broken from your words .
#sin #mistake#you and I
  Jun 2020 Umwari uwera
SA Szumloz
I fight pain through pen
Draining the ink till' the end,
When words lack meaning
And hands start feeling
Like they're going to fall off
But I know I'll never stop
Living my life on paper
Because I truly favor
This remedy.
A Jews blood
A Christians blood
A Hindus blood
A Muslims blood
An Atheists blood
A whites blood
A blacks blood
A yellow blood
A whatever blood

Should not be shed

Its human blood
A precious blood
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