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May 2020 · 122
Zigzag Mind
Arup Chakraborty May 2020
what I am telling you,
Might not rhyme,  
But I was so close to it that,
I could listen to my own heartbeat.
But then I forgot about it..
That doesn’t mean I stopped breathing,
I just forgot about the fact that,
I was alive..
I want to go back to the very moment,
To catch up my breath,
And take command of my life..
Don’t take it seriously,
Because all that happened in a dream..
And it sgnifies that,
I couldn’t sleep better,
Like I can't rhyme my poem,
I can't calm my turbulence..
But still I fly,
In my sky...
I will not say to you anything about what I feel..But,trust me,sometimes feeling anything is boring when your heart is like a caged bird wanting to fly...
Apr 2020 · 72
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
It was sad,
It was bad,
It was mad,
But how it was so sweet!!!
Apr 2020 · 61
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
Stare at my eyes,
Take all the blood of my heart,
Then fill it with your love.
Apr 2020 · 55
Love Doesn't Fade
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
I wish some love from you,
If you don’t grant,
Still I wish some love from you,
If you still don’t grant,
Will you let me love you then?
I wish to fly in your sky,
Like a stranded bird,
With a tending heart.
Apr 2020 · 283
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
I picked up my pen,
I took my notebook and just then,
All my thoughts are gone..
At times you want to write down what you feel.But it never becomes easy when your mind is preoccupied with a thousand thoughts.
Apr 2020 · 69
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
I talk to the stars,
When my sky is blue.
I just like to stand,
Underneath some of them.
I cry out loud,
I  exude,
What is obscure inside of me..
With a cigarette burning in my hand,
With the smoke coiling in the air,
And with my thoughts getting benumbed,
I just love the stars and the blue.
When no one is there to understand you,you feel lonely.But you are not lonely when you are alone at night, staring at the stars and the sky with a cigarette burning in your hand...
Apr 2020 · 124
Better Than I am
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
You deserve better,life,
Better than these deaths,
Where people are dying,  
With no one  at hand.
You want more,life,
You want much more than this state of mind.
You are  not to experience such great depression,
You want to fly in the kingdom of ecstasy..
Apr 2020 · 60
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
A pinpoint pen,
A scrambling hand,
And a sweltering mind,
All I can say,
But I cannot write..
Sometimes writing down  your thoughts isn’t easy when you are succumbed by pain...
Apr 2020 · 221
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
I want an inception,
Where a dreamlike state,
Will cross several layers.

I want to be confused,
A confusion which will,
Take me back to the birth of the earth..
Plank wall,gravity,no time.
A few bubble...
I want to hold one of them,
And let it be large enough,
To accommodate a man.

I want to leave the world,
To live in a single world.
I want to be alone...
Apr 2020 · 102
Let Us Be We
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
Let us go and go and go,
Where the world has its end.
Let us go beyond the fence,
Where all our wishes end.
Let me pronounce a line,
A thousand times,
And let it be the most beautiful line,
Make me the one whose words be your inspiration,
Let me say, "I love You.".
Let me hold your hand for now and ever.
Let us be we...
Apr 2020 · 180
Am I Still a Stranger?
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
You say it yes,
But you mean it no.
We talk,
But you make me speak only,
I express freely,
While you hesitate.
I ask, "Can we be we?"
You just nod...
If I approach to demystify your complexity,
You restrain..
Then still am I a stranger to you?
Apr 2020 · 1.2k
A Reversal
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
When strength is not all,
You think yourself strong,
You come out, out of your bravery,
When you should stay inwardly strong,
How do you feel protected,
When your enemy is strong?
You will learn as you have learnt,
From the pages of history..
When you are making your own story.
Apr 2020 · 133
Part of Me
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
A part of me was lost in past,
A part of me is getting lost,
A part of me will claim to decline,
But I do not want to be apart..
Apr 2020 · 88
A Wish
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
Happiness is runnig out,
As the path is coming to an end,
The pitch dark night is peeing in the horizon....
I need a break,
I need to stop,
But I wish to plod on,
As my heart is still too strong.
Apr 2020 · 223
A Prayer
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
When the sun is setting,
When the light is letting a way to darkness,
When a pitch dark fear is overcasting my mind,
I just sit and pray and let go,
Knowing that you are there,
My belief in supernatural revives,
Because it’s the only thing left for me,
To wipe out all my anguish.
Apr 2020 · 540
Arup Chakraborty Apr 2020
You look bizarre,aren’t you?
You look splendidly bizarre,
You look most bizarre than I could imagine,
You are just  an embodiment of an enigma,
You are supernatural,
You are mythical,
You  make me strange,
Yet I wish to live on with you,
Because your bizarreness is much more valuable than anything.

— The End —