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Oct 2020 · 181
Ayodeji Oje Oct 2020
Hear once
but listen twice
for misinformation
is the mother of all ******.

Hear once
but listen twice
for misinformation
is the miss in information.

Hear once
but listen twice
for misinformation
is the salt in the deep cut.

Hear once
but listen twice
for misinformation
causes miss in our formation.

Hear once
Listen twice.
Oct 2020 · 178
Ayodeji Oje Oct 2020
one who courts
gallons of imagination
and woos
litres upon litres of sensitivity
in the company of
bouquets of expressions.
Oct 2020 · 29
Day's Pregnant
Ayodeji Oje Oct 2020
Don't conclude too soon,
today is pregnant,
hallelujah awaits you.
Oct 2020 · 59
Ayodeji Oje Oct 2020
That saved them,
the one they saved
when they gave.
Any time you give
it boomerangs in forms
you can't fathom.
Oct 2020 · 31
Don't Stop
Ayodeji Oje Oct 2020
Until you believe it
You don't behold it
Until you behold it
You don't behave it
Until you behave it
You don't become it
Until you become it
Don't stop believing it
Because if you believe it
Surely you will behold it
And if you behold it
You will behave and become it
Oct 2020 · 278
They've Got Us
Ayodeji Oje Oct 2020
See pictures,
they've got

Feel words,
they've got

Observe nature,
they've got
Sep 2020 · 47
Mine Your Mind
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
A mined mind
is a goldmine,
by the minding
of one's mind.
As you mind
your mind
so you mine
your mind.
Sep 2020 · 34
Sagging Shoulders
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
Deep incisions mar soft cheeks
As the flood of hot sour tears flows
Naked poor souls die
Each passing seconds of breath
Who will hear the cry of the voiceless
The cry of silent dying destinies
Who will hear the cry of the voiceless
The age-long groping for liberation
Wake up! Wake up!

See weeping spirits strucked by hope terminating pains
See the fear ridden culture of suffering and smiling
Are you now sagging your once celebrated raised shoulders?
Who art bewitched you?
What has become of your pride of giants and giant of pride?
Sixty doesn't look good on you!
Wake up! Wake up!
Sep 2020 · 401
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
Your current reality
is the gravity
of age-long mentality;
Change your mentality
and you'll see the gravity
as expressed by a new reality.
Sep 2020 · 109
S. E. E.
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
See yourself in the light of future reality
Express the nitty gritty of your desired reality in the face of gravity
Experience the tangibility of the reality in it entirety
Sep 2020 · 41
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
How you see yourself
determines how you carry yourself
How you carry yourself
determines where you find yourself
Sep 2020 · 328
They Will Rise
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
If poets don't write
They will rise
They will rise
The seas, moon, sun and trees
They will rise
In revolt they will rage
Sep 2020 · 54
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
Incisions of tears
Mars the face
Of beautiful minds
Inundated by floods
Of discouragement
It takes the courageous
To stand tall
In the face of wild storms
In the jungle of life
Sep 2020 · 20
Dying To Have You
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
Naughty blushing hot yellow ball
Why hide your radiant and charming
Eye ***** in the blanket of clouds
Is it because of this cute looking lens?
O come on!
This lens is dying to have you
Sep 2020 · 721
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
If according to Physics,
empty space isn't empty,
my friend,
you're not empty.
If you feel empty,
remember that feelings
aren't true thermometer of reality.
Wake up!
What you need is discovery
of what you've got
and what you've got not,
you're not empty.
Sep 2020 · 47
Till She's Cool
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
Tears keeps begging
as my cup of tea wails on.
On getting closer,
I saw her boiling from within.
I must wait till she's cool.
Why force myself
on my own cup?
Why not wait
for her to cool?
Say NO to ****
Sep 2020 · 159
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
Be grateful for failures
Smile in the storm
Be gracious to people
Love them as they are
Be silent in labour
Let success do the noise
Sep 2020 · 106
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
God's not there
He's right here

Only a whisper away
Not distance of a day

As He rays in instants
He's not so distant

There maybe no barks
Yet He's at your back

If He lives in you
Surely you'll hue

When you're down
He's no clown

Just as assured
Your life is insured

Take a deep breath
And savour His vast breadth

He's with you
You'll surely hue
Sep 2020 · 195
Ayodeji Oje Sep 2020
Clouds of troubles and pains
may have enveloped your sky;
your rainbow
is coming in style
to the once clouded sky.
Aug 2020 · 231
Sea of Life
Ayodeji Oje Aug 2020
On a sudden sobbing night
in west african harmattan,
Light wasn't smiling
in the thickness of naked darkness
but for a dying flame
sitting on a frail candle stick.
In the deep sea of life,
tiniest things spark hope
When beyond we see.
Aug 2020 · 187
Beaming Life
Ayodeji Oje Aug 2020
Groping in the dark
when there is light?
When light beams,
darkness takes off.
Kiss the beaming life
And you'll find your breath.
Aug 2020 · 42
Ayodeji Oje Aug 2020
Steam of life puffing up
from a cute little old cup
With this hot stream flowing within,
my head stops spinning like rollercoaster.

In this coloured hot flow
lies life oozing  blends that builds
the aroma of fertility
crafted in nature's womb
Aug 2020 · 140
Poor Death
Ayodeji Oje Aug 2020
why art thou so clean like pigs in mire
why stoop so high to take away babes
thrown away like the trash of trash
left to be cuddled by dirt
awaiting your cold verdict?

Art thou now dead?
Why canst thou ****** murderers before their murderings?
Art thou now at two a penny?
How long will you dance to the  cold blooded tunes of the wolves in southern Kaduna?
Art thou no mind of your own?
O poor man!
For once liberate thyself from the whims of the wicked
else, I shall resolve that thou art died.
Aug 2020 · 548
Snail Night
Ayodeji Oje Aug 2020
The midnight is snail.
It is time for time
to take her time
this time of the time.
Aug 2020 · 80
Calvary Thunders
Ayodeji Oje Aug 2020
Like a wounded thunder
calvary roars how low
the son of man had stooped
that men would live far
above the world, sin and death
Aug 2020 · 161
The Melting Martyr
Ayodeji Oje Aug 2020
While breathers of all shades savour your ray
You bear the pain as if in labour

As you bleed like a wild dam
We are as birds cruising in the sky

In your swift dripping departure
Lies the glowing of man's abode.
This is the agony of a candle.
May 2020 · 534
He Is
Ayodeji Oje May 2020
As He is
He sees
And He ease
Prince of peace
He is
He shields
From the deeps
He is He
The one who heals
The omnipotence of God
Apr 2020 · 1.7k
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
We see the wrongs
Yet swim along

We hear blunders
Yet not bothered

We feel the harm
Yet no alarm

We see scapegoats
Yet sell the votes

See what folded arms has done
Are we not undone?
This is the situation in some sub-saharan Africa States
Apr 2020 · 1.3k
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
Paper pen thought
Thought pen paper
Paper thought pen
Pen paper thought
Pen thought paper
Thought paper pen
One of the lines could be your flow pattern
Apr 2020 · 2.2k
The Matter
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
Here's the matter
That no matter the matter
A life without Christ has no matter
Here and hereafter
Christ is the core of the matter
He is all that matters
Apr 2020 · 2.3k
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
All is fair in warfare
But all seem not fair
Under this cruel biosphere
Life's fare isn't always fair

Till the end of life's fare
One man's funfare
Will be another man's warfare
Life's fare Isn't always fair

All won't be fair
But to enjoy this sphere
Locate your very own sphere
Life's fair isn't always fair
Life isn't fair.
Apr 2020 · 315
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
When I had no will of mine
You went all the miles
When I couldn’t talk
You were my voice
When I couldn’t walk
Your back was my cart
When my eyes couldn’t see
You were my sight
When I knew not a thing
You were my secret guide
O sweet mother
My back bone is you
Apr 2020 · 214
O, Come!
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
What you pant unaware is God
Only He can give you the desired sabbath
Stop feasting on what will never fill you
The life you seek is in the man of Galilee
Him alone, else you're already alone

Depend not on my widow's mite
What if I am blown away right away
The wind of winds is surer than the sun in summer
Wait not for my pat at your cold shoulder
You've got Yahweh's life insurance

Swallow your raised shoulders this very second
Jesus' embrace awaits your coming
Be not ashamed ,
Take that leap
He knocks at your ***** and broken door
O come to Christ!
Apr 2020 · 223
To Papa
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
Hot sour liquids
Roll from my eyes
Taking turns
As they roll
On my flooded cheek
Your dark and shine boy
Will not see you again
As you ply the world beyond
I miss the dove in you
To my Dad who departed this world in 2016.
Apr 2020 · 1.4k
A Lifer?
Apr 2020 · 154
Your Life
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
If you want to life life
Don't let life life you
The pilot is you
You fly your own life
Apr 2020 · 133
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
Life is

Live it
Leave it
Apr 2020 · 1.1k
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
Since covid paced in
Hunger lingers
In this skinny land
As many arms are folded
During a lockdown
Void of spoons going to the mouth
To further widen
The red sea between
The highs and lows of the land
In Nigeria, the poor suffer more during this COVID19 lockdown. In fact, what is being distributed as relief package is a chicken feed. Political elites seem not to feel what the poor feels.
Apr 2020 · 158
The Only Way
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
In the infallible word
christ is revealed as the sovereign lord
even countless of warlords
bow to his sovereign words

In the patriarch's days
he moved in diverse ways
indeed he's the only way
no matter what blasphemers say

The holy scriptures
paints one key picture
of how those who endure will feature
in the grand future
Apr 2020 · 78
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
In some seasons
Man sighs for no reason
Starring at the moon for reasons
Sobbing to be out of some prisons

O the earth is full of seasons
As all men have seasons
Even the lily, sun and star smiles by the seasons
Not for an iota of reason
Cos the season
Is the reason for the season
Apr 2020 · 223
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
Having perfect eyes
With no insight
Is nothing but a blind sight

A complete set of eyes
Without perfect foresight
Is nothing but false sight
Apr 2020 · 5.8k
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
Honk down
Run down
Fun down
Not down
Though movement seems down, things seems to run down, even fun seems down yet we're not down(hopeless/discouraged)
Apr 2020 · 116
Stop Wailing
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
Tears rolling for the undue maimings
And undeserved namings
With ceaseless railings?
Stop wailing
It is training
For future reigning
Apr 2020 · 143
I Weep
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
Living in a world that snobs
Is as painful as scorpion's sting
As I make random motions
I see more booings
Greeted with bruises
No **** not even an harry
Sees how I weep in isolation
But all shall cling to me in limelight
Apr 2020 · 845
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
Shushed until now
Respecter of no status
Not even the blue bloods
Even men of timber and caliber shivers
Ha! Uncle Sam trembles at thy blow

What a time for the atheist
To raise both hands skyward
A time to trust the unknown
In the hands of the one
Made known by nature
Apr 2020 · 186
National Gamble
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
On a rickety table
With battles of syllables
There was a scramble
Where cradle turns rumble

Wants insa-ti-able
Yet we're able
Able to disable
Every evil cable

Enough of this national gamble
The people are in shambles
With trailers of grumbles
For mountains of fumbles
May we not utterly stumble
For the flow stinks like a stable
This is a reflection of a country operating like a banana republic.

— The End —