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Amimo Matete May 8
Wake up child,
your slumber is over wild mind,
Dream my child,
Run a top of sea cliff then fall my child
Fall like the fish eagle on hunt for a wonderful meal
Fall at the speed of light, fall with a surgeons precision
Then spread your wings my child,
Spread them so fast spread them so wide,
Make the winds your friend,
Let her run through your feathers my child
Then soar so high my child climb so fast my child
Dream my child,
Dream of greatness, dream of limitless
Cast your dreams to the universe, cast them far cast them wide
Dream my child,
Wake up and dream my child
The world is full of sleeping zombies,
Zombies that sleep while looking at their black screens,
Their dreams covered in piles and piles of black fogs
Their black screens turn bright darkening their dreams
Dream my child,
Take my hands child, lets run to the sea cliff I show you how to fly my child
Lets fall child and give ourselves to the winds
Spread your wings so far my child let her run through your feathers
Lets soar so high my child lets climb so fast,
Dream my child,
The zombies are caged in their dark screen caterpillar cocoon,
Child spread your gorgeous wings, spread them so wide
Then dream my child,
Dream so far, dream so wide, I will hold your hands through your dreams.
Amimo Matete May 4
All I do, all I am has a toll attached to it,
Every time I wake up Waiting around are my taxes,
I will pay my taxes
Taxes of rumors and gossip I will pay for my public persona.
Taxes of misunderstandings, divergences and sporadic frustration I will happily pay for my happiest of relationships,
I will pay my taxes.
Taxes of theft I will grudgingly pay from my vast wealth and abundance
I will pay taxes of generosity and philanthropy,
I have argued with my taxes, disagreed with them,
I found that trying to escape my taxes is but vanity, a chase after the winds
I will pay my taxes and enjoy the fruits of what I get to keep,
I will pay my taxes.
Amimo Matete Apr 10
By the rail there I stood,
So patient so peaceful,
Waiting, waiting to see my life change,
Waiting to see that train,
That will take me to vanity
Oh! This life full of sanity,
Every time I look back
I see my past unpack
From a distant a dark smoke I see
How bright it appears
There it is, my ride to vanity,
I want to escape this insanity
Finally .
Amimo Matete Apr 10
If my death comes
Hold me tight don’t let go
If am gone
Don’t cry much
becouse tears won’t allow you
To see the beautiful stars and the moon
Take my body in a small boat
Sing me a soft dirge
Then send me deep into the seas
Hold close the memories we had
Hold them not long my love
For I will want you to move on.
Amimo Matete Apr 10
Should I not see tomorrow?
Their fallacies not borrow
Which brings forth much sorrow?
All you need to know I narrow
For you not to borrow
Morrow their fallacies that bring sorrow,
Should I set morrow
You I forbid sorrow
Cry not much my sparrow
Merry on the seasons we had
Bad to me will be your tears
Your fears so deep I hide
Abide by my morrow
Not to borrow morrow their fallacies that bring forth sorrow.
Should I fall morrow?
Should this be the last thing I see?
Should this be the last I say?
I want you to know it’s enough for me
But remember not to borrow morrow their fallacies
That brings forth much sorrow.
Amimo Matete Apr 10
Stretching myself at 4 am
Covered in cold I am
Goose *** all over my body
I thought they only appear when one is exited
Stand still are my hair
I lift my right leg and make that stride
Which multiply to hundreds of thousand a day
How I wish I could make that cash
When searching through the yesterday’s trash
Thank you God I’ve found a bread crumbs.
Walking through the streets
I stood looking
At the conference center in the city
Today it looks different
But nothing has changed in it
Am I going mad, I wondered?
I looked into their eyes
And saw the fear that held them so tight
Why are they wishing me away?
I saw the man in a suit
My heart was pumping fast
Blood rushing through my veins
Today I will eat that pie
He passed and I gave the sigh
My stomach covered in a foil of hunger
The kid is bought pie with her mama
Ohh! God I miss those days of manner
Cold the city is growing
The beautiful lights are up again
Slowly retreating to my lonely heaven
Taking my heavy supper of saliva
Wishing for many things
But death sounds so pretty in a rhyme.
Amimo Matete Apr 10
By the old ***** window
……I stand
Looking at the beautiful old Marina
I see the old big ships
Coughing out their heavy sooty smoke
As they snail their way
……. Away from
The old beautiful Marina
She wore her beautiful dress blue
My heart she’s hold tight glue
She touched the flowers bloom
Behind her men ran
For a glimpse of her beautiful ***
The old beautiful Marina she makes young
The play boys ran around
Barking fiercely are the hounds
The town thief in chain is caught
By my old beautiful window I stand
The town chief takes her hand
I wonder, will he give me that hand ?
In this old beautiful Marina.
The sun is dawning
The old ships are back docking
I see her coming I’m bowing
Her beautiful smile she keeps throwing
The old beautiful Marina is not aging.
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