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 Feb 2021 JD
Michael Stefan
Muddy boots and snow thawing
Next to central fireplace
A heat that bakes the ***** floor
A floor to which we all walk
Day in and day out
As leaves fall from trees
Until the day
We lay face-up
With hands folded
As we return back to
This dark baked clay
 Nov 2020 JD
Fire, Water, Earth
 Nov 2020 JD
I was always in the fire
Running through the flames
Pins and needles stabbing me
The heat ripping my skin apart

Then I was in the water
Sinking further into the depths of the sea
Gasping for air
The ocean was filling my lungs

Those in the fire don't care
They never do
But you
You threw me in that ocean

I'm back on earth now
But I'm wounded
The scars and memories
It's all engraved in me
Different people can hurt you in different ways
 Nov 2020 JD
Shattered Thoughts
Tragedy broke Love's heart
And Loneliness was born
 Nov 2020 JD
We never got to be teenagers together,
because by that time, I was gone.
I needed to be, or I would have been forever
but leaving you behind was painful.

You bullied me, but I held faith that it was just you being a kid.

But we never got to be teenagers,
doing the simple things like sitting next to eachother on the sofa
I wanted to be there after your first kiss, to gossip over boys.
I want to share a drink, a joint, a tattoo, with you.

I do miss everyday...

We never even got to be kids..
 Nov 2020 JD
The tremble of her skin...
Like rain tapping off of
    a jigsaw puzzle formed in glass.
Among my last poems,I'll try to make my final count. Hope u are all well.
 Nov 2020 JD
Shattered Thoughts
You called me beautiful
And my smile is still here
 Aug 2020 JD
 Aug 2020 JD
She loves spending time
with darkness.
After all its the only friend she has.
For those of you who could actually relate!
 Aug 2020 JD
Nishant Rawat
 Aug 2020 JD
Nishant Rawat
It's strange
How we went
From talking forever,
To rarer,
To never.
To all the old friends.
 Aug 2020 JD
Always Sulking
 Aug 2020 JD
Always Sulking
You touched my heart
And broke it gently
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