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Passion Jan 9
This is wrong
I’ve never heard a song
my troubles are as many as the sky is long
there is no place where I belong
this is a sad song
would you care to sing along?
Passion Oct 2020
Pour fourth your heart
and you will find broken parts
pick them up and make some art
Forget what fell apart
make a new start
Sure the lesson was a bit ****
But think what wisdom it did impart
So my dearest poet do take heart
pick up the shattered pieces and make some art
Passion Sep 2020
The sins which I commit are many and very grievous. So much so that I do doubt at times if I have been running in vain! For how could one, under such wondrous love and grace, transgress against the one who has bestowed treasures enumerable upon a wretch such as myself? Oh, I do fear for my chastisement will be great! I am dried up for lack of communion with the Father! God forgive me! A sinner and the chief of them! Not one has so transgressed as I have in knowledge great and arrogance far surpassing all I know! For though I look around me and do see sinners, not one has blasphemed you in such a way as I have! I cry- not for a mere escape from your wrath, that does abide on all unrepentant sinners-but because of you; my God in all your majesty has loved me. So much so that you sent your son to shed his blood and to be crushed by you father! I could not submit one of my brothers to death, and you gave your only son to be a sacrifice! How wicked am I that I should seek sin for a season instead of forsaking all for you my holy God Forgive me! Break me! Stop my hands, my mind, my mouth! Let not a single perverse thing ever be uttered again from me let me not wound against my Savior and my God! Let me live as you have made me! A new creature! Oh father I believe that it is through your son's sacrifice that I have the cleansing of my sins! I repent from my wicked ways! Save my wretched soul from destruction! Make me as white as snow and let me forget it not! Have mercy on me! Oh Lord have mercy!
A prayer of forgiveness
Passion Jun 2020
A truth did I find
Though in all truth I was not the fist to give it mind
Many before me have found
What I am about to expound
That is that most look upon suicide as a victimless crime
While in truth it is the opposite and kills all at one time
For it insults all creation
It puts down every relation
It ends all for that person
And commands all to darken
By putting out their life
They quench all life
By saying they are done with the world
They declare themselves better than all the world
And though they accuses their behavior by some emotion
It does not justify their horrendous notion
For the ****** claims the same excuse
But they do this to no use
Tell me know,
Does this make sense?
Or should I, my rambling, dispense?
Tell me what you think...
Passion May 2020
When you think on things
They become your feelings
And feelings are hard to shake
So now I have to ******* fake
I love you but I can't show it
because you love him and I just want you to be happy.
Passion May 2020
I live in the movies
Nothing is for me
But in the end everyone knows it will be better
But now these fetters
Are hurting me in reality
And life isn’t being nice
But I continue to roll the dice
I’ll let you know if I make it out alive
Passion May 2020
Can we share a drink?
It’s called loneliness.
Its better then drinking alone.
Anyone want to share?
We both have to much to bare
No need to share
Or act like you care
For we both have troubles
We'll both drown them in whisky bubles
It’s just one time here
Then back to the life we fear
So come with me please
I need the pain to ease.
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