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Passion May 9
When you think on things
They become your feelings
And feelings are hard to shake
So now I have to ******* fake
I love you but I can't show it
because you love him and I just want you to be happy.
Passion May 2
I live in the movies
Nothing is for me
But in the end everyone knows it will be better
But now these fetters
Are hurting me in reality
And life isn’t being nice
But I continue to roll the dice
I’ll let you know if I make it out alive
Passion May 2
Can we share a drink?
It’s called loneliness.
Its better then drinking alone.
Anyone want to share?
We both have to much to bare
No need to share
Or act like you care
For we both have troubles
We'll both drown them in whisky bubles
It’s just one time here
Then back to the life we fear
So come with me please
I need the pain to ease.
Passion May 2
I can’t confess! So why do I try? I swear I am going to die. It’s not a lie. Who can I go to? Parents no theirs not connection there so they won’t just be silent and bear all things I have to share. I have no close friends. My brothers don’t care and no one will hear. So I am here bleeding my hurt to you. My precious note pad. Thanks for listening, and never turning away. You soak up my tears and hide my fears. I compose on you and you never would tell another. But how I wish you were a person. For then the situation wouldn’t worsen. And you could recite to me the boldness of  my past. You could tell me my success and hold me though I felt like I was dirt. And indeed I am. Nothing beyond that. Thanks for trying though it’s nice to at least get off me and on to you. You bear so much thanks but I wish for a human touch. My heart is broke but without that I have no crutch. Oh well this is life and I have to wait for it to end so that pain can die.
Passion May 2
Be bold                                                             ­                                                   
Be stubborn                                                         ­                                               
Never fold                                                             ­                                             
You were born to run                                                              ­                        

                                      ­                                                          You pice of ****
                                                            ­                              You ******* failure
                                                                ­                        You’ll never make it
                                                              ­                   You could never endure

Thoughts flow faster then my hands may move how could I capture what does rapture me? Can someone help me I am so torn and this struggle is real but no one lintels can you please listen and take time to read this little things I have to say. At times this is an outlet other times its just a hobby but I want to be accepted but I know I won’t be. But thanks for reading I hope you liked the show. I got to go but I’ll be back later.
Passion Apr 29
This is life?
Its ****
I am looking at this knife
I’m about to quit
Passion Apr 29
I am alone
I can't call home
The streets I can’t roam
I got some kind of syndrome

I’d call a girl
But my weakness she’d unfurl
My straight life now has a curl
But if I don’t talk to someone I’ll hurl

Can some one please call me?!
If you come over you can have the key
If you do I’ll be filled with glee
For a moment can you make me carefree?
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