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Valiant M Sep 2020
You never dream of being far,
a duty calls, but it isn’t war
I admire your strong will

You flew over-and-over
not in themyscira,
not in beautiful places,
to those people who seeks

Your lasso of truth —
won't work anymore
I always lie,
but you chose to love  more

You fought hard
long years of solitude
Fearless, strong knees
And a mother’s heart

Just so you know
you are,
my Diana Prince
happy birthday mom!
Valiant M Jun 2020
Uncertainness blossoms to this realm
things go by itself, so does the world

unexpected turn of events
shows the opposite of life,
just like the world

beware, beware, be safe but don't play

the world isn't fair.
Valiant M Apr 2020
I pack my emotions, i hid it
until i have nothing
utter silence i bring to what is coming
never speak, never sing i’m just here
Valiant M Apr 2020
I expose your utmost laugh,
your Chelsea smile express your true desire
Shared memories scattered to the halls
past events, tenderly dissolve
I bought your time, spending it with you is worthwhile
Now I’m here in the aisle writing about your smile

— The End —