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Mar 27 · 84
Poetress2 Mar 27
The anxious Toddler,
***** her right thumb;
The News has just ended,
and soon they will come.
But they will not lay down,
'neath her Mickey Mouse sheets;
They'll take her pure innocence,
and she'll get no sleep.
The things that are done,
to this Child of five;
Will stay with this wee one,
for the rest of her life.
When they are finished,
having her their own way;
She hugs the pink walls,
feeling ***** and ashamed,
Child abuse has got to stop!
Mar 27 · 25
Poetress2 Mar 27
I went to this rundown Diner one day.
On the menu were dishes, I couldn't even say.
I ask my Waitress, "Please tell me Ma'am,
what in the world is Lizards and Lamb?"
"It is one of our favorite, dishes we serve,
sprinkled with a pinch of Ways and Curd.
It is served on a bed of white and brown rice,
plenty to calm any appetite."
"Poodles and Noodles," I thought to myself,
"I wonder how long it's been on the shelf:
"This can not be, we do not eat Dogs,"
and it came with a side dish of mutated Frogs.
The Café was crowded, to say the least,
as many people enjoyed their Feast.
I did not care if I starved all day,
I'll not place my order at this Roadkill Café.
I wanted to write something humorous today.  I hope you get a laugh.

— The End —