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Words like a flower
Weathering the storms of time
Continue to bloom
Caw Caw
Who let the
Birds out
Today was such
A grand day
Even though it
Was cold
Watching the birds
Warmed my
Very soul
Such a majestic
Glorious feeling
As the sun
Peeked between
The barren trees
A baby cardinal
With an ego
Repeating her song
To hear across
The gray colored
The noisy flapping
Of a heron's wing
Loud and proud
Leaving a bold song
To echo across
The shadowy lake
The sweet sound
Of a Robin
A symphony of
Some Repetitious
While other sounds
Honk and shriek
Birds everywhere
Enjoying the moment
Of now
Rejoicing in flight
And sound
Oh how grand
To be an
Uninvited guest
To this wonderful
Display of nature
I shall pass this
Hoping for a
Moonlit angels keep turning the wheels of the universe

In conversations with God, they placed the Sun precisely in the centre

Alarum and escapement keep the gear train moving forth:

Astronomical clock, armillary sphere, lunar phases in sidereal time

All patterns of evidence -- releasing our impulses, advancing our hands

  Feb 2 Mary Anne Norton
Stop me if you can, if you can stop me from falling
Stop me from breaking, if you can see me unravelling
If you can see me naked, stop me from being
From being fragile, if you can see that I am broken
If you can see the reality, stop me from facing it
Stop me from facing me, if you can see that is why I am weak
If you can see right through me, stop me … stop me from falling.
Words are powerful
Strong and forceful
Gentle and free
Can uplift
Or tear down
Hinder or help
Shatter one's  being
Word for word
Build a kingdom
Out of love
My mind made a movie
Of the two of us last night
When everything was beautiful
And all the wrongs were right
The wind blew the storm clouds
The rain washed away the pain
The love we had returned
And the sun came back again
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