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Night Sep 11
I found the one with the bests of smiles
You made me laugh and cry
My heart was content with your passionate love
I wondered how someone so perfect was created
Until you became a **** Jack
That's when I understood you were never in love
You just wanted to taste the waters
Unfortunately they drained before you could have a deep
Then you became the real you the one you hide from the world
When preying on innocent girls
What a **** you are my dear Jack
But the stupid thing is I still love you
Night Jul 17
Music only runs deep when you hurting
You only understood the lyrics when you are hurting
Night Jun 25
Here I am crying myself to sleep only because I love you
Everytime I see you cry I hurt
Is this how having a lover feels  like
My soulmate my one and only the one who my heart beats for
My whole universe revolved around you
I loved you with every bone in my body
Without you I thought I would not live to see another day
But now I've lost you
I now know all that was an illusion that only you wanted me to see
I guess you got tired and undid your fake love magic
I was only leaving in a fantasy but now I've lost you I only see reality
Before I lost you I loved you but now that I did I only cry at the reminiscence of our love
Night Jun 14
I loved blindly  never once caring about the odds against our love
Took me for granted when you found her
Did you even ever love that I loved you
My love for you was authentic
It still is up to now
But your indecisiveness is also still there
Do you want me or her?
Don't even answer
I've made up my mind
I love you  but letting you go
Is one of the strongest decisions
I've ever made
I don't belong to you
And I   never will
Or maybe time  will tell
If I was to be yours still
Night May 16
I'd hate to break it to you but I'm done
Done with your silly lies,your manipulation and your unrequited love
You keep saying you love me but why don't you stay and prove it
Every day of my life I woke to impress you maybe thinking
One day I'll gain your empathy if not your fake love
When I'm not around you are busy holding hands and kissing someone else
The essence of touch is something I never got from you maybe an embrace but never a kiss
If I never meant anything to you before I think I'm better gone
Because with me gone nobody has to hurt or lie you care when you clearly don't
I know you won't notice but I'll just let you know I'm gone
Night Mar 30
I look at you and smile because of the love that flatters in my heart
Every time I look at you I fall in love all over again
But since you are not sure if you love me
I want to ask
If I were not hear would you long to hold my hand just as I held yours but you let go
Would you regret not having showed the world you loved me
Would you miss the nights we spend together when it rained and the lights were blacked out
Would you cry as my casket descends six feet below the ground
Would you tell them I am your lover or would still be ashamed of us
Would you regret not telling me you loved me
But since l would not be there you will not get to do all of them
Do them now while I'm still here
Night Mar 25
Everytime I look back to the days I had you to hold
Not that I did any way just dreamed of doing so
The day I confessed my love to you
You ignored me does it mean you didn't want me
You never answered the questions I had only said you didn't know
Now my heart is bleeding torn apart in the undying love I still have for you
Why can't it just go away
I don't want to love you if it means being in pain
But I'm lost in your unrequited love

— The End —