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Hi May 2020
Broken heart or shattered dreams
Molded like a shadow on a frozen stream
Melting in my palm from a silence scream

What happens next find out next time!
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Hi May 2020
I hide my tears when I say your  name,
But the pain in my heart is still the same,
Although I smile and seem care free,
There is no one who misses you,
More than me.
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Hi May 2020
COVID-19 why
Why now
Why not before
What is life
What is social licensing
What is this
What is this poem
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Hi May 2020
Goodbyes are,
Not forever.
Goodbyes are,
Not the end,
They simply,
Mean I’ll miss,
U until we meet again.
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Hi May 2020
Tea and toast,
A morning roast,
Lying under the tree,
Days by the sea,
A day at school,
A rest by the pool,
Terrific grins,
Summer begins!
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Hi May 2020
You are my friend and I hope,
You know that’s true.
No matter what happens,
I will stand right by you.
In times of grief ,
I’ll be there for u,
Whatever u are in need.
To lend u a hand,
To do a good deed,
So just call me if u need me,
My friend!
I will always be there for u,
Right to the end!
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Hi May 2020
when the wind blows by
the trees wave hi
when the sun shines bright
the flowers will gain height

As the rain pours
we lock our doors
as the river flows
the water will glow

and when night falls
darkness will flood the halls
as the stars blink
the moon will slowly sink

when the sun rises
the day will be filled with more surprises
and when clouds appear
the sun will disappear
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