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Chelsea Aug 2020
My skin is itching to feel the sharp coldness run across my once clear skin,
The itching gets stronger everyday no matter how much I ignore it, I don't want to keep doing it but it's the only thing that makes everything clear.

It's an addition I wish I could drop but I don't think I ever will

I just want to be happy for once and not fake it like I have been, maybe one day I won't give into the itch
I'm struggling and noone knows cause I hide it to well
Chelsea Jul 2020
I never noticed before, how your eyes shine and sparkle when you smile. That smile is like the light I need when I'm deep in the dark

The dimples that appear when you talk make you look so innocent and handsome.

I never noticed before how I think I like you more than a friend, you will never know because I don't ever wish to lose you as a friend and I'm just happy to have you as a friend even if I can't have more then that.
I'm starting to feel mentally better all thanks to someone that will never understand my true feelings towards them
Chelsea Jun 2020
Why am I so unlovable?
Why can't I find happiness?
No matter what I do everyone leaves,
I just want someone to mean it when they say they love me
What makes me unlovable?
Why do people take advantage of the care I give
I feel useless and worthless, I just want to give up so badly
Why can't I find happiness? What else do I need to do to find love
My days are getting darker
Chelsea May 2020
I feel lost and confused, I am struggling again and it's getting harder to keep a smile on my face.

With everything that has been going on its getting too much to handle, I wish I could have seen you one last time.

Told you I loved you one last time

I feel lost and I don't know what to do anymore
Chelsea May 2020
94 days ago I wrote a goodbye letter
94 days ago I nearly ended it all
The heartache I was in the tears I cried felt like a hole I couldn't get out,
94 days later I'm still here
I have changed as a person,
I'm in a better place now, I fighted through my darkest night.
I admited to my friends and they showed me care that I never thought I would see.
94 days ago opened my eyes to see the truth.
I'm glad I failed 94 days ago
I have that letter still and look at it on my bad days, to remind myself I'm worth something and loved by people
Chelsea May 2020
We knew this would happen
It isn't any easier
Not ready to say goodbye
I hope you can stay a little longer
Not ready to see you go
But I know the fight is fading
And you're ready to fly
It doesn't make it any easier
Don't want to say goodbye
When a loved one is holding on and you know their times ending. Got to keep strong and smile
Chelsea May 2020
So I got told by someone that meant a lot to me that I am the problem,
Nothing I done seamed to have been good enough,
Cause I am the problem,
I worked hard to do what ever they wanted but still get told
I am the problem,
At least it's nice to know that at the end of it all everything that happened was because,
I am the problem
No matter what I tried to do for this person it was never good enough because I was just the problem to start with
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