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 Sep 2020 Opilo Enock
Ugo Victor
Spent a lot of time at Dawn
staring at the mirror.
Sometimes that's all it takes
to attain self recognition,
at least enough to whisper to myself -
You are enough.
Broken, but enough still.
And so I say it
over and again
Until I begin to believe it too
 May 2020 Opilo Enock
 May 2020 Opilo Enock
It's hard to see
It's easy to hear the
We each fight our own
But why don't we walk hand in
It seems like we only
But there is so much
The light is just inside
And together we'll fly like
My dolls hair is *****... ewe
It’s kinda full of grit and goo
Fired her styling crew
Due to layoffs... boo
Is there any doll shampoo
Or is that out of stock too?
Questionable rhyme and subject.
i had a vision that i could see
some famous poets in front of me
there was wordsworth keats and burns
reading poems taking turns

there was shelley and byron too
and lots more i never knew
they read me poems from there time
some with feeling some with rhyme

they all sat down next to me
reading out there poetry
i was proud and felt so free
just being in there company.
On the edge of autumn,
I see the sky and trees all
ablaze with color.
I can still smell the
smoldering fires of fierce youth,
when the landscape of my
heart was wild;
a wilderness that wouldn't
be tamed.
But I'm afraid that
old age has quenched my
thirst for adventure.
Even my poems have lost their teeth.
Gone are my scabbed up knees and
swords made out of sticks.
No beautiful maidens to rescue;
Just constipation to overcome;
as I listen to the
ticking of the clock.
Before I met her
I used to dress myself.
Donned in paisley,
I had class and style.
She cut out my Calvin Klein heart
and now I look like
my grandpa.
Oversized golf shirts,
and slacks to match.

I used to dress myself.
It sounds absurd
but it's true.
I was dangerous, I lived
on the edge.
She said,
"You're not a gangster,
so quit dressing like one.
Here, put this on.
It's really cute."

I used to dress myself.
And now I'm
safe and sound in
cardigans and corduroy.
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