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Apr 26 · 121
Way out on the bounds down deep in the struggle.
The killer sits dormant just waiting for his lover.
A fire ignites sparking the struggle.
Lighting the path to feeding his hunger.
The feeling he gets is fleeing at best.
Leaving him with feelings of grieving regret.
It's never enough the voice it whispers.
Crawl with me darling creating as Victors.

Up Upon a hill way out side of town.
The killer digs in beds himself down.
Awaiting the moment to levy his strike.
The feelings of eager and willingness bite.
Prowling the night stalking his ****.
Taking the life in the morning chill.
Dreaming inside what he's done is his duty.
The thrill of the **** is more than consuming.

Lost among the trees deep within the forest.
The killer loved the wilderness made him feel normal.
He could walk along the woodland for weeks upon end.
No feelings of contempt no loosing his head.
How can a man be judged for making his fulfillment.
Taking another's life when the ******* deserved it.
Lost in the wilderness tasting no pain.
The feelings he felt removed from his head.
Sometime I'd like to see the bottom fall out.
Pull out all the  stops, be left without a doubt. Let it all hangout, just  let it all  hangout. Drenched it all in gasoline light the fuse and watch em scream. That would be a scene, a scene for me with certainty I can dream can't I?

Sometime I'd like to see the aftermath, see what happens after  that, after the fact.
**** em out,  let's see it out, let's **** em out. I can see it now the freedom aloud to be yourself and not a crowd.  Be it now and be it loud, freedoms child with a golden smile. I can dream can't I?

Sometime I'd like to see the children running wild screaming loud and being wild. Plotting how to burn it down. I am certain now I'd turn a smile, being foul like  burning bile. It's curtains, hang em in the streets like curtains. I can see em now  screaming as they go down. I'm certain,  I can dream can't I?

I can dream can't I? I'm certain I can dream can't I?  Let's burn it down. I'm certain now I am dreaming aloud. It's all curtains. I'm certain how it's burning now with a turning scowl. I'm certain now its curtains. I'm certain I can dream can't I?
Apr 26 · 217
black heart
You, you put my heart out, far out, like far out, far further out then the stars in the sky out. Way out,.. out there.... far.. gone
Then my heart was gone, far gone, too far gone, to far gone to see it in the sky because you, you turned out all the stars in the sky out. Now they're all out, out Like a blackout its all black out out because you, you took my heart out far out further than the stars in the sky out blacked out Because you with with my heart out there you blackened every far out star in the sky with my heart.
Apr 26 · 52
I saw her walking slow up the creek ankle deep in perception. Hair flowing over her neck sleek with obsession. Does she realize what she means to the stream, as she peers down and ponders this dream.

How can we continue to live  lives like these as our mother's  beaten down broken to her knees. ****** bruised ravished and depleted left for dead as the vicious cycles repeated.

The total we have taken, for the end must be near as our mother's staggers aimlessly toward the end of the pier. The dark of the night drives the dawn of the day  Over the horizon toward a new way.
Apr 26 · 104
prelude to the canyon
This is a Prelude to the canyon out on a vast plane.
Within a desert of sorts crying for the rain. Bursting explosions from the thought plateau.
Brought us drops of pain and the hate that you know.

This is a Prelude to the canyon in which we live.
Oh that vast plane gave all she had to give. Eyes wide to the sky where the horizons they bend.
Out on the perimeter we could never find the end.

This is a Prelude to the canyon all we are is thought.
Now we're in for nasty weather you like it or not.
Screaming through the cosmic sea at dawn I see the Horizon it seems so long so long gone.

This is a Prelude to the canyon it's all we know.
The desert rains are coming, coming on so slow.
Hazy mornings were the thinking thoughts advanced.
That's where fate extends to us her Olive Branch.

This is a Prelude to the canyon shall we take the leap.
From that vast expanse to the crevasse deep.
Down where the fires glow in the caves we live.
Where the shadows dance on the Walls Within.

This is the Canyonlands where we've chose to hide.
Full of beaten paths down to the Riverside. Where the waters drain from the plains plateau. And the flames of the fire inside us grow where the flames of the fire inside us grow....
Apr 26 · 125
rainy day woman
The dank dark clouds moved in menacingly from the horizon.
From which she could feel her eagerness building strength.
The lighting then crashed as the rain began to fall.
While her hips began to sway with the rumbling call.
A smile curled and kissed her lips, while energy built with every drip.
She extracted her power with force from the storm, the tempest boiled making her golden warm.
The flood of destruction she's contorted in dance as her figure it floats entombed in a trance
Only she smiles with the sky when it pours. Overflowing with current from the burning storm.
Her beautiful body it swings in the rain movements are wicked the sight always strange.
Explosions crashing lightning storm veins, filling her existence completely with love.
Entombed in destruction, eminating from above, the howling tempest her only friend.
The storm clouds breaking bringing in the end, her body slowly whithers landing in a calm.
The life she loves to live married to the storm has now receded in the mud.
Remaining lost in time eagerly waiting for the flood.
Apr 26 · 167
Flies in flight
The echos are burning through the valley at dawn.
The voices are muffled but seep out through the calm.
They are asking for forgiveness they beg for a change.
They wonder if we will take them from the weight of the blame.

Who are you deceivers, from where do you hail?
Why did your creator build you to fail?

The voices speak of rebellion that creeps in the night.
Who will bound through the darkness and burst in to the light.
The bringers of disease, talkers of fame.
They beat us to submission in the dirt of the plains.

The savages you are that hail from the earth.
Created form dust, molded in dirt.

The master speaks of the bridges he's burnt from the streams.
Ignited by torches who were ripped from the trees.
The builder of fires, the polluter of dreams.
The layers of waste are bursting from the seams.

Retreat to the darkness, and be banished from earth.
Leave it all in vain, your birth was a curse.

The moon returns again rising through the sky in the night.
Reflecting its azure light in to the eyes of the flies in flight.
Take us now to shelter, remove us from this vice.
On the painful journey away from this sacrifice.

— The End —