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but that handle was made for his hand
hand - handle
handle - hand

the fingers would close
around it to never let go
It had to have flesh around it
at all times
But the blade...
the blade was still naked. He couldn't let
the blade naked
It wasn't fair

"So that's why you stabbed your
mommy then?" the psychiatrist asked him.

"Yes," he said.

"The knife is more important
to you than mommy?"

"The knife listens. Mommy doesn't."
It's a slow
The arrow s

Where your soul pumps blood
Near the knife
she left inside

There's no need for you to cry
For no pain
Can ever take away

Her eyes

And there's no way
To change the blue
To sky

When your world has said goodbye

It's a slow
The hurt

Sometimes the pain
Is so much

You can't feel at all

You suffer

Down the slide
Of the lonely

Deep inside your

You find..
     your thoughts
Girls are just like birds
but they are in cage now
I say let them fly
Let measure them to this sky
Let go them up over the sky
I request let them fly
They didn't make for this cry
They only made for fly
Don't  make their future dry
See they are in the sky
I must say let them fly
They don't need any compromise
Because they only made for fly
Left cry, go to sky , let them fly
                                                           S. Nitin Mukesh
This poem points on position of girl child in indian society .In this field india made many improvements but still it is a dark trooth.
Just know when you are lost
   and have nowhere to go;
       when you whisper,
and not even the echo rings.
      you will feel my love;
  feel my skin, feel my touch.
        and hear back;
   I'm here.

as a kid
there's nothing
like wasting away inside a tiny
sitting on the backrest
of the couch
looking out the window
and seeing her
tread through the rain

a red umbrella covers


she's going back
to the liquor store
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