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Andrew Layman May 26
Blink first please
I need this win
when you're always right
the argument will never end.

What bookends, are we:
you, a verbal conquistador---
who seeks to conquer the conversation
and I, an unwavering peacemaker---
who extends the olive branch
ready to give right in.
IN THIS WORLD, NOT OF IT, Copyright © 2020
Andrew Layman
All Rights Reserved.
Andrew Layman May 23
It is a vacant place now
this world didn't deserve you
you were incandescent in nature,
when all the lights went out.

The lies they told you
were designed to hold you
the wounds that never healed
you wouldn't speak of them;
you wore your camouflage daily
and I never understood,
how that smile was your tourniquet.
WHEN TRAGEDY SMILES, Copyright © 2020
Andrew Layman
All Rights Reserved.
Andrew Layman May 22
what creature
of creation are you?
the pale silent canvas
that invites artist's touch
starving talent
that wants for stale bread
a still life waiting for purpose
or become the unfinished landscape
as sadness paints your face
eternity shrouded in layers
in a blue period of self-discovery.
Andrew Layman May 22
There is goodness inside
I know this to be true
my horns can hold up a halo,
and the light shines evenly on me too.

Urges can be suppressed
just as sins can be forgiven;
priests can be measured
like condemned sinners,
when hands are finally opened
and stained palms are turned upward.
Andrew Layman May 21
I hurt
each day
both inside and outside
forever quiet to the world
trapped within this suit of flesh
and that is all I'll ever know

The irony
of this life
happens when I comfort you
Whenever I am doing so
I take nutrients from me
as the wound festers deeply
and continues to darkly grow.
A SYMBIOTE LIFE, Copyright © 2020
Andrew Layman
All Rights Reserved.
Andrew Layman May 19
I'm bruised
I'm broken
looking for a purpose
wondering what my worth is
and so afraid to lose
everything I've gained
until nothing else remains.
Andrew Layman May 18
I was a son
born without protective shield
given a borrowed name
and no confidence to yield.

For years I loathed my own skin
no kind word did I find
your attention turned to someone else
and your eyes became blind.

I wish I could hate you
with your earthly presence gone
it is cavernous inside me now
between evening shade and dawn.

I still hold that fear
that buried thorn I didn't see
afraid that the product of you
might become the whole of me.
UNCLAIMED IS HIS NAME, Copyright © 2020
Andrew Layman
All Rights Reserved.
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