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Sep 2020 · 44
As She Walked
Vange Cain Sep 2020
All along all I ever asked of God is to show me the truth, because I always contemplated which path was mine.  As I walked with one foot forward, I often stopped to pray. I asked,” Daddy, is it this way? Even when I got an answer I stopped and asked again, are you sure I’m going this way? Then I began to trust him. It no longer mattered which path was mine. I just kept on walking anyway..
As She Walked She Prayed
Mar 2020 · 74
Truth About What God Did
Vange Cain Mar 2020
Daddy, I love you so much. I don’t just love you when I'm praying or asking for stuff.

I love you all the time.

When I pushed out my son and he stopped breathing I handed him over to you and you saved his life. Here we are, Taz and I. When my daughter couldn’t get pregnant I introduced her to you more intimately and shortly after Amiah arrived. Destiny didn’t really know who you were. It was my belief in you that changed her mind. She kept saying,” I can’t believe prayer gave me a baby. Yes, love, he’s listening.

I’ve always loved you as you have journeyed with me through my darkest nights.

I love you even when you say no, because it always results in a comforting yes I can trust.

Most days when I pray, I don’t ask for nothing. I don’t just bring up your name when I’m afraid, we talk all the time.

When I talk to you I often say,” hey big guy, how are you doing up there. I ask you how you feel in the heavens making all those decisions on all our behalf. I ask, if you're tired or feeling overwhelmed.

You know my every need and I feel you moving mountains to make me happy.
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Mar 2020 · 296
Healing Comes
Vange Cain Mar 2020
My darlings of light & love. I show up today, with love and inspiration in my heart. Holding space and intention to receive a beautiful healing. When we surrender to the whims of our own wide open reflection we discover that we are full of love.. As you listen to the silent whispers of the Goddess and look deep within her eyes you'll discover you are looking into the depths of the ocean. Today, the purest of waters comes to you from the heavens and it travels down to earth. You are being cleansed of all the karma & drama in your path. Today, we call upon the great mother, ask for our own wishes to be heard. Call out to the heavens should you have a wish as it will be heard. Cry out my loves, when you feel stuck. Send a silent, but effective whisper when you need abundance in your life.

I'm here



Love is near.

Love Vange
Mar 2020 · 301
Unfold Your Petals Book
Vange Cain Mar 2020
I am a woman who believes in right and wrong.

I am a woman who talks to the Earth as I write my stories and love songs.

I am a woman who believes everything can manifest love.

I am a woman who honours Earth as I walk barefoot.

I refuse to carry the sins of others within my heart.

I need nature as it is my oxygen.

I am a woman whose love for creativity and wildness sparks my Imagination to wonder and risk.

I am a woman who sees nature as my medicine to heal the world.

I am a woman who squeezes the peony’s medicine onto you to brighten your spirit.
Mar 2020 · 247
The Silenced Goddess
Vange Cain Mar 2020
Women across the globe have had to endure the scar of being silenced. She comes from an ancestral heritage where women sacrificed, buried behind cooking and cleaning, but were never really recognized. They were taught to hide their voice and everything will be alright. Since the beginning of time, Its felt like  she has felt insecurities in herself about speaking her truth. Through this lack of speech woman became separated from the feminine mystery. Her intuition was on pause and it stripped away the very existence of a woman’s DNA.
Mar 2020 · 241
Travelled Foreign Lands
Vange Cain Mar 2020
As he travelled to foreign lands I got lost in the mist. Trampled on by the crowd trying to find my bliss.

Finding my days dark, but as time progressed bit by bit I found a love for me that I never knew existed.

Why did I search outside myself I asked.

I made room for myself, which is something I never do, so I guess I can thank you.

Loving self, has always been the true solution to my pain. To remain an optimist despite the wounds that healed, but never erased.

Perhaps, I would have shown you my heart if you showed me yours.

Maybe, my heart wouldn’t have longed to know the feeling of my hearts expanding like flowers of love that speak your name.

Prohibited. dying and coming back to life, but understanding that all that dies has a new beginning. Setting me on fire with words than dragging me to the river.

Like a rose, my secret thoughts carry you like the night sky that’s forever together yet always apart.

— The End —