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Ahmedabdrabo Mar 2020
Hi i am covid nineteen
Sorry for the quarantine
Sorry for breaking your routine
Sorry for Turning your days into Halloween

But i am not the one to balme
Better hate this wicked game
Survival struggle is a shame
Humans and viruses are nothing but the same

You ****  inferior animals to survive
So do i
You claimed the world is yours
So i reply
You built weapons to **** your own kind
So i guess i am welcome to try
Ahmedabdrabo Mar 2020
We are the forsaken son of Noah
And   water keeps flooding
we are the small tiny ant we step on
Without even knowing

We are on our own
Scared to the bone
And The end is coming soon

We  Got no ark
And the road is dark
We can't change fate
But surely we can bark.
Ahmedabdrabo Mar 2020
Look how two can become one
How can one become home
How can home be so sweet

The reversed diffraction
The sweetest distraction
The everwanted satisfaction

Cupcakes and daybreaks
Cute bed sheets and lemon flavored sweets.
Ahmedabdrabo Mar 2020
Gather ye girls and boys
Hear the story of the island of misfit toys
When you got left for greater joys
When your voice is just a noise
When the loneliness wind blows
Leaving you tumbling on your toes
Turning your ones into zeroes
A quiet voice echoes
When things didn't go  as you have  planned
When you disband
Sail through the sea and cross the sand
Till you reach our island
We welcome the toys of all shapes and colors
Even if running on different powers
Have a chair and some lemonade
Here we care here we share
Our joys and despair
Embracing our faults and never ask for repair
Ahmedabdrabo Mar 2020
The fair test
The  temptations from the evil guest
The contest
The jest
choosing an apple  over eternal rest

Guess who am I?
The forbidden fruit
The humanity foolish tribute

I am not sad not even sorry
For the limitless lust for glory
Is the butterfly effect of the story.
Ahmedabdrabo Mar 2020
Moonshine stars align
Two ropes choosed to intertwine

Something happening something divine

when the clock hits nine
It is time for our valantine
I am getting ready for the dine
I  order your favourite dish
And for me some wine.

Something happening something divine

While we are waiting let me tell you the story of theboy who thought he will never be fine
Who could set all the day doing nothing but to whine
who always has looked for his anodyne
Who didn't know you will be the plot twist of his storyline.

You wonder what we are?
Pittiless wave and shoreline
Red petals and carmine
Something happening something divine.
Ahmedabdrabo Mar 2020
One two three
Gather and listen to the story of the raven and the withered tree
When the tree was dying she told the raven abandon me and flee
I am not beautiful now without the leaves all over me
The raven replied there is no place I can call home except with thee
You are my sweet prison and I don't want to be free
The tree replied you are  the cutest raven I have ever did see

— The End —