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The weeping, the remorse
Her hair is a cascade of sin
The devotion, the passion
Her love is all she can give

Madeleine, Madeleine
The mystery in your eyes

From poverty to piety,
She rises among the twelve
A student, yes, but a leader
A star in Heaven's realm

Madeleine, Madeleine
The mystery in your eyes

One to witness a sunset
The first to witness a sunrise
The first to witness the miracle
Of Christ returning to life

Madeleine, Madeleine
The mystery in your eyes

There must be more to you
Then what the scriptures portray
There must be more to you
Then what believers say...
Just another poem dedicated to Mary Magdalene. Many of you loved the first one.
5d · 27
Free Verse

I want you in the backseat of my wildest dreams
Buckle in because I ain't holding back
The colors and shades and visions may disturb you so
But if you want me, this is the way you need to go.

Let's go
Let's roll

No one knows how long this ride may last
But if you're willing to take this chance

Let's go.

Just playing around.

Do you like it this way, baby?
What role do you want me to play?
A muzzled dog, a tongueless *****.
A marionette in your puppet show.
Cut these strings; freedom I miss.

Are you comfortable? You ask me.
I reply, Yes, and count from one to five.
I wish for roses without thorns; clouds of white.
I know my wishes will never come true.
Never in an eternity of nights.

As long as I'm by your side.

From a bad experience I had a few days ago. Never again.
7d · 454
No Good For Me
You're no good for me
Yet I keep coming back
To the home you call
Feb 10 · 56
tired {haiku}
SA Szumloz Feb 10
body aches and pains
mind running a marathon
forever screaming.
My anxiety has ben through the roof lately. It's more than I can bear.
SA Szumloz Feb 5

I feel you breathe beneath me
Inhaling lavender and spice
My shampooed hair.

My hair falls down in strands
Golden waves of worship
Kissing your flushed face.

Your eyes soften with every
Moan that escapes my lips
Ponds of golden brown.

Your hands slide down,
In between my thighs
Kindling a hellish fire.

I scream the devil's name.

Not my best work but it's something. I've been feeling insecure about my poetry lately. And I am trying to boost my confidence by writing anything, even if it's not my best work. Just something to keep the creative juices flowing.

Feedback is appreciated.
Jan 30 · 48
SA Szumloz Jan 30

God of Man? Creator of the Universe?
Why couldn't you make me beautiful?
My skin is a valley of pimples and oil
My body a poorly sculpted teapot

God of Man? Creator of the Universe?
Why couldn't you make me smart?
My mind is a cesspool of ignorance
My logic the size of a pea

God of Man? Creator of the Universe?
Why couldn't you make me kindhearted?
My heart is a coffin, housing a dead love
My smile a melting bed of April snow

God of Man? Creator of the Universe?
I have nothing to offer this Earth
No beauty, no wisdom, no love
What is my purpose, God?

Why am I here?

Jan 25 · 110
English Major... Ha!
SA Szumloz Jan 25
I am not good with words
I never was and never will be
They just don't come easily

I sound like a foreigner
With English being
Her third language

My grammar is a train wreck
I know that for a **** fact
And it hurts to go through

The grammatical errors in my head
"It's not, 'me and my sister...'
It's, 'my sister and I!'"

{I just found that out today}

I know what I want to say
In my mind it makes sense
But when the words come

My mouth becomes
A washing machine
Jumbling my words 

I write in hopes to communicate better
With not only the people that I love
But with the world and my soul

My writing may not be perfect
But it is better than taking
A nun's vow of silence

I write in hopes to find myself
In this eternal night in which
I am forced to stay awake.
My parents and I found out that I had a speech impediment when I was around five or six.
Jan 24 · 129
SA Szumloz Jan 24

I miss those lazy Spring evenings;

Of sprawling on a bed of viridescent grass, feeling its moisture cool my bare back.    

Of gazing up at a rose gold sky, allowing my mind to drift like the clouds traveling Eastward.    

Of watching the sun burn with a flaming fervor, basking in the glory of the day before night takes over.

Of children frolicking outside, coloring the sidewalks with chalk and playing manhunt in forested yards.

Of couples holding each other in their arms, beneath blooming trees with life coursing through their roots.

This, this is what I long for. This is life!

Not the best poem but it expresses some of my favorite things about the Spring season.
Jan 21 · 130
Laugh it Out
SA Szumloz Jan 21

It is said that laughter is the best medicine:

It is the pint of ice cream after a tooth-pulling,
Numbing the senses with sweet satisfaction

The glass of Nebbiolo after a stressful week,
Nectar for the ones who sleep with open eyes

The wet, slobbery kiss of a dog after a long day,
Wiping the **** and frown off the aging face

And the hug that makes you smile and cry,
All at the same time...

Laughter is like a warm embrace,
A tormented spirit finally liberated
From the ashen prisons of the soul
It emerges from the shadows,
Traveling through the catacombs
Of the heart flooded with tragedy
And into the light, opening its arms
To you and everyone around you
Welcome it into your home
Because God knows

Laughter resurrects temples.

I had such a good laugh today. I swear, it almost took away all the tension I've been feeling the past few days. I haven't laughed like that in a long time.
SA Szumloz Jan 16

His feet i kissed, his feet i washed
his mercy I miss; my soul is crushed
my Lord is dead; his bones are dust

his blood, my tears
all too much...

I have always been intrigued by Mary Magdalene's role in the Bible. She plays such an important character in the New Testament. But there is so much mystery behind her; so many questions left unanswered. I must investigate.
Jan 15 · 64
SA Szumloz Jan 15

Come, come here my child
My, what a charming smile!
Just as lovely as this apple
I have here in my satchel.

Green as my eye, crisp as the morn
Pleasantly sour - a gift from the Lord
Take a bite, my dear; taste its juices
Lest you pay for your rudeness.

That's it; savor its poison
You are the one I've chosen
My precious rose; my little Lilly
My, younglings can be so silly!

You take the bite... Instantly...

Another life shatters like glass
Children are too good to last
The sweet smell of demise
Lingers freely in my mind

Death is best served premature.

Wow what have I created. I have been reading a lot of gore lately. So, that explains the uncalled for poem.
Jan 15 · 121
SA Szumloz Jan 15

I am not a word in your dictionary you can merely define;
A synonym, a replacement, of the one you called "mine"
I refuse to be claimed; replaced. Thus, I will never satisfy
The definition of me is me. So, sayonara and goodbye!
This is my life.

Jan 11 · 171
Robbed Blind
SA Szumloz Jan 11

I will never forget
your lips valentine red

the clothes you've shed
in my now-lonely bed

the words you've said...
do i dare pretend?


You were never mine
just a myth; just a lie

like that fat man in the sky
with his reindeer that fly

you're poison to the mind
you're the reason I cry


My flower you keep
now and for eternity

your true nature i see
is nothing but bleak

go; get away from me
rise to your sinful feet


You have stollen what is mine
blemished my soul snow white
crushed my innocence in your hand
the same hand you touched me with

on that night i long to forget .

Jan 9 · 78
One day to live
SA Szumloz Jan 9
hold onto them, *******
for there is nothing better
than brewed coffee and bagels
Star Wars and 007 films
Swiss cheese omelets and maple syrup
pajama bottoms and cotton-candy robes
on this magnificent day of rest.
God, I am so glad today is Friday.
SA Szumloz Jan 6

Maybe if I hug you tighter
the slapping of wrists
the raising of voices
the silent treatments
will be put to rest


What do you think?
Jan 3 · 452
My Purpose for Living
SA Szumloz Jan 3

You are my universe
stretching a billion miles
upon my heart

Galaxies swarm
in your eyes of gold
wonders beyond belief

Your smile stops planets
from spinning on their axis
am i your favorite body?

You are the god of gravity
preventing me from leaving
this god-forsaken Earth

The stars burn bright
in the night of my soul
they are yours

Light my way, darling.

Eh? I don't know about this poem.
Dec 2020 · 504
SA Szumloz Dec 2020
I'll keep living, I'll keep dying
Spilling my blood and crying
Until I have enough room
For joy to shine through.
Welcome the good, embrace the bad. Without dark days, how will you make the most out of your life?
Dec 2020 · 113
Duck-Taped Mouth
SA Szumloz Dec 2020
Sometimes, I just want to hurt
To crush men with my words
To make them hear the hard truth
Hard as my stony heart, I puke
I puke cold-blooded rage
Onto my oppressor's plate
I want him to ******* hurt
I want him to gobble up my emotions
I want him to feel what it's like
To suppress your emotions, push them down
To silence them the way he silences me
Until they fester like spring worms
I dare him to hold it all in. I know he can't
His emotions will, indeed, come to a boil
Like soup left on the stove for too long
I want to see his rage bubble and pop
Singe the edges of his ***
Until it's all too much
His mind will explode
His heart will burst
His eyes will turn into oceans
And know one will notice
Because "no one cares"
Bon appetite!

You *******.
This isn't a great poem. More like a journal entry. I just had to get my feelings out. I've been holding in these emotions for a long time...
Nov 2020 · 127
Something Random
SA Szumloz Nov 2020

Hold me close
Against your bones
Feel my heartbeat
Overcome your soul
Let the darkness
Shroud our light
So no monsters come

Oct 2020 · 227
Cold Showers
SA Szumloz Oct 2020
Ice-cold needles ***** my bare skin
I gaze up at the metal shower head
Hissing like a million rattlesnakes
She is the only one who pities me
Washing my hair with her tears
Cooling my scorched skin.

I fantasize a tender loving lover
Embracing me from behind
Whispering sweet nothings
Holding, swaying, rocking me
Until the water grows warm
Rejuvenating my heart and mind.

But it's not like that; not today
The dream is ever so far away
I am alone in this weeping glass box
Punishing myself for my shortcomings
Hating myself for ever speaking
The remedy for pain is more pain.

Water streams down my cheeks, my neck
No one will ever know that I am crying.
These days, I find comfort and solace in the shower.
Oct 2020 · 172
Present Feelings
SA Szumloz Oct 2020
Heart is a ticking bomb
About to go off
Stomach is a rope
Twisting and turning
Mind is a crossroad
Traveling in different directions
Face is sunshine and butterflies
Insides are thunderstorms
You don't see my woes.
Just trying to get my anxious feelings out.
Oct 2020 · 458
SA Szumloz Oct 2020

Sometimes, you gotta' let go of your oar
And succumb to the waves of life.

I have been feeling so anxious lately. I try to be the best version of myself I can be. But I always fail to do so. And the only person to blame is me. Yet, I blame other people for my faults because I am too ashamed to admit my wrongdoings.
Sep 2020 · 107
No Title
SA Szumloz Sep 2020

if I graffiti the walls with blood
will I finally get your attention?

if I sell my body on the streets
will I finally get your attention?

if I threaten the peace
will I finally get your attention?

is immorality the only way
for me to be seen in the world?

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted on here! I miss this community dearly. I've been so busy with work that I have not been able to write at all. Yuck. However, it is the weekend, so I have an unlimited amount of time to write as much as I want. Hooray!
Sep 2020 · 231
The Rouge Credo
SA Szumloz Sep 2020
Release the Kraken, rendezvous with the devil
Sully fingers pluck the strings of my harp - I revel
Unfinished glasses of wine, unmade bed sheets
I know how to change a life so void and bleak

My confidential philosophy.
My first day of online remote learning was today. I am trying to stay positive through all of it.
Sep 2020 · 265
Young Eyes ~ Old Soul
SA Szumloz Sep 2020

My soul is an eighty-year-old grandma
She observes the world through spectacles
Her smile is a mouthful of wooden teeth
She listens to an old radio blasting within

She looks like a raisin left out in the sun
Her nimble fingers knit miles of dreams
As the hands of time keep spinning around
She sits like the Bodhi Tree rich in wisdom

Her spirit confuses reality with the past
I don't hear the funky song of the present
Ghosts swarm around me in the night
Watch me dance to their masquerade 

Do you see them, too?

I wish we lived in the 90's.
Sep 2020 · 729
If Leaves Could Talk
SA Szumloz Sep 2020

Why do I even grow if the winds
******* off my humble branch?

Why do I even show my true colors
If the seasons change them accordingly?

Why do I even live with love if people
Are going to sweep my brothers away?

I am more than just an aesthetic.

I often wonder how leaves feel throughout the course of the year. Do they want to change their colors? Do they want to die in the winter? Do they want to grow back in the spring? I don't know. They don't talk!
Aug 2020 · 181
SA Szumloz Aug 2020

calm waters, cool breeze
      what lies beyond the sea?
            peachy skies, orange glow
         a distant whale moans
            wet sand, chalky skin
                    i wish i had fins

                        so i can escape the shore...

I have school next week    . .
Aug 2020 · 225
SA Szumloz Aug 2020

a young lady studies her chest in the mirror,
a valley as flat and dry as a parched tongue
she pops her ***** out, hoping for mounts
to rise like baking bread. they never form.

have patience, dearest one.
temples don't ***** in a day.

she observes what lies below the waist,
the Nile river without a taint of blood
she waits for the gore to come, the rose
to grow in her belly. it never arrives.

live and let live, my angel.
nature doesn't rush her work.

she surveys the straightness of her hips,
a tree trunk with no shape whatsoever
she tightens her dress, longing to see the faint
curve of her waist. it doesn't work.

the time will come, my child.
your body will blossom.

like the sunrise.

A poem dedicated to all women and girls out there.
Aug 2020 · 301
SA Szumloz Aug 2020

  melted caramel stirs in her eyes
cauldrons of burning passion
   her wicked old veins pop out
      of her legs, rivers of wisdom
         gained from books and time
      her teeth are painfully crooked
   some lean east, others lean west
flawed, but oh so beautiful to me
   like her heart that bleeds berry juice
      bitter at first, then sweeter than life.

M.A.L is short for my grandmother's name { initials } ;]
SA Szumloz Aug 2020

the flame holds all the cards
licking my legs with sultry tongues
cheshire cats watch me from afar
as the keres crushes my lungs.

i twist and turn like elastic
against the blazing stake of doom
i pray for one miracle, god's magic
to put out this inferno soon.

my skin burns to the bone, withers
away like skeletons in a sarcophagus
as smoke billows, peasants consider
going to mass after this wickedness.

innocent blood is on their hands
they dare to call themselves lambs?

Oof, that was spooky to write. A poetry writing prompt inspired me to write this. It had me use the words that are bolded. Let me tell you, it was challenging, but a fun exercise for the creative mind.
Aug 2020 · 257
Inside The Briefcase
SA Szumloz Aug 2020

Paper flowers in your mailbox
Hand-picked by the Shadow Man
He's as sneaky as a top-hated fox
A walking-lie like a fake tan.

He's a two-faced chameleon
A wolf baring fangs at sheep
A self-proclaimed comedian
Admiration he seeks.

Where has his heart gone?
No one knows for certain
Yet, angels are still drawn
To the handsome serpent.

Kiss his lips, kiss his knife
You take love, he takes life.

Isn't it terrifying that psychos like Ted Bundy live among us?

Experimenting with imagery. I am trying to push myself with my poetry. I am taking a creative-writing course this year, and I want to keep my mind sharp for the projects.
Aug 2020 · 457
Erratic Sonnet
SA Szumloz Aug 2020
Cigar smoke drifts up into the stars
Vanishing from sight like Houdini
People make love in antique cars
That's how I want it to be

My mind is in another dimension
My feet are glued to the ground
Don't mind my fever visions
My head is in the clouds

Turn the clocks back
To when I was three
I was and still lack
The capacity to see

The reality before me
Let me run free.
I have no idea with this one. I am just playing around.
Aug 2020 · 278
Sonnet ~ The Scarlet Fairy
SA Szumloz Aug 2020

Autumn rises from the ashes of Summer
Trees grow barren, flowers die away
As the chill grabs the guiltiest sinner
She awakes without delay.

She is adorned in Autumn leaves
Her wings are dusted with gold
She lives in the hollows of trees
As what I've been told.

If you listen closely, little one
You can hear her cheery laughter
Filling the hearts of the young
As la Luna grows fatter.

Close you eyes and dream
Believe, believe, believe.

Fall is just around the corner. That means more writing material! I get more inspiration from the cold than from the warmth. Is that just me?
Aug 2020 · 118
What I'd Want From You
SA Szumloz Aug 2020

Bless my lips with your divine kiss
Underneath a canopy of golden skies.

Lead me to your darkest cave of secrets
Pacing behind rock and stone like caveman.

Dance with me until my body catches fire
So I'll never be bound by the Earth again.

Make love to me in the ring of the moon
Our love will make the night eternal.

If you were real as my fantasies
I would ask for nothing but this.

I got a MacBook Air! It's going to be so much easier for me to type now!
Aug 2020 · 239
SA Szumloz Aug 2020

Your arms are my humble home
A fireplace bringing us together
Like a subtle breeze on a hot day
You don't know the impact
Your love has on me.

It's my mother's birthday this weekend!
Aug 2020 · 332
SA Szumloz Aug 2020

We were martians storming the great planet Earth
Blasting and firing people into space, into oblivion
The sun and moon was wrapped around our finger
The stars bowed down to us like humble servants
Now, our rocket ship has taken off without us
And we're left to die here with barren hearts
No blood to pour, no tears to shed
Just hollow, alien creatures
With nothing to give.

The more you age, the more you realize that love is the reason to live. Not money, not fame. Love. At least that's what I believe.
Aug 2020 · 156
Senryu #16: Stomach Pains
SA Szumloz Aug 2020
One spot in the gut
Quivering below the knife
Stabbing and slicing.

Stomach aches are the worst.
Aug 2020 · 186
The Heart Has A Vision
SA Szumloz Aug 2020

Little Bird, Little Wing
Where are you flying to?
I am a pirate lost at sea
Are you the riches I seek?

Little Bird, Little Song
Fly me up to daring heights
My conscience is my captor
My heart longs to take flight.

Little Bird, Little Dream
Guide me to prosperity
For you seem to know
The whereabouts of joy

In these dark, treacherous waters.

I don't know what my future has in store, nor what I'll be doing with my life in ten years. I just hope I'll be shedding light into the world.

Your heart has a vision. See with your heart, and you'll go far.

Dream catching is a lonely sport. People may guide you to them, but they can't help you catch them. It's a single-player game. It's so hard, especially for young people like me.
Aug 2020 · 286
Thick Skin
SA Szumloz Aug 2020
Hurtful words rip through the sky
Arrows dipped in a lethal poison
Penetrating the flesh of the good
Keen heads embedded in tickers
They don't go through me
Not even an inch of their bodies
My heart is protected by confidence
Like what a knight wears on his back

Just something I whipped up. I couldn't write it last night because it was so late.
Aug 2020 · 179
Senryu #15: Coal
SA Szumloz Aug 2020
Blackest wishing well
Coughing up deadly wishes
You'll meet your demise.

I haven't written a haiku/senryu in forever! This poem is about black lung disease.
Aug 2020 · 230
SA Szumloz Aug 2020
White as clouds, soft as sunsets
They bloom at the peak of June
Watch them open their petals
Like yawning babies at dawn.
I am so tired.
Aug 2020 · 426
Sucking Dry
SA Szumloz Aug 2020
You see me here; I see you there
Our worlds collide like two beers
Clanging together in salutation
Your eyes are light bronze.

The eyes of a vulture.

Every sip of gin, every little grin
Warms my insides - a dark cave
My vision dips, tilts, and slants
You stand ***** in the midst.

What's happening?

I melt into a puddle of liquor on the floor
You gather me into your greedy hands
Drinking me as if I am the finest Rosé
You polish me off and throw me away.

I didn't ask for this.

I shatter like a bottle of whisky -
Into a million shards of glass.

I am broken.

A poem about *******.
Jul 2020 · 173
SA Szumloz Jul 2020
I doubt the beautiful aspects of life
Love, kindness, friendship, spirit...
Are they as real as human beings; us?
Or as mythical as ghosts and goblins?

I want to believe they're true
That they're not just false words
Tossed around like baseballs
I want to live with purpose

Not lies.
I don't want to survive - I want to live!
SA Szumloz Jul 2020
Golden bulbs illuminate the comfortable, breezy night,
Fading in and out of my vision like the lenses of a camera
The smell of french fries and pizza permeates the air,
Making my mouth water and head spin at the same time
Neon signs showcasing pleasure electrifies the esplanade
Wooden boards moan beneath me as I stroll leisurely
With no one keeping me company except my ice cream,
Sweating madly like Santa in Hawaii; drip, drip, drip
At this time of hour, I would see lovers offering coats,
Children asleep in strollers, boozers stumbling home
Not tonight, though. I am the only one out and about
And I relish in the peace.
I haven't been to the boardwalk in so long. I love it so much.
Jul 2020 · 1.6k
SA Szumloz Jul 2020

Loud = Outspoken
Weak = Enduring
Embarrassing = Unique
Stupid = Young
Vain = Proud
Aloof = Fierce
Clueless = Dreamer

Watch your language.

I am probably the most honest person in my family. However, whenever I speak my mind about something, most of the time, I get judged for it. My family calls me "rude" and "disrespectful". I don't think I am. At least I am not bottling my feelings inside like most people my age do.
SA Szumloz Jul 2020

Hidden voices rings true into the icy microphone
Fingers tremble ~ hearts pound ~ eyes squint blindly
At the light which shrouds the audience in shadow
There's no mockery being conducted by the blob of folks
Only anticipation rises in their bellies like a baking cake
That and the silence encourages the fireworks of the night
To go off ~ explode ~ scream ~ whistle ~ burst with color
Until dawn breaks in the sky.

Your dream is a kite
Don't let it go.

It's so beautiful when a person in the shadows comes into the light by expressing their hidden talents to the world.
Jul 2020 · 306
SA Szumloz Jul 2020

Endless days with nothing to fill in the blanks
I don't know what to do with myself anymore
I can sleep away the dreadful hours? However,
I'll be too far away from the light switch
When the rooster calls my name at sunrise.



It's unbelievable how bored I am these days.
Jul 2020 · 170
Haiku #14: Summer Storms
SA Szumloz Jul 2020
Lamp lights dimly lit
Bruised skies cry onto my face
Hot wind blows like mad.
Have you ever wanted to write something taboo but you're too afraid to attempt it in fear that people will think of you as strange?
Jul 2020 · 278
Haiku x2 #13: Sapling
SA Szumloz Jul 2020
Tree with all its green
Sing the song of the rough winds
Cut through the silence.

Your words bring meaning
Back into my hollow life
Fill my soul with peace.
It's been so hot I feel like I am going to faint.
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