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It's the end of a chapter, the end of a life
Grief is so new to me; how do I get by?
I am unsure whether I should smile or cry
Should I rejoice in the legacy you left behind,
Or wallow in my sea of tears till' I die?

This is such a twisted feeling, a heavy cross to bear
They'll always be an empty space, an empty chair
With no one sitting in it other than what used to be there
You, you, and only you. God's calling isn't fair
When will I walk up Heaven's stairs?

I am so young with a smile on my heart
I never thought death would tear me apart

Not like this.
I honestly don't know how to feel right now. My grandmother just passed away recently. I am not sure how to feel. I've never experience death so close to me.
I have trouble listening to the playlist of reality
It plays over and over again till' it's one big blur
Yet, I still don't remember how the songs go
I'd rather dive into the music of the beyond
Of what only exists in the depths of the mind
And dance to it like there's no tomorrow,
No care about what is right or what is wrong
What is mature or what is childish
I just want to stroll through life
How I want to.
Her sternness was as keen as a razor blade,
Cutting beneath the skin with such savagery
It was as unsettling as a million flies
Feasting on dead doe on the side of the road
I was the doe, she was the bloodthirsty fly
You couldn't swat away in a day in your life

Whenever my eraser kissed the paper,
Her eyes would quickly dart over to me
She would pounce on me like a tiger
"What are you erasing, girl?
"Make up you mind, girl!"
"What's the matter, girl?"

My words would scatter like a game of scrabble
I felt threatened by her. I could do nothing right!
Every move I made was a disgrace in her eyes
Yet, there was a softness beneath her hardness
A smile threatening to break out of her frown
A treasure buried in the dirt of her heart

Her persistence with people stood tall and strong
No ax or raging weather could ever knock it down
I threatened that quality of her, but she was tough
Tough enough to survive my awful thunderstorms
And forbearing enough to wait for the revelations
To rise within me like the morning sun

She saw potential in me like she saw a rainbow
Hiding behind storm clouds and white skies
She used all of her strength to draw it out
Even if it meant putting on a mask of cruelty
And beating me with knowledge till' my soul
Escaped my body and the torturous classroom

I guess that's what pedagogues do
To those who hold the keys to brilliancy.
Memories of my fifth grade teacher inspired me to write this. I hope you enjoy! Any criticism is appreciated!
I walk along the gloomy beach with blacks and grays
Flooding the ghostly sky like ink pouring into water
Lighting slices through the mass; god's holy sword
The waves of the sea seize my calves in ****** rage
This is the devastation I call home  

My feet long to dance beneath the Eiffel Tower
To feel the grass tickle my toes with pleasure
My pale face yearns for the sun's hot kisses
To feel the heat linger on my white cheeks
Like after a passionate kiss shared in the dark

My eyes wander to the dock up ahead
Tied to it is a boat with a little old man in it
Even from afar, I see the stars in his eyes
The stars of which don't appear in everyone
Only in those who dare to dream

He calls out my name,
"Son! Where ya headin'?"

"Nowhere, sir.
I am just taking a stroll."

Fascination shows in his smile,
"What d'ya say we take a stroll across the world, aye?"

He is an old man off his rocker. But is he really?
He has a bag in his hand, and an oar in the other
The glimmer in his eyes hold a certain seriousness,
A goal he's been chasing after his whole life:
To smell every flower that grows in the Earth

Is that my goal?

I step closer to him,
"Where will we go?"

"Anywhere you want, son."

"I wish to see Paris, France.
I don't have any money, though."

He says money doesn't buy dreams
I've been told the opposite all my life
He reaches his hand out to me
And says, "come along"
With a voice dripping with tenderness.

I somehow find the courage to go
To leave this place so hideous and cold
I want to make memories worth sharing
Ones that burst with color and life
That don’t fade away in black and white

As we paddle against the angry waves,
The home I left grows small and distant
I don't feel bad, nor do I care anymore
My happiness is worth living for
It's mustn't be put on a shelf for a lifetime

Until it turns to dust

I can smell the flowers of Paris already...
I honestly don't know what to make of this poem. I am trying something different. A dream I had a few nights ago inspired me to write this. I hope you guys like it! Any feedback is appreciated!
Lock me in the darkest closet and watch me burn
Like a tongue of fire licking the air with delight
Watch me morph into something unique and beautiful
Like a caterpillar transforming into a rare butterfly
Watch me consume the room with one, fiery swallow
I dare you to observe my fits of power carefully
Look me straight in the eye and tell me
That I am more than what you thought I was:

Blurred faces swarm my vision
Like bees parading around a hive
They reach out to me with their love
And whisper their sweet goodbyes

They're there, yet they're not

White is the color of death, I suppose
I lay on ivory bed sheets and pillows
Pale walls travel up to who knows where
I pray it'll relieve me of my mortal woes

Is God knocking on my door?

Every teardrop, every tick of the clock
Counts down the seconds before my death
Now that I am withering away to nothing,
I surrender to my eternal rest

My soul is ready for departure

There are a billion words
Lost in the fog of my mind
Wanting to say thank you
To all who were in my life

I'll say this once and only now
You all were the fuel to my fire

Lights out.
To my grandma who's standing on the border of life and death right now.
Breathe in ash, choke on bone
Feel me tremble beneath your throne
Gurgle your blood, taste it's iron
See my face in your raging fire
Smell the smoke, smell it now
Sense my fury, you foolish cow
What you did is beyond words
My darling, have you heard?
You're not mine anymore.
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