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SA Szumloz Sep 2021
My sorrow is an ocean of darkness
I am merely a fish in the deep
Gray and scaly, lifeless as a carcass
The ocean floor I depressingly sweep.

Every dawn and dusk, my eyes look upward
At the surface of the water so clear
Beyond the surface is a bright rupture
Illuminating the dark with no fear.

You are the light I look up to, My Love
Melting away the scales which cover me
Warming me with hope like a winged dove
Flying over the dark, ferocious seas.

In you, this ocean is a distant dream
In you, I am that dove, alive and free.
How is everyone?
SA Szumloz Aug 2021
I've sold my soul, my identity, to you
Like a rich man giving up his rubies
I've watched my inner self leave me
Like a leaf kidnapped by a cold breeze
There is no way of bringing it back
Unless I leave you.

I've sold my soul, my identity, to you
Hoping you'll be the missing piece
To my heart so young and incomplete
Instead, you're the thief in the dark
Stealing my heart and taking my hope
Dimming it like a burning lamp.

I've sold my soul, my identity, to you
Without my soul, I'm an encaged angel
In this cage, are your innermost demons
Torturing me as I keep pardoning them
How long can this angel keep pardoning?
How long can this angel live in this cage...

Without turning into a demon herself?
I'm going through some things. I haven't written in such a long time. It feels amazing writing on here again and pouring my feelings out on paper. I haven't done that in so long because of fear. Now, I'm tired of being afraid. I need to find my strength through what I know I do best at: writing.
SA Szumloz Jun 2021
Is this what love is supposed to be?
Your heart tugging and pulling painfully
Wondering where on Earth is your Lover?
Is he with another? Is he ignoring you?
Or worse: dead as a doornail?
Well, no matter

Please call.
SA Szumloz Jun 2021
The rivers of my heart flow for your love
No rock or dam will prevail against it
Are you the devil, or sent from above?
My love, my life will be forever split

My immature life will be split in two
One half will forever fight for my dream
The other half will be only for you
Tied to your side, forever your trusty

I burn for you, but is that really true?
My eyes always wander to that vision
Of being free and fulfilling my youth
I know that leaving you would be treason

I must decide, I must decide, I must
But which half, which life, do I frankly trust?
Okay, now I finally know how to properly write a sonnet! However, the only thing I didn't do was write in iambic pantameter. I wrote this in my creative writing class.
SA Szumloz May 2021

All your life
You imagine that special someone
Opening the door to your heart
And offering you his hand
When you hear his footsteps coming, however,
You blockade the door,
Freeze your heart
For love is a stranger to the loners
Who walk this wondrous illusion
Of a large, lonely Earth.

SA Szumloz May 2021

Those dark eyes that smile at me
With such tenderness and ken
I can look into them forever.

That giggle which fills my body
With light and air and warmth
I can hold onto it forever.

The whispers of my name
On your lips I long to touch
I can listen to them forever.

If you can, B., hear my prayer
Hear the thoughts I cannot say
To anyone and especially you

Read me like a book
For I cannot speak
Love's tongue.

SA Szumloz May 2021

The sand coats your skin
The ocean floods your eyes
The wind lingers in your hair

You're not to be mine.

You're free like a bird
Flying into the sun
I’m still learning to fly

You're not to be mine.

Your heart is a white canvas
Waiting for the touch of a brush
I'll only paint your heart black

Because that's all I know

You're not to be mine.

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