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icelar Feb 19
yearbooks are expensive
(most of the time)
just being stranger
icelar Feb 19
i'm not religious
but i wish to a something
up there in the sky
a haiku
icelar Feb 14
i like a cat
that isn't mine
his green eyes
haunt my dreams
like glowing
emerald orbs

his whiskers would
touch my skin
with feather-light

and i would pat his head
feeling the vibrations
of his heavenly
icelar Feb 13
fabric is fragile
but we wear it everyday
i use it to cover up my flaws
mask my mistakes
swamp my sins

but someday i want
to just rip this
disguise away
so i can just be who
i want to be
without stupid
people judging
my stupid
something about me
icelar Feb 13
i like similes
but metaphors are better
'like' and 'as'
are overrated
but i can't really
do anything about it

lowercase letters are quite
interesting. but when will someone
make lowercase
questioning some questions
icelar Feb 12
i wish i had a deck
on my house
i wish my house
was on the edge of
liquid turquoise

i wish i could open my eyes
to the world
of morning water
every morning

i wish for
so much
icelar Feb 12
i like green
but sometimes it seems
too fake to me
to be truly

i don't even know
what the hell
a sonnet is
or how it's

but i like green
and i like march
so i'm gonna defy all the rules
and write a shamrock sonnet

being weird, as usual
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