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875 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
People always wonder what it would be like to have superpowers like their favourite heroes,
Their hero’s powers are purely subjective as you will see,

For the person who wishes for invisibility, ask an introvert in a business how it feels, to not feel seen, to feel like no one can hear your voice, and feel like you could not be present and no one would notice the difference,

For the person who wishes for super strength,
Turn to people who lost loved ones, people who suffered heartache, people who dealing with strife. These people have the strength to wake up in a morning, and carry on, with the weight of their emotions on their shoulders, but they know to keep moving.
A Sign of true strength.

For the person who wishes for the ability to read minds,
Stay with the people who love you, build strong relationships, care for those around you and over time you will learn their expressions, reading them a book, knowing what they’re thinking and feeling.

For the person who wishes for super speed,
Practice, master, do things with passion and dedication, the expression follows “it takes ten thousand  hours to master something”,  view this as a starting block. With time, speed and proficiency will come and you’ll be able to amaze the others around you

For the person who wishes for the ability to move things with your mind,
Never take what you have for granted, for it could all be taken away so quickly, soldiers who have lost their hands, or arms serving their country no longer have this ability, artists who suffer from nervous system disorders who are no longer able to create. Never take the ability of free movement for granted, you move things with your mind every day.

For the person who wishes for super agility,
Read, solve puzzles, read the news and learn constantly, agility is a loose term and mental agility is actually useful. The ability to learn things quickly, the ability to adapt and evolve is invaluable.

For the person who wishes to heal quickly,
Be comfortable with your emotions, your thoughts, and express them in a healthy manner, because if you can get comfortable with yourself, then the healing process won’t be as destructive nor be as long.

For the person who wishes to be bulletproof,
Take pride in yourself, be it your looks, your smarts, your personality, or a mixture of all three, insecurities are what make us vulnerable, but if you work on them, people will have less control over your mood and view of the world.

If you learn to do all of these things every day, even if it is not for long, over time you will seem like a superhero in a world filled with people who lost their way.

Just remember,
Superheroes help out every day people, no matter who they are.
838 · Feb 2020
Never Under estimate
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
She has the power to Make you,
The power to Take you,
Then the power to Break you,
Never underestimate the power of a woman.
753 · Apr 2020
A Night to Forget
Danté Le Beau Apr 2020
Thy naked flesh,
O' so beautiful-
Kissed by the moon,
Tickled by the stars,
Their light shines off thee,
Wet to the touch,
Salty to the taste,
Marred by the stain of sin,
From my crimsoned lips
564 · Mar 2020
Danté Le Beau Mar 2020
When a creator’s ability meets an end,
And their fabled angelic muse is no longer a friend,
They look high and low,
Scouring through grass and dirt and sometimes even snow,
To bring back that gift
That left their life with an unimaginable rift.
433 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
In matters of love,
Trust your first reaction, this is the true you.

In matters of trust,
Listen to your second reaction, this is the instinctive you.

In matters of work,
Listen to your third reaction, this is the intelligent you.

In matters of doubt,
Listen to others, your mind is easily deceived.
421 · Mar 2020
Sakura (a Haiku in English)
Danté Le Beau Mar 2020
As the cold came forth,

The trees rain pink atop heads,

Of young and old too.
397 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
The greatest fear that everyone possesses,
Is being Vulnerable around the wrong person.
395 · Feb 2020
Body Dysmorphia
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
I’m a man,
This much is a fact,
Yet I fret for my hair,
And I know I’m not alone.
I’m a man,
This much is a fact,
Yet I fear I’m too thin,
And I know I’m not alone.
I’m a man,
This much is a fact,
Yet I’m concerned I’m not muscular enough,
And I know I’m not alone.
I'm a man,
This much is a fact,
Yet I fear that I’m not manly enough,
And I know that I’m not alone.
I’m a man,
This much is a fact,
And I have my own insecurities projected from multiple sources,
And I know I’m not alone.
341 · Nov 2020
Before the Light
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
Darkness isn't to be feared,
It exists as the beginning,
As a reminder of all the potential,
Before you have done anything,
Before you open your eyes,
Before you take the first step,
The darkness is always there,
So get comfortable with it,
Because when you strike that first match,
When you flick that switch,
It is gone forever,
And all that is left,
Is the stark truth of reality.
310 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
A man will carry the weight of the world,
For the one he loves,
Travel to the ends of the Earth,
Push the boundaries of what is possible,
Just to bring a smile to his Love's face.
304 · Nov 2020
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
I lie,
My head placed between your *******,
Rising and falling with every breath you take,
The smell of your skin,
And the feeling of your delicate fingers running through my hair,
I hear the birds outside singing,
This feels what life is for.

I raise my head to see your smiling face.

"Morning handsome!"

As your voice fills my ears,
I am complete.
282 · Feb 2020
Cloud 9
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
People confronted her,
For living in the clouds,
But with a head full of dreams,
She ran her own world,
One which will never be seen.
276 · Jun 2020
Danté Le Beau Jun 2020
Thy Soft'st breath,
‘nd smooth’st curves.
I follow thou's hidden secrets.

Thou'st more deep-
Lesser known-
Than the lands seen from the eye.

Push through thy defences,
To become audience to your sweet'st song,
Carry me to mine own heaven.

Please never let man corrupt thee,
With his selfish desires-
‘nd gluttonous appetite.

Man will take,
So stay strong,
Fair'st beauty.
275 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
Your feet locked into your board,
You’re rolling to the crest,
The point of no return,
Heart pounding as your eyes scan the road,
Checking the surface for bumps, stones and grates,
As your board builds up speed,
Your mind empties,
The board wobbles every so often,
Your body on fire with adrenaline,
You begin to feel like Kerosene is pumping through your veins,
You hit the first bend,
Your heart races as the board slips out,
You reign it back in,
Controlling it like a wild Mustang,
You begin back downhill,
A straight,
You see the bottom where the floor levels out,
You begin to breathe a little easier,
You hit the bottom,
You let out an almighty “WOOOOOO" as you slow down,
The feeling of facing death and winning,
Leaving you in a state of euphoria.
271 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
Idle minds are dangerous to themselves.

Idle hands are dangerous to everyone else.
267 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
If you help one person out,
You won’t change the world,
But you will change their world.
262 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
As darkness grabs the light,
And daytime turns to night,
The hyperactive imagination gives us all a fright,
For what hides from the sun so bright,
And craves anonymity lurking out of sight,
Adrenaline kicks into flight,
As you wonder if you could fight,
Just as you thought you were proven right...
A cat strolls out of the shadow.
207 · Feb 2020
Heart break
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
Your heart has no eyes,
It has no ears,
And cannot make decisions,
It relies on your mind to filter,
Through people’s ugliness,
Through people’s lies,
And decide who is right for you,
Because every time you get it wrong,
Your heart breaks a little bit more.
199 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
When the words of men and women of old,

The texts and lessons once heeded and told.

Are now falling upon deaf ears,
Doomed to repeat ourselves for years.
197 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
Life sometimes feels as though it is all one big song,
You don’t realise it, until the right person comes along,
And they know the lyrics to your verse.
194 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
For the man who has a thirty minute skin routine, you look great!

For the man who likes to be suited and booted, you look dapper!

For the man who meditated for an hour a day, you are zen!

For the man who cried three times last week, you are strong!

For the man who lifts weights every day, you look ****!

For the man who is struggling to tell his family about his boyfriend, you are loved!

For the man who lives in fear of domestic abuse, you are not alone!

For the man who craves cuddles and affection, you will find it!

Manliness is a concept that is misappropriated,
There is a cliche that plagues you all,
But being proud of who you are,
Is what makes you manly,
Stand tall!
190 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
There are only 5 things you should do in the morning;
Be creative,
Doesn’t matter what you do,
These 5 things start you right.
189 · Feb 2020
Murder She Wrote
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
He cried,
Through the looks in his eyes,
He always had long sleeves down,
And was in a constant frown,
The police he told,
And their eyes rolled,
Now his children are in black,
Scared dad is not coming back,
But the mother is behind bars,
But it’s too late by far,
189 · Feb 2020
Modern Day Fable I
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
Once upon a time there was a young lady, Who lived just out of the city,
During the day, Her neighbour’s would say,
“Gosh isn’t she polite!”, To which her parents would be proud they are right.
But during the night, She was considerably less “uptight"
She would give her parents a fright.
While she was at work, She would smile all day long even when the customer was a ****,
She was quick to make friends, And no one could call her pretend, They would all trust her to no end.
Once she gets home she would dash to her room, With a thunderous zoom,
To change into her brand new dress, She bumps into her father and tells him not to stress, She explains that’s she’s meeting with Meghan and Jess.
He looks back with an unconvinced smile, With a kiss on the cheek she says “I’ll be back in a while",
She walks to her friends house, With a knock at the door as quiet as a mouse,
Her friend bounds out at a considerable pace, The door tore a hole in her dress lace,
They scurry to the park, Before it goes dark,
As they all decide to meet the boys at the club, Filled with nerves as she’d only ever been to a pub,
But went with it all the same, For fear of appearing lame,
She was told that she would see Nate, A boy she thought was great,
She had plans to win him over before while she is there, And so she locks eyes and begins to stare,
She saunters over and they begin to chat, Nothing real just this and that,
He leans in to near, And whispers into her ear, He says “hey, we should get out of here"
She grins with glee, And nods to agree,
The pair headed across the floor, As they left through the door,
They began to walk down the street, And suddenly down an alley he started to retreat,
She expressed her dismay, She wasn’t going to play, Least of all not this way,
She began to edge further in, And then again a wall he had her pinned,
She told him that this wasn’t fun, He said “oh c’mon, I’ve only just begun",
She begins to regret leaving without a friend, Wishing this would end,
As the discomfort wouldn’t cease, He got his release,
As she sprinted back, Never straying from the beaten track,
With tears in her eyes, Now Nate she does despise,
She went straight to bed, With feelings of dread,
The moral of this tale, Will never go stale,
Never be quick to trust, You never know who is filled with lust,
This story may appal, But you must recall,
For many on this world, This tale had unfurled,
And now they carry it for life,
Teach sons of consent, To keep them decent,
And tell girls of the signs And how to draw the line.
186 · Mar 2020
Danté Le Beau Mar 2020
As I am Standing in front,
Of my full body mirror,
Mind filled with questions,
"Did my pecks get bigger?
I did 100 of each push up,
And maximum pull ups"
"Are my Abs more defined?
I did 90 minutes of;
Holds, planks, Twists, crunches,
I even did 30 minutes of Stretching and Yoga."

I stand there,
Immediately after doing,
All this exercise,
My Demons ask the questions,
Then pull apart my answers.
Not because they can,
Because we all know,
I let them.
But they attended,
The public school of media,
I'm ashamed of how I look.

So I'm checking.

Maybe one day,
I won't feel the need.
184 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
While some think of their own happiness,
They seek to place it before everyone else's,
But if you place your care and trust in the right people,
Happiness will come,
They will give you what you need without you asking,
Take the time,
Listen to their thoughts,
Because people need to have more than one aspect of their life to be complete,
And so do you.
182 · Nov 2020
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
Desert dry-
Cracked and scarred,
Empty of feeling and life.
With nothing there to grow,
Life daren’t wander inside.

It is the rain,
That begins the roots for life,
It is the rain-
That washes off the scarring-
To show its lack of permanence.
When it pours from the heavens,
We know our world is pure.

So why not his heart?
Danté Le Beau Mar 2020
As the King sat parked, slumped deep into his throne,

His eyes ever vigilant, aimed at the open walkway ahead,

His orders barked at his royal guards, as his paranoia grew.
178 · Mar 2020
Rivers flow Waterfalls
Danté Le Beau Mar 2020
When it flows- let it rush,
Resistance of the mind is futile,
No matter how hard we push,
And one should know that such is juvenile,
So let it be, to let one see,
And let thought be free,
It is how we- the form taken royally,
Will truly know what's inside,
When one knows- there is nothing to hide
177 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
For those who solemnly believe that love doesn’t hurt,
You have clearly never loved,
Because even the most beautiful rose,
Has thorns.
172 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
I wonder if war would be so frequent,
If those declaring such evil on another,
Had to face it head on,
Would presidents, ministers and chancellors,
Be more open to discussion,
If it were their leg that risks the landmine,
Their friends that fell to the I.E.D,
Their lives were the ones on the line,
Alas only a thought experiment,
Cowards tend to create conflict and flee,
Sending other to do their ***** work,
Then too afraid to look them in the eye,
The eye that saw unimaginable pain,
Unimaginable suffering,
Unimaginable evil,
The world leader is the reason,
Those unimaginable things,
Still reflect in their eye.
171 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
People go to the gym to work on their bodies,
People should start working on their minds too
This is the key to true beauty,
And understanding the universe around ourselves.
170 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
When a person feels down you offer them an ear, a shoulder and something to eat while they talk...
When you love a person, you take your time, mastering and perfecting, crafting a dish you know they will love...
Whenever you want to emotionally satiate someone, their stomach is the tried and true route.
168 · Feb 2020
Valentine of Love
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
Was a man of the true meaning of love,
Would defy the words of men and god,
In his pursuit to help others be happy,
Hosting illegal weddings for men and women,
Binding them together for life,
Under the cover of night,
In gardens of wealthy friends,
Out of Roman imperial sight..
Once he was caught,
With wrath Claudius was fraught,
14TH of February was the date,
Valentine faced his fate,
Beheaded in front of a crowd,
The people martyred him,
Made him the saint of lovers.
To commemorate this day,
Do just as I say,
He wished for those in love,
Write simple notes as confessions of love,
Give flowers as a token of your affection,
And share your love with everyone dear to you.
164 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
Love is a concept ineffable,
Some believe it’s like a roaring flame,
Others believe it’s more of a warm hug,
There are naysayers who believe it’s a capitalist lie,
Others devout to it.
Some people are serial monogamists,
And at the other end,
Those who fear being with only one person for life,
Some are lucky enough to go to sleep,
With Love being the last thing they see and feel,
And others are in Love across continents,
Love isn’t always physical intimacy of course,
Tungsten is strong but is it strong than a mother's Love?
You can Love your friends,
And Bacon Burgers,
So what is Love?
The short answer is;
I have no idea,
But as soon as you know....

156 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
People often associate men with cars, in a tired and often over played out stereotype that is often untrue.
People who love cars often have a deeper view.
Some believe that the purest form of power is oh so very addictive,
While other love the solitude, and freedom of thought, non-restrictive.
For many it’s the style and looks
And maybe they’ve seen them all in books.
But maybe it’s a deeper chasm than anyone could articulate,
A passion burning bright and great.
And maybe it’s all of the above or maybe something more.
Just know that when someone’s passionate, they could never be a bore.
Cars are like a moving picture book, filled with dents and memories, one for each of the stains,
So seeing a car be crushed, fills them with this unbelievable distain.
They bring people together and cover far and wide,
Causing the distance between loved ones to subside.
They light up our faces and lives and bring on grins five-miles wide,
And when we get our first, our hearts swell up with pride.
So when someone says they’re passionate about automobiles,
To them it’s an immense deal.
This is not a box with 4 wheels of rubber
This was the chariot that brought them to their lover.
149 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
The world is Jaded and Numb,
It takes work,
To stop it from Hollowing you.
148 · Nov 2020
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
Thy soft’st voice,
Sing me to sleep,
Put my fears to rest,
Settle my whirring mind,
My soul is chaotic,
My dreams dashed.

So please,
Sing me to sleep.
147 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
TV killed the Radio,
Internet killed the Love,
Impatience killed the Relationship,
Depression is just our Mourning
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
People talk of a one true love, the only person you are meant to be with, and when you find them, everything will be like one glorious, continuous golden sunset.
This moment of hoping it will never end.
Every kiss feels like an emotional bomb went off inside you. As your body bursts with a warmth that spreads, from your core outwards, the hairs on your body electric. In that moment you fall deaf and blind to the whole world.
Every time you hold their hand, it feels like wearing gloves on a cold winter morning, the perfect fit for your hand and the warmth that stops you from losing all feeling.
Every hug feels like a jumper created on for you. Your hearts beat in sync and your breathing aligns perfectly.

This is a foolish notion, because true love takes work.
Talking through your issues, because you want to stay with them, you work on it and take care of it. That’s how relationships last longer. How you create true love.
134 · Feb 2020
Danté Le Beau Feb 2020
Beauty is seldom in reference to Mind, Spirit or Soul,
Yet they say that time makes beauty fade,
As stories are made and people grow old,
Time shows and ends are frayed,
Better we should practice creating beauty,
Not just in schools competing for a grade,
But crafting from emotions and mind,
Something that it pure and true,
Something to stand the test of time,
Thus ending the environment where people feel inadequate,
Ending a world of vanity and depression,
Superficiality and pain,
Let’s preach talent and compassion,
Before all men and women by twenty-five are insane,
Tell our children to never stop singing and dancing and to draw and paint forever,
And when the clouds burst with showers of rain,
Run and laugh with the people you love,
Because true beauty is not tangible,
It’s in moments,
In thoughts,
In actions,
In those we love.
124 · Nov 2020
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
We meet on our first date, things feel a little awkward, but when don’t they? You tell me about your job, your childhood, your family and the moving around, I tell you the same bar the fact I never left the one town. I crack some jokes, some land, some miss, on paper it doesn’t seem special.

But I felt it, you felt it, there’s something here.

The third date rolls around, after our dinner, I took you for a wander through the city streets in the night, we reached a park and there was a quiet band playing and I spun you round and started slow-dancing, you started giggling and calling me cheesy, but you snuggled into my chest. The night wound down and you asked if I wanted a coffee, I replied saying I don’t drink coffee, I kiss you on the cheek and leave to go back home.

Our eighth date you confronted me, asking “what the hell?!” and I have to explain that I have rushed a physical connection with partners in the past, and that I didn’t want to do it this time, as I apologise for the lack of communication.

A month or two roll by and we get caught in a thunderstorm hiking, when we make it back to the car and dive into the back seats, peeling off the sodden clothes. It is here where I steal a glance, and our rain soaked lips meet.

This is the love that changes what we think of the concept.
111 · Nov 2020
Danté Le Beau Nov 2020
One day, the world for me, will be too blurry, too hazy for me to see.
I hope the haze is purple, for
obvious reasons, but life rarely turns out so perfectly.
I can choose,
I can choose to hollow out my own sight, to have medicine take it's
But what will be of my perspective?
Will it change?
Will I?
I have many questions, and no one seems to want to answer them.
I fear the worst, It isn't the dark I fear,
Just what I cannot see.

— The End —