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In my broken heart
the silver moon rises
with your love,
On my prison mind
your memories play
like a lonely dove!

Where are you, my love?
Could you talk to me, please!
How are you doing today?
Care about yourself, please!

In my sweet dream
I see your lovely face
On my shy stream
you can flow always.
I will feel so happy
if you look in my eyes!

Where are you my darling?
Could you meet me, please!
I hope you're doing as well!
Stay close! Stay safe, please!
I planted hope today
With bulbs and seeds for Spring
Everyday hope takes us
To a new strong place to cling

I planted love today
With acts of kindness and good
It seeks to combat the online hate
It seeks to stamp out the rude

I planted thought today
To lead us from the affray
Positive thought takes us to a different space
A space of grace

I planted us today
The roots have taken strong
The branches are bearing fruit
It's where we belong
+ve start to Tuesday
Love is Coco Jam
And I offer it to you,
My brown faced darling,
The Warm days it pursues
I split the bread in half
Like we split the rest of days
In folders, files of living ails
And laughter for us two

Love is Coco Jam
For I'll spread it side to side
As equal measures did we seek
In Geometries of mind
You dip yours in your coffee
Like we dip our hungry Souls
Toward each day's living basket
That we carry in a stride
I keep failing
As a friend
I keep failing
As a friend
Like a crushed butterfly
Hysterical and useless
Like spilled perfume
Hysterical and useless
Like a wrecked car
Hysterical and useless
Like chattering teeth
Hysterical and useless
Like acid rain
Hysterical and useless
I keep failing
As a friend
I keep failing
As a friend
When you keep failing your friends.
They may have grown in a wood
or a garden, wholly in bloom.
They now rise from the vase
in a sovereign floating of joy :
crysanthemums in bud, narcissus,
full-blown peonies and tulips,
fulfilling themselves, they ripple
and throb with passion. They speak
to each other.

One bloom has fallen, an arabesque
of salmon pink. The empty shells
and one small insect add a spiritual
dimension, mortality’s immediency,
a yearning for the unattainble.
Those delicate blossoms hang
against the blue sky, nostalgic
for eternity.
 Nov 2020 Danté Le Beau
return to center
across from such great divide
upon beaten paths
i open my eyes
everything burns

i close my eyes
i tend to learn

i open my heart
everything crumbles

i close my heart
i tend to mumble
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