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rig f laurel Mar 26
clawing at my chest
my fingers, through ribs and flesh
to feel if it’s there.
rig f laurel Mar 25
as love paints my lips,
one thirsty drip down my skin:
the bite mark will heal.
rig f laurel Mar 21
i am not eaten.
no sapient tongues shall miss the
words i will not taste.
rig f laurel Mar 20
in dreams i forget,
the line is fine and steady
and never wobbles.
rig f laurel Mar 13
sport stacking heartbeats
with hazelnut fed ghost hands.
i might as well jump.
rig f laurel Mar 6
race at an arm road;
a full earth bodyquake to
space me out of death.
rig f laurel Mar 4
the unacceptance
of the beautiful different,
i cannot endorse.
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