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rig Jun 13
though ray,
me farce: ol’ lassie.
rig Jun 10
i think /            §
          /  theseus&  /
§ /   the;minotaur
  _/¯_/7          …            8:[

and what! a magnificent [a+]
labyrinth @
daedalus A
=metaphormaterial… (killed it? sorry)
         (let’s continue then)

hey you, ari, who is actually me, hold this string tight.
let’s go:

                                           o º ´

did it. {not that hard}

but i’m young and no one cares.

                    (is that mirror bent and broken so?)
                    (or mere trick of the light?)
rig Jun 8
'it's just a phase'.

yes, we are all moons.
(translated from my original portuguese)
rig Jun 4
it is about this time, this time right here, the now,
holy friday night y’all, can i get an amen! (amen!)
drink that beer (alwaysalways beer, yeah!) wooo!!
play that song – excuseme – that countrysong again!!!
raise them glasses, boys and ladies (yeah, one more,
one more) uh, right, somethingsomething my truck
yeeeeeehaaawww how are y’all feelin’ tonight!!!!

          (i’m heading home
          and for the first time
          in my life
          i forgot my keys)
rig Jun 3
by candlelight i write a feeling,
a tattooed secret onto parchment
on its fourth life – it’s simple enough:
h███ ██↋█ █f███_
that is all – nothing else is needed.
then i sign at the bottom, fold the
letter twice, carefully place it in
a yellowed envelope, seal it shut –
and i feed it to the flame, wishing.
rig May 23
room: || hk still got it.

i forget the meaning of
the word constellation.
it’s been a while. look,
the bears. polaris. and
that’s – uh – cassiopeia.
yeah, when i was little i
was fascinated by all of
this i didn’t understand.

          i brought a book for us.

the thing with all these
symbols here is that i
keep mixing them up,
stripping away all the
meaning they have had
for millennia and just
gifting them mine own.
(is that a… forestfire?)

          oh, eyelash on your cheek.          i got it.

                                                            ­     (ah. the sun. right.)
                                                         ­                            (pretty.)
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