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Rgu 3d
what i hold so dear for you
only i know what it is
only i dwell in that world
only i feel that magic
it is a two people's joy
but one heart's tells its own story
only i know so
Rgu 6d
There is trouble
someone's in trouble
I might be the one in trouble
please don't let it be me
Hope my family's okay
I'm shaking, I'm trembling
Tell me now what is it
Tell me now
Rgu Feb 12
a presence
an awakening
a signal
a rush

Rgu Feb 2
Oh Mondays
not you again
so hard to get up
just 5 more minutes in
why you gotta turn up like this all the time
i barely said hi to Sunday
but here you are again Monday
Rgu Jan 30
get up
dust it off
try again

up you get
brush that off
hit it harder
Rgu Jan 29
It is true that when music hits you
you feel no pain
props to Bob for that
And music does heals your soul
Bravo! Bravo all Stars, Bravo!

A little rock to get you going
A pop track to make you sway
A cup of Reggae to stir it up a little
A hint of Soul can make the Blues go away

Play pause skip and rewind
the stereo box a gateway to harmonious satisfaction
a gift from the heavens
We uncover the code that pleased the Lord

Unseen but your visuals are vivid
You take hold of me I'm Addicted
A World without you is Chaos
Embrace us Melodious
Rgu Jan 28
confusing but yet i comprehend
a broken glass i effortlessly amend
i caught a mermaids tears
tussle a couple of  vicious  bears
but still i could not escape my fears
im ontop of my burden's shoulders
im a blur you can't really see me

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