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Secret T Mar 2020
I'm not a psychic but I can see how good this thing we have could be if we watered it.
This natural connection I felt between us. I've tried to look past this feeling but something in me wont let me.. something keeps telling how good this could be for the both of us.There's always gonna be a reason not to do something but I would hate to give up on a intuition without trying.Sometimes it  scares me because I felt it within a short moment of knowing you. I feel safe around you safe enough to expose the parts of me not many have seen. Safe enough to remove the amour I wrapped around my heart from past encounters with people who were so careless with it. With you I feel it would be different. I see your heart I recognize the pain it's been through the situations may be different but our hearts.... those are very similar.I I feel we've both been through so much hurt,pain,and betrayal that we would never put each other in the position to even experience that again .One thing I've noticed about people is that they tend to know how to care for things more when they've experienced situations for themselves. Honestly I would second guess this bond we have at times because it came so easily but I have to tell myself that not everything has to be a struggle some people are just puzzle pieces you find throughout your life that are waiting to be put together.
Secret T Feb 2020
Since birth you've had a target on your back  created by wicked people envious of the crown God ordained specifically for you 
The evils of world have always tried to ****** it from you
destroy your legacy **** your image
They created a malicious plan to make you seem worthless to everybody espically your own because if your own community doesn't see you worth the vicious cycle of destruction doesn't end
In spite of it all I still see you for who God made you to be
I vow to love you to life because you've recieved enough death threats.

— The End —