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lake 4d
Are you leaving me for her?
What did I do to deserve this?
That’s the last things I said to him.
He left me for another, I hope she is better.
Does she know The way you laugh at little things?
I hope she treats you better then me.
This better work out because you lost me, the day you picked her over me.
The day you left me crying on your bed.
I thought you were my end game but now I’m watching your Twitter for updates.
Please tell me it was worth it.
Please tell me this wasn’t for nothing
lake 5d
Do you remember me?
Let me tell you a story
You were my first love,
You were my only reason for happiness.
One day you left out of the blue.
Before this, you told me I was everything.
The cherry to your Sunday.
I beloved you.
I wish I didn’t.
Bye now
lake Apr 1
I don’t want to die
I also don’t want to live in fear of my life.
Everyday hoping not to give in to the devil
Thinking life it's better just to be blindsided.
Where are you?
I was with you from the start now I’m talking to the walls.
Hoping someone will hear my screams
No one ever does.
It's been three years since I last smiled.
Once again where are you?
I never gave up even when I was on the edge.
I guess love isn’t strong enough,
Now I stand on the bridge
Hoping to find met up for once.
Do you want me? I will give you my life.
Please I need you.
lake Mar 18
I can’t be mad at her
She did nothing wrong.
I was stopping her from getting
My heart was on the line
I thought she could be the one.
Instead I’m not hungry and wishing
To disappear.
I wish she wanted me.
I wish she fought for me.
I wish I was enough because I feel like it’s all my fault.
I’m crying over her,
she doesn’t even miss me.
lake Mar 18
My first love
He was my first love.
The way he made me laugh was filled with 100 smiles.
I couldn’t get enough of his calming voice, it always made my day.
Then things took a turn.
The goodnight text disappeared,
I was blind sided by love to see it.
To see the ending of our love.
I wished my love was strong enough for two, it never came close to your hateful words.
I loved you turned into ways to shut me up. I shouldn’t of trusted love at first sight.
lake Mar 17
What was it?
Was I too nice and caring?
I tried to love him
But it wasn’t enough.
He thinks I’m going to come back.
My heart broke in two waiting for him to want me back.
I thought I didn’t deserves happiness but my mind was clouded with his words,
My Lungs were filled with hate
Now I found the light.
lake Mar 16
Back again
Doing the same thing.
Nothing feels real anymore,
Are we in a book?
When will the happy ending come
Will there be one?
I fear there will be part two.
No one knowing how to act
All the things now disappear.
Toilet paper being used as weapons.
The poor suffer as the rich take it all.
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