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No matter from where he falls,
From the cupboard or the door,
He will always land feet first,
Soon as he reaches the floor,
Acrobatic is the cat,
Small and light, springy is he,
Sometimes when he can't be found,
Look for him up in the tree.
this is a fun animal poem :-)
Moonlight on the wall
Dancing creatures all around
Scared of my shadow
Need to fly away
High above the barren trees
Leaving not a trace
So quiet the night
My thoughts dance in the rhythm
Making my head spin
You could not bother
Just to say it all out loud
So you wrote it down
Just thinking how much easier it is to write it than say it.words can be a blessing or a curse.
the silvers of the moon
sing their song of winter,
exhilarating above the black
rock and distant trees, her
fire lights the night like a
street lamp, the shadows
thrown back, muted,
echoing the near-teary darks
of the clouds. i sit on the
window sill, look out,
breathe deep the midnight sky
built of love and winter rose.
Drawn by the sadness of time
Minutes of repeated striations
Hours of wounded sketching
Days draining color
Outstare me...I dare you
Survey my damage
Morphing into
A dueling masterpiece
For the young artist
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