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Net 4d
Cruel horrible words
Unfaithful through your yearnings
Never admitting you were wrong
Truth will come out eventually!
Net 7d
A well meaning friend
Showed me your words
Your betrayal, in black & white
Over and over again
We were still together
Yet your words-pure poison
O how you mocked me
O how you desired another
O how you put me down
O how you hated me
Pure, pure POISON
Net Feb 10
My smile, fake
My responses, fake
My reassurances to loved ones, fake
My conversations that I'm over you, fake
My decision to move on, fake
Only you are real....
Net Feb 7
I try so hard to ignore you
Ignore the notifications that you're "there"
My smile, it gets plastered on my face
When inside I die a slow painful death
Let's nod and smile, say we're fine
When in reality we're anything but
Denial.... A slow horrible existence!
Net Feb 3
Words about regret
Words about hatred
Words about us
Words about wiping out our past
Words about your new love

It's not only sticks & stones that break me!
Net Jan 29
Only one word
Like a knife through my heart
Tears again, desolate
Don't want to go on anymore
Harsh, so harsh
Yet you really don't care
Did "we" ever exist?
Hard to believe
One single word...
Net Jan 28
I want to call you in the morning
I want to call you through the night
I want to call you in the afternoon
I just want us to make things "right"

I want to come home to see you
I want to come home to be with you
I want to come home, for you to hold me tight
I just want us to make things "right"
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