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the sun,
it shines with

it shower's
smiles that
earth's gravity

it warms
the heart
sets aflame
the spirit

spreading joy
and passion
to anyone that's
near it
Do you remember when Friday was exciting,
when you couldn't wait to finish work
and plug the night in?

we're all adrift now, the
castaway and every day
is just a day,
no special nights at all.

Tinged by despair
unhinged but hanging there
we wonder should we fall
would there be a safety net?
See, the thing about lies is,

They just don't make for very good poetry.

Poetry works just fine if the words don't rhyme,

But it's worthless if the sentiment doesn't.
© 02/26/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
The vortex of the cloud dragon
has swallowed up the sun
His heart burns with fire and rage
his tail is shiny spun...

My dreams cling
to silver linings
No Dragon can keep
my love from shining!

Life is either worth living
or you plainly wish to die
Poetry is a magic carpet
And so our spirits fly!
I felt sick
when I tried
to get myself out of this pit
the concrete was to high
and the bricks will not
sometimes the body
Just needs a break
when it's feeling down and weak
go spoil yourself
have some fun
we all deserve it
including you
this may help you
learn from past mistakes
try not to run
just talk much needed space
it's your life
do what you will

hurting others
should not give you a thrill
think before you act
yours is not the only
life at stake
your heart is
not the only
one left to break
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