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Fiona FJ Dec 2019
In the mind,
Have the same thought about forgetting,
Now, we are in the same place to forget the ones we love,
Now, we are in the same broken heart to heal,
Until we fight the freedom on getting what we want too,
Until we collapses and rise again on another day.

In the mind,
Somebody crave the name of special person,
Somebody want to know them well,
Somebody hurt and laugh at the same time,
In the mind, somebody remain there forever.
Fiona FJ Dec 2019
The peaceful night come in Monday,
You take out coat and bring it to me
We become quiet but loud in mind,
You honestly seem care and I love you for it

Knock on the door,
bring me the way to live,
people come and go in my life,
just like you knock on my door,
its quite for me to have the reason to stay with you
Fiona FJ Dec 2019
Please stay with me , lover.
The things we share and laugh with its,
The things we sing a song in the car,
The louder sound of your heartbeat when I rest on your shoulders.
We have enough of time to figure out, to know that we should stay together.

Please stay with me, baby.
No one can replace you in my heart,
We jump into the problems and find solution,
No one can stay with me that longer,
No one can take me into my knee like you did,
Please stay with me, and take my hand.
About love
Fiona FJ Dec 2019
Jingle bell, and bell ring for ten times,
We run and stay in the hall,
Remembering the day we must decorate the christmas tree,
And we as kid try to get attention of parent that gone mad,
No one can say the three times lie, and someone get to know your motive,
We run and say nice things to enjoy Christmas.

Jingle bell, and bell ring as everyone get into the mall,
The church full of people to fill in and celebrate,
We as kid feel dramatic at the front door,
We as kid know nothing but fun so we take lead,
The christmas’s joy burst and we laugh together sharing the jokes.

— The End —