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TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
D emons dancing down underneath
E vil words slipping out its mouth
M onsters await at every corner
O minous feelings crawl into my brain
N either dead or alive, I float in between
"Stay dead" they said, but I was gone by then
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Dear Lily, do you remember
Of the days of laughter and joy
When swings used to give us wings
And the meadows a lush jungle.
How is your brother doing these days?
Is he still writing songs of love
That he would sing for us
On the sunniest of days?
We should meet again someday
At the sad, old weeping tree.
It was always weeping in misery
And I was always crying for hope to settle
Until dawn rose over the golden hills.
It and I are quite similar in the way
That it never stopped weeping
And I never stopped crying.

A last goodbye from your dear friend.
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Cry out a sea of tears
Swallow me whole
'Till I disappear
Lies weigh me down
I can't breathe anymore
My lungs gave out as
Waves of sorrow
Keep dragging me deeper
Monsters lurk
Hidden in the ocean's depths
Came to eat me whole
I no longer have to worry
Death took me before
My body a meal
The remains nevermore
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Somehow feelings have become cheap
Go to the grocery store
Aisle number six
Sadness is half off
Happiness is two-for-one
Hatred is ninety-five cents
And love became priceless
Genuine feelings are scarce
Eyedrops are used as tears
Scripts are used for dates
The human population of beating hearts
Are now extinct
The earth is home
To bags of flesh
And stone hearts
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
They said the earth was round
And bad girls drown
That as darkness spreads
All roads end
They kept us naive
The people are deceived
These tiny little lies
Those hidden spies
Crawl into our ear
And spread to those near
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
Icicles come shooting
Up out of the snow
As daggers of crystal
Pierce my skin
I cower in the corner
With the cold crawling
Hail bounces off
The heat is retreating
The sun had given up
The day is getting old
And my will is getting weaker
The frost has reach me
It is eating up my legs and hands
At last it has come
My heart is a frozen ice cube
I now am imbedded
In a glasier cage
TearDrop Girl Dec 2019
I never ask
I am glad to give
"Pushover Girl"
You reach, hands out
As I place your desires in them
Never to see them again
You have everything you wanted
What more is there to ask?
I duck-tape your mouth
And walk away
For there is one thing left
Worn and withered
From distrustful men
My heart now locked safe
Will never be opened again
I will be selfish and say
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