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  Feb 2020 Timo
I'm fine.
So don't question why
tears are filling my eyes.
I'm stressed
to do my best.
I must confess,
I'm a mess.
All this work in front of me,
the work,
it hurts my mind.
So don't wonder why
I will sit here and lie.
If you ask if I'm okay
just know I'll say
the same thing every time.

I'm fine......
  Dec 2019 Timo
Masha Yurkevich



they can do so much,
sometimes more powerful than words.

A gentle welcome
an icy glare.

A nice hello
a deathly stare.

A whole
love letter
can be written in one look

Through someone's eyes
you can read them like a book.

Your personality
and your traits,

your feelings
and mistakes.

Your eyes can speak,
your eyes have power.
See what you can tell through the eyes
of the people you encounter.

What can you tell through eyes?
  Dec 2019 Timo
Masha Yurkevich

we count.

We count likes,
we count follows.

We count steps,
we count calories.

We count minutes,
we count hours.

We count weight,
we count days.

But we don't count what really counts...

the time we spend together.

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