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if they don't chase you
when you walk away

                                                   keep walking.
Standing in my doorway
After an evening out with friends
He asked can I give you a kiss
I said yes
But I kept giggling
And giggling
Every time he got close
I kept giggling
I kept giggling
I couldn't stop
Obvious nerves
He waited so patient for me to stop
But I didn’t stop
Finally he covered my eyes

First kiss
This kiss was from my husband of 25 years. My one and only love. I think it’s pretty awesome.
you asking for a sign
is a sign.
 18h Annette
The morning mist is holding a mystery,
I am not sure of what's in store.

And the nightfall, as it disappears, brings
another day's reward.

And yet, there is a hesitation of leaving
the moments spent,

thinking about the treasure found within
the heart, and where it went.

And then, in a split second it all changes

the clarity becomes a waterfall flowing
free as it erases the might have been.

Moving like a river that can't be contained,

I am aware there is a new day dawning
and nothings going to be the same.
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 18h Annette
I will never stop running
with wild horses along the sea
wary of you, the wisteria-
devouring every rotting barn
in search of prey
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