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Annette 2d
the sky bids the sun goodnight with crimson lips
unbuttons her blue robe and slowly strips
gracefully she slips into her diamond sprinkled
midnight gown then drapes with a swirl
around her lovely neck a delicate creamy pearl

soft and sweet is the smell of moist grass
glittering fireflies flutter in circles and pass
as I lay on my back with my hands in my nape
artful sketches are the shadows of the trees
harmonious the a capella cricket melodies

my last thoughts are his and his are mine
though nothing else our hearts entwine
and we share nothing but the moon
as only our thoughts whisper and croon
our souls travel across seasons and time

only to bid goodnight
written for the 'the moon and humanity' anthology
Annette 3d
never assume you are Adam's exclusive forbidden fruit
you might only be an ingredient in his exotic fruit salad

- - - - -

forbidden love is but the flesh of the fruit
over the skin runs forbidden tears
and in the kernel hides forbidden hurt

- - - - -

when the fruit
the forbidden fruit
became sweeter than Eve

Adam said
the woman You gave me
caused the bite from the fruit
Dining in the dark is dangerous. If it can't be eaten by daylight... fast.
Annette 3d
i skipped the adverts
ignored the warnings
who would smash my soul
and grab my heart!

in my cosy comfort zone
what thief would dare to prowl?

had I known that the hands
of a thief could be kind
to crumble a soul soft
like sun kissed sand
on a Puerto Rico strand

then dance a classic waltz
with a beating heart
tip tiptoeing
soft... round... flowing...

but when morning came
i was left alone
with a shattered soul
and a stolen heart

and in love with a missing man
Annette 3d
it was mostly my heart that tickled when his rough pink tongue licked my lips and i giggled wrinkling my nose in pure pleasure

he had a soft tiny grey face and
wiggled his cute little nose
as i scratched that messed-up fluffy patch resting between his drooping long ears

my mischievous furry toddler

he was not an animal
by far not
the playful skip in the air an exhilarating greet
i love you i love you i love you -
a babbled proclamation clearer than that of any two-feeter

dark marbled eyes softened in adoration observing his world... me

as my hand translated my purred words from his tiny head to the tiny paws of his outstretched fluffy body

my heart
my first born
Annette 4d
dust bowls erode the landscapes wheezing dry
weary thirsty ground gulp a silent cry
let pen describe its anguish!

in the midst of covert torment

the skies lit with violent purple lightning
angry thunder rumble rolls and growls
heavens fall, heavens fall apart!
thickening black and furious howls

in fear and awe i hold,
i hold my breath
i gasp!

(eyes closed)
balancing on that splendid dreadful peak

of anticipation
Annette 7d
in my hand i held
an antique crystal glass unexcelled
fully perfected

on a fateful day
it slipped through my fingers
sharp tiny fragments
millions of splinters scattered

after time lapsed I saw her
she held a rare handblown glass
rainbow rays reflected

my gaze astray
i coerced my eyes away
for it's not okay
to take from someone else

just because yours is broken
Annette 7d
i trailed your footprints in the sand
to the ***** of sobbing dunes and silent seagulls

a breeze scooped your toes your heels the turning tides swallowed your precious prints  

and the waves whispered
'it was meant to be that way'
remember you promised...

to meet me in another lifetime
under a cypress tree
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