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Hafsa S May 8
I'm not disheartened
I'm disillusioned
Hafsa S Feb 14
Everytime I manage to accidentally climb my way back on to that pedestal with you, why do I fool myself into thinking this will last forever, why do I forget my true place. Lost in my dreams of greatness by proximity, why don't I remember how bad it hurt to hit my head on that last fall from grace
Hafsa S Feb 13
I'll be done being mad at the world
When I get some good news
Hafsa S Feb 13
When life gives you lemons
Make lemon meringue pie!
Hafsa S Feb 13
If my good luck
Threw a wrench
In your plans
To torture me
Hafsa S Feb 6
The bearer of bad news
Let me be
Proceed to **** the messenger
Set him free
Hafsa S Jan 19
The scent of freshly brewed coffee
A slice of deliciously moist chocolate cake
Roasting in the winter midday sun
An entire day without having to see your face
I'm enjoying these simple pleasures of life
Can you blame me!
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