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Zachary Jan 9
One day, a man looks up to the sky.
He wonders, "Am I alone?"
He picks one of the stars up high.
Mouth open, he shouts "Is there anyone there with a mind of their own?
Perhaps without a place to call home?
I too am here, with doubts of my own,
I wish to know of you before I have flown,
And landed deep in God's green Earth,
I need the answer I have been seeking since birth."
But of course, there was no reply,
And as the years begin to fly by,
He breaks down on his knees to cry.
Until he hears a voice from the stars,
"Here I am, I've heard your voice from afar."
Zachary Nov 2019
I stepped out into the cool grass,
And gazed up at the night sky.
It's a vast expanse,
Truly I tell,
I felt that night lost and unwell.
The cosmos felt open,
yet so closed.
To reminisce,
the sky is not the limit,
but we are limited.

— The End —