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Jan 9 · 114
yasmin Jan 9
When they hear your words,
but they don't understand.
Jan 2 · 218
yasmin Jan 2
This must be clarified;
it must be understood.
You have always
been a god.

Never. The. God.

You reign
over your temple.
But you shall
never rule
His Kingdom.

'Do not judge'
was never intended
to scare you.
It was only meant to
remind you.
Jan 2 · 358
The Master
yasmin Jan 2
The Master has always been with you
that's where he'll forever be.

Although you look into his eyes daily,
you'll continue to look past them
until you're willing to see.

He whispers to you
every second of every day,
but you're still trying to use your ears to hear.

There is not a place
where he is not.

If only you could see.
Dec 2019 · 128
yasmin Dec 2019
two daggers
beneath the

two keys
in my

I have yet to
what to do
with these

But with the Two,
I know you meant
both you
and I
Dec 2019 · 35
You & I
yasmin Dec 2019
I am an untouched ******,
getting ****** at the brothel.

I am a warrior fighting for the innocent,
as their blood drips from my dagger.

I drink wine with men under the sweet summer sun,
then I throw them down to the demons.

Does it terrify you?
That deep down,
you and I are one?
Dec 2019 · 48
Poetry Book
yasmin Dec 2019
I traveled the entire world,
in a desperate search for myself.
Only to come back home
with even more confusion in my head.

How could I have missed it?
The answer was always right here.
It has been sitting in this book,
where most words are smeared from my tears.

From the first page to the last,
I found a timeline of my life.
Not the one told from the eyes of others,
but the one that's always been deep down in my heart.
Dec 2019 · 130
The Matrix
yasmin Dec 2019
Eventually, it'll happens to us all.

You'll catch yourself deep in thought,
or time will freeze mid-reaction.

And you'll wonder if it's possible
for the thinker to watch himself thinking...
for the mind to be aware of the mind.

That's when you'll have to decide if
you're in control of your mind,
or if it's in control of
Dec 2019 · 142
Never Ending
yasmin Dec 2019
What if it never really ends?

Maybe we just keep
getting recycled



Nov 2019 · 961
Skipping Stones
yasmin Nov 2019
Life is the
ripples we create
by skipping stones
in the sea.

Some of us
are still searching
for that
perfect stone.

While others
have found ways
to perfect even the
roughest of stones.
Nov 2019 · 1.9k
Your Reflection
yasmin Nov 2019
Everything you hate in others
lives deep down
inside of you.

Find him.
Find yourself.
Nov 2019 · 837
yasmin Nov 2019
I've spent most of
my life
acting out
as a
cry for help.

And when I finally
shattered into a million
I pled,
"someone please
help me!"

But they all just
turned away.
Nov 2019 · 330
yasmin Nov 2019
Maybe the cure is to
face the fact that life is
nothing but
never ending
Nov 2019 · 542
the reader
yasmin Nov 2019
truth is,
the reader
never really

i only write
for me and this
Nov 2019 · 178
yasmin Nov 2019
I've spent my entire life running
from the stalker in the dark.
The one that reminds me of these cuffs
I get a taste of freedom.

I've spat filth in his face,
and swung knives at his chest.
But he always just stood there,
with sweet,
crystals drops
falling from his eyes.

He calmly waited until I gave up
and fell to my knees.
Then he picked me up, washed
the blood
from my hands,
and tucked me into bed.

At 25, I turned the knife around.
I was sick of this never ending war.
I was nothing but a
robbed of life.

But as the blade kissed my flesh,
a fire inside of me cried out,
"Is this what you wanted?
Are you happy now?
You won."

"No," he said.
“I've never once touched you
with violence.

My goal has always been
to transform you into a butterfly.
All I want to do is
to make you stronger.
I just want to see you fly.

And I won't give up on you,
despite this war
you've started against me.

These pill won't stop me either,
I'm not something you can
numb away.

And please stop this cutting.
I don't live on your
innocent skin.

Just trust me.
Use to me become everything
you've ever wanted to be."

I surrendered.
Oct 2019 · 208
It Takes Courage
yasmin Oct 2019
It takes courage...
to search for beauty
amidst the war.

to find a reason to smile
at the face of hatred.

to be yourself
when the world tells you
to be somebody
Oct 2019 · 570
bad girls.
yasmin Oct 2019
don't tell me
girls shouldn't see
beauty in the

death is poetic,
pain is metamorphic,
blood is cleansing.

don't take away
my power.
Oct 2019 · 366
yasmin Oct 2019
the chaos
was so
Oct 2019 · 499
your last text.
yasmin Oct 2019
etched in my heart,
those words still bleed
every time
someone says your name.
Oct 2019 · 129
Life's too short.
yasmin Oct 2019
He waited to retire
to take his wife on this trip.
But two years ago,
she died of old age.

So he packed up one bag
and set it by the door.
The next day came and went,
and the bag was still on the floor.

On top of his heart
they found sitting a note.
It said, "I wish I didn't wait,
I didn't think it would be this short."
Oct 2019 · 286
books of magic
yasmin Oct 2019
i found a mystical chamber,
filled with a haze of sweet musk
and its walls adorned
with books of magic

a book chanted my name,
and in its decaying pages lived
a majestic portal to an
entirely new dimension
Oct 2019 · 112
Dangerous Words.
yasmin Oct 2019
Someone said God lives in us all.
What dangerous words to speak to these fools.
See, instead of being humbled by such beauty,
they stuck out their chests and toasted to their anointment.

Their reign began soon after.
They took control of life…and sometimes even death.
They made a slave of any man who was not created in their image.
They even beheaded and set aflame the very trees that fed their existence.

Didn’t they notice?
How the print on the bark matched the print on their fingers?
How the same heart that once beat in their prey, beats in their children?
How under this skin, no one could tell a difference?
Oct 2019 · 845
Be like the children.
yasmin Oct 2019
If only we would all cry when we’re sad
Ask for help when we need it
Wave and smile at every stranger
Play and play when we awaken

If only we would understood
that the answer to life is
to never grow up.
Oct 2019 · 373
understand me.
yasmin Oct 2019
in the middle
of the crowd
is where I feel
most alone.

they ask me
about the weather
and I tell them
of my storm.

theres a tornado
in my head,
a wildfire
in my heart.

they look at me
with regret.
i'm an alien
in their eyes.
Oct 2019 · 13.2k
Why do you write?
yasmin Oct 2019
Because sometimes,
paper is the only one
who listens.
Oct 2019 · 1.5k
Beautiful heart.
yasmin Oct 2019
Wipe away the tears,
raise up your pretty head.

Your body is perfect,
it's the world that's gone mad.

Only one thing matters,
and that's stored somewhere safe.

Baby girl you've got a good one,
yours beats the sweetest bliss.

— The End —