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Tina M Dec 2020
It's no accident
You fit the profile
Brilliant and gregarious
And caught in the headlights
They take you for a ride

It's a formula race
Straight out of the book
You willingly get in the car
Captured by the crowd
As Rebecca ****** waves the flag

They seal the deal
With the Queen of Hearts
She plays you deep
Growing your taste for speed
And you lap it up

Getting hit by cars
Is an insurance policy
Twice bought and sold
Realigning the steering
And covering potential loss

Many might be totaled
By ventures in the down-under
But a classic Valiant
Is a humble muscle car
That finds its way home
Tina M Nov 2020
Bitter is my middle name
and I suppose my shame did poison the water
Drowning the former Christian moniker

Because emersion is a frightful forgiveness

Now let’s be honest, he's no peaceful pledge
We were both broken before the promise
Emptiness grows a darkness of its own
and denied its tears, passive is not peaceful

In truth, fear and doubt are a vicious slander
Robbing candor - leaving hostile whispers
to spit and simmer where
Flame no longer flickers

So while admitting defeat means identity lost
Squaring the cost brings us face to front
Abandoning investment on an empty street
and continuing to move forward as victory people
Apparently, our surname means Victory People.  Me: Christian Bitter.  Him: Peaceful Pledge.
Tina M Nov 2020
Difficult start
Till death do us part

Five siblings shared
Tight bonds uncompared

Three parents live close
Love stronger than most

One birth; two boys
Unparalleled joys

Three rental homes
One 30-year loan

Varied degrees
Four trips over seas

Together in grieving
Four souls leaving

More than one mind
Mistakes of all kinds

A boatload of tears
In thirty-six years

One grandchild bright
A daily delight

Two broken hearts
No place to restart

All eggs in one basket
Hatchlings to casket
Tina M Oct 2020
Putting things in jars
has long been a family practice
Saving the bounty of fall
hanging on to the deliciousness of the season

Shelves of color on the back porch
Tomatoes, peaches, corn and beans held
a rainbow promise of continuing comfort
through any downpour or gust
even that one Columbus Day

The way the skin slips from the naked peach
is a seductive notion and cathartic connection
passed from one hand to another
packed tight in the kitchen
sticky with syrup
and you married in

Flirting between the branches
Sun kissed faces in the orchards
Treasure the windfall and the imperfect
Such character in the folds and color in small bruises
Same deliciousness, but accessible and affordable

When the pressure mounts a whistled warning
We moderate the heat and measure the time before release
Sometimes a vessel breaks because
it gets too tightly packed or the glass is too thin
but four half pints isn't a bad loss for a hundred pounds of tuna

Now it's September again and 2020
presents the season as a science of shelving Manna
I am sorting string beans
for the most perfect presentation in this
solo-automated, industrial chic "man canning"
but I'm craving peaches.
Tina M Oct 2020
Hiding fAilure Means dEbilitation

Timely, couRageous exposUre resTores
Tina M May 2020
Always about you
Your thoughts
Your heart
Your dream

To put them first
Their hurt
Their loneliness
Their fears

Ends in crucifixion
Tina M May 2020
Hello, eyes
You have burned before
Does the glimmer of your gaze know the deep?  

Hello quiet eyes
Reflecting pools of self
Wells of echo and ripple
You, I recognize

Hello tiny door of adoring
You will be my undoing

Welcome, you piercing
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