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The shadow of the flowering tree, shelters me as I write. Children soiled all over, yell and scream in their native tongue. Fruits dangle in the wind as the trees rock forth and back. Feeling a heavy load in my rib cage, I stretch inhaling the cool morning air. I gaze into the distance and drift with the lonely breeze.
Sweat, tears and blood linger in the moist air. The battlefield calls for a nobody. Yet it takes a somebody to rise above the shadows of the night. Defeat is worse than death. It nibbles at your soul, crippling the mind with fear. Grab your lantern, buckle your shield and confront your shadows. Risk death, never taking a knee till better fate strikes you down.
Darkness corrodes the walls and bangs on the the door. Alone and lonely, I bend a knee and say a prayer. Eyes locked on the the shinny **** on the edge of the red oak door. Softly whispers to me, dragging my flesh across the floor. Fighting the rush of adrenaline, I step away from the windowpane. I stand to the tempting sound with my fists and jaws clenched.
The stench of rotting foliage choking the gutters, cripples my lungs as my trachea collapses. I gasp for air, missing most of the steps down the ladder. Tears pounce on my face and I look up to the angry grey sky. It sparks, gleams and rumbles," Am I not merciful." Pouring and roaring violently, I stand drenched in the cold.
The sight of it, waters my mouth and quickens my pulse. Sealed and concealed to my eye, it calls for my soul. Weak and fragile it tames beasts and monsters. Addictive and cheap, yet it always leaves a knot in my belly.
Was I untrue or you were a liability.
Choosing only you over a constellation.
I threw bits of myself to keep you afloat.
The ocean floor can withstand intense pressure, but eventually anything gives way to a sustained persistent attack
Exhausted to the bone, I let you go.
Out of time, the memories still cling on to us.
Let the flower bloom before plucking it.
Wait your turn or get the knife.
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